Biden’s Afghanistan Catastrophe Was Just a Necessary Step to Bring Us Closer to “Destruction America” Plan

This is the same old gang of debacles. The whole Afghanistan fiasco is another Benghazi on a larger scale. Hillary’s Benghazi team is all on board. They have executed the same modus operandi in Benghazi. Opened the doors and put Afghanistan on a golden plate for the Taliban. You may ask why?

Because the Biden regime has one goal: Leading America to Soros’s Destruction America agenda which is the precept to the 2025 Global Governance agenda which is by itself a phase of Agenda 2030. America should become weak and lose its supraglobal power. The World Economic Forum just announced it.

Everything you see is connected to the cause. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the dynamics of global freedoms. The next fear-mongering will be another 9/11 style terrorist attack, and by the use of systems created during the pandemic, you and I can be one hundred times more controlled.

And there will be attacks. Of course, they will happen. This time the siblings of the attackers are widely spread in all of the US and Europe. Just imagine that.

Islamic Khalifa in Turkey will rise, Iran becomes more powerful than ever, and a big Islamic league will take place in the middle east with its allies far up to Africa.

I have said over and over that we should watch the middle east.


Jake Sullivan, Biden’s National Security Advisor is Hillary Clinton’s aide in State Department during the Benghazi backstabbing. He was the man who, under the command of Patrick Kennedy (Hillary’s fixer) cleansed the embassy from any piece of document that would accuse Hillary. Now he is Biden’s National Security Advisor!!


Below a part of the WikiLeaks documentary on Benghazi and the role of Jake Sullivan is copied and pasted.


But whistleblowers later came out to reveal that was not true. They revealed that Washington didn’t protect them despite they reported an attack and despite that, it was September 11, a date that the Obama administration should have been ready for any possible retaliation attack. Everybody in the mission in Libya reported an attack on the embassy but Obama’s crisis manager, Susan Rice on Sept. 16 – five days after the attack –as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nation appeared on the Sunday show and confidently announced that the strike began “spontaneously” out of protests due to a hateful video and then became violent. 3 whistleblowers; Mark Thompson, acting deputy assistant Secretary of State for counterterrorism; Greg Hicks, former deputy chief of mission in Libya; and Eric Nordstrom, a former regional security officer in Libya testified before the Congress where they were all consistent that while the embassy was attacked by terrorists and they reported an attack, they received no protection from the State Department. Documents published by the WikiLeaks revealed that in 2012, It was Kennedy who hand-picked the members of the State department’s internal Accountability Review Board that didn’t find any senior official guilty for any wrongdoing in the run-up to Benghazi.

The Review Board chosen by Kennedy decided there is no need to interview Hillary Clinton about her role in Benghazi. She was the Secretary of State and she did not need to be interviewed.

Clinton’s staff scrubbed the records off the pile before turning them over to Congress. It was Ray Maxwell’s shocking testimony that confirmed the WikiLeaks. Raymond Maxwell was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, covering Libya. Soon after Ambassador Chris Stevens and others were killed in Benghazi, Maxwell participated in a secret Sunday session where Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan oversaw a document review to “pull out anything that might put anybody in the front office or the seventh floor in a bad light”. “Seventh floor” is slang for the Secretary of State. The Sullivan email was the same damning Sullivan email that Kennedy put in B5 Category to hide it from both Congress and the public.

Chris Stevens ended up dying because State and the White House sent American troops to train Libyan militias instead of providing effective security cover for its consulate in Benghazi. And here when Hillary Clinton got pressed, comes her infamous reply, “What difference at this point does it make?”

So Pat Kennedy cleanses the embassy and the documents through Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan silencing whistleblowers, while Susan Rice becomes the voice of the embassy covering up the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the rest of the cure to make Hillary look good for the election.

Video: The WikiLeaks documentary No 2; Patrick Kennedy: Hillary’s Fixer


‘They decided not to step up’: US national security adviser Sullivan faults Afghans for being overrun by Taliban in exit fiasco–by RT


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