What did Diana know? What did Diana see?

I found this article and it was interesting.


I knew Princess Diana called the Royals “Lizards and Reptiles” and although there are several authentic articles written about it, I was searching to find a video to see the words coming from her mouth, Unfortunately, that conversation was a confidential one. No recordings but it is believed by the majority of people very close to Diana; that when she spoke to Christine Fitzgerald, she (Christine) had reported their conversation exactly as it was.



It is taken from part of David Icke’s book: ‘Biggest Secret’ and taped interview with Princess Diana’s confidant Christine Fitzgerald.

I found that conversation here.


but later in 2016, the same Christine Fitz Gerald had an interview with “YourNewsWire.com” and as yournewswire claims, she has said that the tape David Icke claims doesn’t eexistand if he (Icke) has taped her without her knowledge, she still didn’t say most of the reptilian things that Icke claims. I have added the second interview too. It is up to you to decide, however, there are very interesting points mentioned in both interviews.


So I report it just as it is; the first interview:


Interview with Princess Diana’s confidant Christine Fitzgerald
from Icke’s the Biggest Secret

“While researching this book I was introduced to Christine Fitzgerald, a brilliant and gifted healer, who was a close friend and confidant of Diana for nine years. Because of Christine’s understanding of the esoteric, Diana was able to talk to her about matters she would not dare to share with anyone else for fear of being dubbed crazy. It is clear that Diana knew about the true nature of the royal family’s genetic history and the reptilian control. Her nicknames for the Windsors were “the lizards” and “the reptiles” and she used to say in all seriousness: “They’re not human”. There is a very good reason for Diana using this description of the Windsors.

As her deprogramming continued, Arizona Wilder remembered clearly a ritual she attended at Clarence House, the Queen Mother’s home near to Buckingham Palace, in which Diana was shown who the Windsors really are. It took place in the first seven days of July 1981, just before Diana and Charles were married on the 29th.

This period is the last seven days of the cycle of the Oak Tree, according to esoteric law, and the ritual was called The Awakening of the Bride. This is a ritual for all females of the 13 bloodlines who are going to be in publicly high positions and marry reptilians to produce the new generation of rulers. Arizona says that the Queen Mother, the Queen, Prince Philip, Lady Fermoy, Diana’s father Earl Spencer, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles were all present when Diana was brought into the room.

She was wearing a white gown and a drug had been administered by Lady Fermoy. Diana was told that she should consider her union with Prince Charles as only a means to produce heirs and nothing else. Camilla Parker-Bowles was his consort, not her. Arizona says that Prince Philip and the Queen Mother then shape-shifted into reptiles to show Diana who they really were. ‘Diana was terrified, but quiet’, she said. Diana was told that if she ever revealed the truth about them, she would be killed. (Remember the guy I mentioned who had a call from Diana in the March before she died asking for his advice on how to reveal information about the royals that would ‘shake the world’?)
[taped] from Christine Fitzgerald – Princess Diana’s personal confidant – who then threatened to sue if the transcript of the tape – a tape made in front of witnesses. According to Christine Fitzgerald this is what Princess Diana told her.

“The Queen Mother… now that’s a serious piece of wizardry. The Queen Mother is a lot older than people think. To be honest, the Royal Family hasn’t died for a long time, they have just metamorphosised. It’s sort of cloning, but in a different way. They take pieces of flesh and rebuild the body from one little bit. Because it’s lizard, because it’s cold-blooded, it’s much easier for them to do Frankenstein shit than it is for us. The different bodies are just different electrical vibrations and they have got that secret, they’ve got the secret of the micro-currents, it’s so micro, so specific, these radio waves that actually create the bodies. These are the energies I work with when I’m healing.

They know the vibration of life and because they are cold-blooded, they are reptiles, they have no wish to make the Earth the perfect harmony it could be, or to heal the Earth from the damage that’s been done. The Earth’s been attacked for zeons by different extraterrestrials. It’s been like a football for so long. This place was a bus stop for many different aliens. All these aliens, they could cope with everything, including the noxious gases.

They’re landing all the time and coming up from the bowels of the Earth. They looked like reptiles originally, but they look like us when they get out now through the electrical vibration, that life key I talked about. They can manifest how they want to. All the real knowledge has been taken out and shredded and put back in another way. The Queen Mother is “Chief Toad” of this part of Europe and they have people like her in each continent. Most people, the hangers on, don’t know, you know, about the reptiles. They are just in awe of these people because they are so powerful.

“Balmoral is a very, very nasty place. That’s somewhere they want to dig underground. They will find reptile fossils, it goes back that far. Don’t think of people like the Queen Mother and Queen Victoria, as different people. Think of them as the same person which after a while has had to replace their coat. When the flesh dies, that energy, while it’s dying, will be immediately up someone else’s jacksy (backside). It’s very vampire, worse than vampire.

They are not going to come to you with hooked teeth and suck you’re blood. Fear is their food, they can actually take fear and manifest it into a tangible thing. The key is the vibrational current. At that vibrational current, they can manifest anything from anything. Its like a holographic image. We are all minerals and water vibrating. This is all an illusion we are living in. That’s the secret. You know when the monarchy’s fallen, it’s not the end of it. They will manifest in another form. The reptiles have never been defeated and this is the closest they have come to it.

The reason they are so threatened today is because the Earth is in such trouble and the mental power of people is returning. This is their most frightening time, but this is not going to kill them. There are long centuries before it’s over yet. The difference this time is that it’ll be more difficult for them and they are going to have to settle for less and the Earth people are going to get more.

But even though these reptilian ones are fuckers, they are sad, pathetic beasts really, while humanity is galloping towards light. They’re just pathetic lumps of nastiness who aren’t going to win. I can’t talk about this everywhere because they would just go ‘Christine, get a white coat, put it on backwards, get out’. But I want an end to the bullshit.”



Second interview: LINK HERE

Queen Elizabeth Ordered Princess Diana Murder Says Diana’s Best Friend

Christine Fitzgerald reveals Diana’s murder was ordered by the Queen herself and the Royal Family are ‘losing control’.


Speaking ahead of an exclusive video interview, Princess Diana’s close personal friend and confidant Christine Fitzgerald has gone on the record for the first time and what she has to say will send shockwaves around the world.
• Christine Fitzgerald confirms Diana was ‘murdered by MI6 at the behest of the Windsors’

• Claims the Royal Family will ‘take out anyone who stands in their way’
• Says Phillip is a psychopath, and Queen Elizabeth holds a veto on decisions

• Believes the Royal Family are beginning to lose control again, and
• The BANNED film Unlawful Killing got close to the truth
“It was an orchestrated criminal conspiracy, a mafia-style assassination,” Christine Fitzgerald told me. “Don’t think that just because they have cut-glass accents doesn’t mean they aren’t more vicious and criminal than the mob. They ARE. They will take out anyone who stands in their way. They will do anything to keep control.”
“MI6 had been monitoring Diana for years before her death. She was surrounded by staff who were actually working for MI6, many of whom she liked and trusted. She was always second guessing herself and everyone around her, always wondering if she was paranoid.”
“She was frightened for her life for years before her death. She knew things weren’t right. We would sit together and chat and listen to Duran Duran to try and relax but it stopped working. She showed me the letter she wrote to Paul Burrell and asked if I thought she was crazy.”

“She thought that Charles had used her as a vessel to have William, and once she’d done that there were whispers among the Windsors about how to retire her from public life. They were terrified of her. Diana was a smart, sensitive girl. She could sense their fear. You wouldn’t believe some of the things she told me about Phillip, he’s a real dark psychopath. And Elizabeth… It makes perfect sense to know they killed her.”
“I have only stopped crying in the last few years. I am ready to speak now. I’m not scared. When I think of her murdered, pregnant, and embalmed I feel cold all over. Rage. I freeze. But it is time to move forward and that involves telling people what I know.”
Speaking ahead of an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW with Your News Wire, Christine Fitzgerald revealed that she is only now ready to speak about the details of her friend’s death, and that previous interviews with her were the work of frauds.
She described her ‘shock’ and ‘outrage’ at discovering what David Icke claims she told him. “I met David Icke and walked away without giving him any information because I realised he wasn’t listening to me and just wanted to push his ‘reptilians run the world’ agenda. He looked at me with those cold blue eyes and said ‘Of course they are bloody reptilians, Christine!’ He got mad and swiped a cat off the sofa.”

“All that stuff he quotes me saying about cold-blooded reptilians and energy transferring from person to person via their ‘jacksies’… I never said a word of that! I would never use the word ‘jacksie’ for god’s sake!”
Christine was shocked when she happened to read a copy of The Biggest Secret by David Icke. It was given to her years ago by a friend but she didn’t pick it up and look at it until last year.
“The tape recording that he claims to have doesn’t exist. It can’t exist. Even if he was recording me against my knowledge it can’t exist like he says it does because I didn’t say any of that stuff. The idea that I tried to sue him to keep it quiet is utter, utter nonsense. I am happy to talk about Diana’s death but not to somebody who wants to twist my words. How dare he! He is disrespecting her!”
Christine touches my arm and tells me I “must be very brave… and please be very careful. Strange things happen to those who know the truth. Accidents, you know? People go missing.” She points to her earrings – plain sapphire studs hanging from a string of silver, drop style – and tells me they once belonged to Princess Diana. “She gave them to me the last time we met. She hugged me for a long time. I think she knew she didn’t have long left.”



Yournewswire also claims to have a video of this conversation, however, the video has never been published.

Well, there is some truth in both interviews. But Diana calling the royals reptilian and lizards was more than one occasion and was said to more persons so on that one we can agree.

Diana being pregnant by a Muslim for a family that has gifted the country to a whole Muslim nation to replace the natives, cannot be a big deal so that argument is debunked by what we see today and was on the menu since decades. Considering this, then we have to ask: What did Diana know? What did Diana see?


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