You Can Decide Not to Get Vaccinated But We Cut All Funds From Entities Who Accept Unvaccinated

It is not just federally funded entities. All businesses need permissions, loans, credit, tax cuts as well as the need to comply with carbon emission, sustainability, diversity, and inclusiveness, and much more establishment-World Economic Forum fabricated regulations and rejecting unvaccinated people will be added to the list if not already added.

FISCAL TYRANNY: Biden threatens to withhold federal funding from universities, nursing homes and other federally-funded institutions if they don’t hit mandatory covid vaccination quotas

In an effort to bully more Americans into getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), Joe Biden is now threatening to withhold federal funding from schools, nursing homes and other critical sectors.

According to reports, Dementia Joe thinks that depriving colleges and universities, elderly care facilities, and cruise ships of the funds they need to function will help convince more unvaccinated people to stay “safe” from the Chinese Virus by agreeing to get their “Operation Warp Speed” injections as soon as possible.

While no official decision has been made, Hunter’s dad is said to be in the “early phases” of conversations with the people who believe they hold the power to do something like this and achieve the desired outcome.

One idea is to withhold Medicare dollars and other federal funds from nursing homes where not all residents are injected. As the old people who live in these facilities slowly start to die off due to lack of money, the idea is that they will come begging Beijing Biden for the jab and for the resources they need to survive.

There are some 90 million more Americans who are just saying no to Donald Trump’s “warp speed” injections, and Biden is working on new ways to try to convince them to get jabbed, too.

Due to mainstream media fears about the “delta variant,” the Pedophile-in-Chief is considering other drastic measures aimed at “flattening the curve” and “stopping the spread.” Many government agencies are now “mandating” the injections, and some in the private sector are also following suit.

Biden is salivating at the idea of medically raping you with a covid needle

Even if every unvaccinated person today were to rush out and get jabbed for the Fauci Flu, it would still take as many as six weeks for the faux “immunity” to kick in, experts say. Because of this, China Joe is scrambling to come up with new authoritarian ways of getting more people jabbed immediately.

In the short term, Biden is threatening that more new “cases” will emerge if those who still have not permanently altered their DNA by getting syringed refuse to obey. “Infections” will rise, Biden says, until every last American gets the needle in accordance with the government’s wishes.

When asked specifically if he plans to try to impose a vaccine “mandate,” Hunter’s dad told the media that he is looking at various options while encouraging more Americans to get vaccinated if they wish to do so.

Some public health “experts” are chomping at the bit for mandatory injections. As it turns out, a sizeable percentage of Western medicine “specialists” have never met a vaccine needle they did not want forcibly jammed into every person’s body, so the prospect of a Biden mandate is music to their ears.

The government claims that more than 100,000 people per day are now testing “positive” for the latest editions of the Chinese Flu. This is scary for some people to hear talked about on television and social media, which the Biden regime is hoping will convince the remaining holdouts to comply already.

“I think wisely using the federal spending power is absolutely right,” says Lawrence Gostin, director of Georgetown University‘s O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, in full support of depriving unvaccinated elderly people and students of funding as punishment for their non-compliance.

Instead of “bludgeoning the private sector,” Biden is “starting with high-risk settings with an absolute ethical obligation and legal obligation to keep your workers and your clients safe” through injection, Gostin added in a statement to The Washington Post, clearly thrilled about such a power grab.


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