To Andrew; New Documentary: Hating Breitbart in 90 Minutes


This powerful documentary produced by Andrew Marcus is the most inspiring video that I have seen in a while.

Andrew Breitbart taught us to “Walk into The Fire”

No fear, just go forward.

The movement he has created went just forward. Look where we are right now. Look where we have come from.

He gave his life on the road he chose. The road with the vile and bloodthirsty enemy. An enemy on top of its power machine at the time.

How could he do it?

The answer is with LOVE.

Love for what he believed. A fire in his heart. A fire that burnt just his material existence within us.

But his forever existence is here. Always with us.

We keep your fire alive Andrew.

We walk into your fire.

There is no going back.



Watch the stunning documentary here. The link will take you to

Wait shortly till the page scrolls down by itself and the link shows up in comments then click again.

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