Announcement. The 7 Day Event Starts on Oct 23. Only 11 Seats Left.

Announcement Nov 10, 2018


Conservative meetups and workshops in fine Villas in Italy.
We will wine and dine, hike and bike, walk through the see sights, swim, cruise, and work together while discussing issues of the day and strategies to implement.
The primary purposes of these meetings are:

1-To know each other as conservatives and put together our people for more significant impact and vision.
2-To structure and schedule our “to do” lists.
3-To brainstorm and develop strategies.
4-To create an action plan.

However, the secondary purposes of these workshops are:

1-To return to our core values and human contact.
2-To connect conservative businesses. (e.g., If you need to sell your house, we will find another conservative interested in your property. We don’t want your money to fill the liberal pockets.)
3- To enforce our mental/spiritual power, by being together, feeling together and becoming a family again in a human society.
4-To create a directory and a talent pool for conservative businesses and build a base to launch a “conservative leadership magazine.” (Only those people who are interested in being public will participate in this directory. For those who are not, there will be no publicity during or after our trips.)