Fourth of November is not Fourth of July


Fourth of November is not the Fourth of July
It happens to be an announced date by Antifa domestic terrorists as the beginning of their “revolution”. I really hate to give them the attention they need but with these thugs and fascists, we should really be careful. They are brainwashed and they have been well invested on. These two factors are enough by themselves to create cheap dynamites.
When it was announced on 17th of October 2017, that George Soros has donated 18 billion dollars to his Open Society Foundation, I was like; Oh! There should be something big coming around. Soros is tired, impatient, he wants it fast and he wants it now!
On the globalist calendar, 2018 is significant but 2020 is the deadline. By 2020, they should own their New World Order and all our efforts since 2016, is wasting their time, energy and scheduled demonic NWO. So they are on fire and do whatever necessary by any means.
I was also curious about the date. Why the fourth of November? So I searched all the events happened in all 4ths of Novembers. There was nothing connected except one…
Barak Obama won the Presidential race on the fourth of November 2008. Such an overlapping coincidence. Such beauty. Arriving there, I didn’t even read the rest of the list. That’s it!
Obama has never gone away. He is ruling through the shadows. He is trolling and commanding via his minions like De Blasio to save his position and be the “still worthy good boy” for Soros and the rest of the NWO cartel. Obama is not going to waste his “Community Organizer” skills which were used by him all the way before his presidency to revolt blacks against whites, women against men and gays against straight people which he perfectly succeeded to accomplish and engineered a broken society during his 8 years of presidency.
Now the question is; if we were tracking Soros’s MILLIONS pouring into Obama’s campaign and administration; and all Soros’s evil organizations, what should we do now facing with his BILLIONS?
If Soros’s Millions have created all the degeneracy and climate of war, what can his Billions do? Should we be ready for a civil war? Or should we be more intelligent and not giving them what they want? Read my book “RING OF THE CABAL” to overcome this. A civil war is what they are obsessed with. It is their winning card. The Mafia of House of cards is playing an open hand. We shouldn’t diminish ourselves to become their cards.