Jack Dorsey Unmasked by Neorevolt

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Pelosi’s Sacrificial Pawn, The Not-So-Good Shepherd, and @Jack Finally Unmasked? #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

May 16, 2018 by Neon Revolt
A lot is going on right now.
I posted this earlier today on gab:




In other words, they’re literally using programming to “program” people.
Q’s next post explains why:

This post refers back to Q’s earlier post about Jack and Nancy Pelosi’s secret meeting:


Refer back even farther, first to post 799:

And then:

But let’s go back to the current drop again, with all that in mind:

I want to do a deep-dive into this for a moment, starting with the NP line:
You guys know that I’m active on the boards. I’ve made a point of saying that over the past few days.
And you really should pay attention if you’re active there because frankly, my theory deserved a bit more attention than what it got:


In other words, Dems are out of power right now, so they can’t protect their pawns/stooges.
In order to regain protection, Jack has to help Dems win – at all costs.
Once the Dems take over (using their “Blue Wave” push), they install their gal as Speaker. And again, I think this is intended to be Lofgren (but it could be someone else. That’s just my current theory).
He is willing to engage in mass censorship, in order to cover up his crimes.
Crimes? Wait, what? @Jack, committing crimes?
Ever hear of #Twittergate?


(This photo is really great meme fodder, btw. Doesn’t he just look like he needs a change of underwear? KEK)
It’s 2016. #Pizzagate is exploding into the mainstream. Suddenly it comes out that there are thousands of pedos sharing CP across Twitter’s platform, and Twitter is doing nothing about it.
What does @Jack do?
Well, his profile mysteriously goes dark the entire time they’re purging these accounts, due to public pressure.
His account comes back online, after the purge is over, and he basically says, “LOL just a backend error ¯_(ツ)_/¯.”
To this day, no one knows if anything was deleted from his own account or not.
(Well… I bet the NSA and QTeam know).




It gets just more interesting but as I want you to give him the credit for his great work and read the rest of the article on his own website (which is the right thing to do for patriots), Click here to read the rest and let him know he did a great job.