Alexei Navalny; Soros’s Tool To Force Russia Bow Down To The Globalist By Putting Her On The Methadone Needle

After the disaster in Ukraine and submitting its government fully and loyally to George Soros’s hands, the only peace of mind was Russia. I have written a lot about Putin in my books and at the end of the day, what defines as the fitness of a President is how loyal is he to HIS people and HIS country. So, Putin’s fitness and his relation to the Russian people are not the subjects of this article. Besides, the lamestream media’s demonization of Putin should say all. Their enemy is our friend. What we care about is Putin is a strong anti-globalist, anti-degeneration of society who promotes traditional values and most important of all, he is a very outspoken against pedophilia, therefore, the enemy of the global elites and their Satanic parties.
Democracy, a fake term used as a hostage to push personal agendas through the selective destructive machine of monopolistic philanthropy, is the weapon to disarm nations and rule over them by installing the philanthropist’s puppets. Remember, wherever hearing the word democracy like: “Our democracy is in danger”, or “We owe this to our democracy” or “He is a dictator with no regard to democracy”, you should be alarmed. Democracy is nothing different from the slurs and canards in other dictatorships.
Communists had “people” like “people’s republic” or “our people will be offended” or “people demand this or that” while their people never demanded such thing (those who have lived under communism know what I am talking about) and is equal to “Islam” in Islamic dictatorships, like “this is against Islam or “it is anti-Islamic to do this” or “it will hurt Islam” or it will offend “people of Islam”. So democracy is just another boogeyman who serves when they need it and disappears in their real actions and principals where they don’t give a damn about anything democratic and it is only power and money determining everything. So just be alarmed. Only a globalist puppet uses that word.
Now you must understand what is the real force behind Soros’ democracy and financial terrorism pushing left and right, advocating for democracy. Where his “democracy” shows up, society falls apart with drugs, degeneration, prostitution and drag queens twerking in kindergartens while the education system of that “democracy” becomes a hostage in his hands and kindergarten books teach little boys and girls how to masturbate.
Ughh. Disgusting…
Overthrowing Slobodan Milosevic Otpor in Serbia in 2000, 2003’s Rose Revolution in Georgia led by Kmara, 2004’s Orange Revolution in Ukraine, led by International Renaissance Foundation IRF, Kyrgyzstan’s 2005 Tulip revolution led by Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society CDCS, all run by Soros is just advancing his “democracy” with blood and unrest and as we see all were successful. In Hungary Viktor Orban has banned all NGOs belonged to Soros but yet the world’s parasite doesn’t care and acts at the grassroots level and funded this newspaper: who injects hate and social justice against Urban. Ukraine’s handpicked Poroshenko, installed by Soros after funding the unrest and revolution, treated Soros as the real President of the country. He flew to Ukraine and signed papers.


Now with the introduction above, we come to recent socio-engineerings in Russia. Soros wants Putin GONE, period.His new puppet is well managed and perfectly designed. A young, model-level good looking, and articulate political-whore.: Alexei Navalny.A power-grab money vampire who hungers for fame and struggle.


His campaign of “fight against corruption” is the most corrupt campaign but as we know Soros and how he operates he always chooses canards as the exact opposite of what they do. He hides behind pointing his fingers to somebody else for what is his own job in the first place. Fighting corruption? With Corrupt money of the Corrupt Soros?

As always the same old strategies. legalizing drugs to turn drug addicts into voters. legalizing prostitution to turn prostitutes into voters. People are just vote tickets and that little value is important only BEFORE the election and soon after, people will count nothing.

Alexey Navalny, appeared in 2018 from nowhere (just like Obama, Tony Blair, and Emanuel Macron), campaigning to legalizing marijuana, who is he targetting? Just drug addicts? A big no. He is targetting school kids and students. The younger generation. The real consumers of marijuana.

But what peopel don’t know before he comes to the surface, is that Navalny is a long time supervisor of Soros’s Open Society Foundation programs for the legalization of methadone which is prohibited in Russia so it is naive to think he will stop at marijuana. Putting Russia on the methadone needle is the trajectory.It is stunning how the Russians may think a puppet fed with outsider dollars can heal the nation. Navalny is like a funnel with a hole at its bottom. He will never be enough fed. He is just a tunnel for the main vehicle to pass.

Leaks of the Open Society Institute by DC-Leaks in 2015 had one interesting leak for the Russian people: “The Russian project” engineered by Soros.

The purpose of the project was started as the destabilization of Russia leading to a change of power. and whose name appears on the document? Alexei Navalny.

In two of the papers: “Open Society PHP work in Russia” and “Capacity building and strengthening the third sector”, Navanlyas is the one who is handling the projects. As we read: “The Russian Economy Will Benefit from the Eurasian Union and Greater Eurasia” Soros is actively following the Eurasia plan of Brzezinski (the subject of my coming book: Minds Behind Wars). It is not of his own but he is drooling to fulfill it.

Soros’s healthcare project for Russia is summarized in the “harm reduction” program, provides the damaging methadone therapy to cure addiction. The irony is in this “humanistic” IHRD aka harm reduction, the “harm” addiction is cured by the essential medicines (AEMI) that according to Soros is methadone.

A population of young methadone addicts will best serve Soros’ plan. Through the document, we continue to read and again Navanly’s name pops out.

Dependence is what Soros needs so the strength of the youth will be streamed to vein injections and stay-home, do-nothing resilence cookies who just want free stuff to hold their drug parties and have no time to stand up to Soros.
Navalny has personally designed the strategy to advance the lobbying programs “harm reduction” and “access to essential medicines”, and has precisely focused on the implementation of methadone therapy. In a nutshell, heroin addicts will be subject to another addiction, way stronger in comparison to the first one. Practically, the kid stuff will be upgraded to men’s stuff and they call it: the cure. well…Soros style cure…Now the drug promoter ran for President. It always start with small things: campaigning to legalize marijuana, and then it extends to methadone. The same problem-solution game for a problem that didn’t exist at the first place but as the solution is their initial plan, the dependence needs to be created, funded, and then strengthened, convincing Russians that methadone is the exact solution to the problem.Navalny is a good drug dealer for Soros so he (Soros) not only earns from the sell but conquers a country of methadone addicts. He is already educating Russian kids on how to be the future drug addicts and die in agony.But this is not all. Navalny is organizing anti-Putin protests all across the country. For us, this is just the repetition of the same blueprint. We have seen it all. Pu**y hat protests? Antifa disruptors? Occupy Wallstreet? Black Lives Matter? and many many more. (The full list of Soros donations, organizations, backed protests, and activist are fully explained in two full chapters of RING OF THE CABAL.)As I said at the beginning of the article, after Ukraine, the only place we were convinced that will be out of reach of the financial terrorist Soros was Russia, but now we see, nowhere is safe from his subversive machine of destruction.

On December 6th, 2017 in one of the organized anti-Putin protests participated by tens of thousands of paid protestors funded by Soros, Navalny was arrested for the illegal protest without proper authorization aimed to unseat Vladi­mir Putin. 


Soros is preparing a color revolution in Russia according to the Ukrainian model. Alexei was arrested and later banned from participating in the Presidential race because of a money laundering charge. However, that doesn’t mean Soros’s loss. It just means the overthrowing process will take more years but will finally succeed unless the Russian people know exactly what is on the menu. Unlike people, Soros never gives up. If he couldn’t have the regime change this year he will have it in future years because he works through the grassroots. Selecting Judges and lawmakers and journalists and influencers who can engineer the mass and shape their perception. He first heats up the population by these selected people then openly “pump” money into street riots. After being banned Navalny takes the case to where? To the anti-Putin European globalist Court over Money Laundering Charges. According to a report on Reuters published on March 6, 2020:“Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny lodged a complaint against Russia at the European Court of Human Rights on Friday to contest a money-laundering investigation he says authorities have opened to thwart his political activities.Russian investigators opened the case against Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation last August after he called on people to attend rallies that grew into Moscow’s biggest sustained protest movement in years before fizzling out.

On Tuesday, Navalny, Russia’s most prominent opposition politician, said his bank accounts and those of his close family had been emptied and frozen, which he linked to the investigation.

“I have repeatedly faced persecution by the Russian authorities for my political activities,” Navalny said in comments to the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre that is representing him and his allies in the case.”

The complaint was submitted by Navalny and several of his allies on Friday, Navalny’s spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, said.

“The endless searches, seizures of equipment, and freezing of bank accounts greatly interfere with our activities,” Navalny said.

In September, law enforcement authorities carried out mass raids on the homes and offices of Navalny’s supporters over the case. In December, authorities raided his Moscow headquarters, dragging Navalny out by force and confiscating equipment.

Russia’s Justice Ministry in October formally labeled Navalny’s anti-corruption group a “foreign agent”, meaning it can be subjected to spot checks and face bureaucratic scrutiny. Navalny was barred from running for president in 2018 because of a past conviction on charges he has called trumped up. Putin won that election in a landslide.”

 Well, that was the hard-liner leftists Reuter’s report which glorifies Soros backed Navanly with love stories that we are very well familiar with. All mainstream media are anti-Putin and pro-Nvanly and his corrupt “anti-corruption” campaign using NLP tactics to repeat the word “anti-corruption” until he looks an anti-corruption figure due to repetitive manipulistic mind control tricks.

If you are Russian and are reading this, be aware that the situation in Russia is worst than it seems and the brainwashing process of simple minds and the youth is deeply and constantly going on. So if you don’t appreciate the “liberation” and “social degradation” that Soros and his cronies have brought to America and to Europe, and if you value the family and the reunion between a man and a woman and their children and Christian values, stand up for your country. Join Poland, Hungary, and Romania and remove all NGOs, newspapers, education facilities, universities, judges, and lawmakers that in any fashion are in connection with Soros or the deep state agents. I am sure you don’t want to have Islamic ghettos where your women fear to pass without hijab or face these types of inappropriate appearances in public places. Today is not a day to exchange what you know you have with the uncertainty of a new leader where you’ll never know how his campaign promises will differ with what he will bring on the table.
God bless