Your Child Belongs To The State According To Your Marriage License

Your child belongs to the state according to your marriage license. Marriage is a contract between you, your spouse, and the state, and your signature on this contract means “the consent”.

As the court system offers only opinions that become “public policy” and are wrongly called “law”, at this point and according to that signature on your license, the courts offer the opinion that your child is owned by the state. This is how the children become children of the state.

This opinion is quite common in its legal application. In fact, it is the basis of the criminal “Child Protective Services (CPS)”, a child abductor organization that claims to have authority from the Federal “Health And Human Services (HHS)” to legally kidnap your children.

As I wrote in RING OF THE CABAL, until Obama, who is a lawyer and tends to interpret the Constitution as he pleases, the courts looked into the Constitution as nothing more than the toilet paper. The black rule of law was not solid to the system but “interpretable” and fluid in time.

Hope that after the terrible misuse and misinterpretations of the Constitution, now with a shift in the Supreme Court, the American people won’t be under the “opinion” of seven people higher than God and their Supreme Dominance but under the rule of law which if applied, will abolish CPS.