Authors biography
Since I remember, I’ve always been interested in people’s reaction and could notice easily when something didn’t sum up. I think the main reason that dragged me into politics was: lies.

I was a kid but I could grasp when something felt forced, forged or weird. So it was almost natural enrolling in politics in college.
For years, I wanted to work in world of politics but after graduating for the first time, since I felt the deception and conspiracies ruling our world were beyond my power to be able to stop or at least expose them, I quit and I started to study and work in more acceptable fields of a modern world like marketing, business, and communication.

But it didn’t take more than a decade for me to not being able to shove down my throat the reality and the scale of the deception we are dealing with.

I had to be a voice.

And I had to help my fellow friends to open their eyes and recognize what they have been told to was not the truth.
Why are we dealing with unnecessary issues like Transgender agenda, White Supremacy, Feminism, Dissolving borders and etc. which were nonexistent before 2001?

How come a 7-year- old boy decides to change sex instead of asking her mother to buy him an ice cream? How did we get here to see a Hollywood star eating human flesh and drinking blood on a family TV series?
There is a vehicle of destruction destroying our world, humanity and our ways of life and it is aimed to turn us into slaves for some self-claimed entitled criminal elites.

I am a woman who is Anti-lawless immigration, Anti-Feminism, Anti-white or any genocide, Anti-Communism, Anti-Socialism, Anti-Fascism, Anti Globalism, Anti-Satanism, Anti Suppression of information, Anti-Gun Control, Pro-Life and I am guilty of having sharp and clear ideas.
Just imagine 70 years ago, everybody was guilty like me! But now, the “re-patterned”, transformed, and manufactured nation is LIBERATED, MODERNIZED, EVOLVED and happens to hate us just because we inherited some “horrible” values from our fathers like we value family, our women don’t Feminize their speech and our men are still men of guns and men of roses and of course, they still love their God.

A disgrace called Hollywood, a garbage with the beat called music, a sadistic weird socio-phatic thing called ”Modern Art” and sexualized children are all that remained for us.

Can we still stay silent?

Today, the internet is the battlefield and we should be “on-duty” soldiers defending our values and pillars of the society and family. We need to find each other, come together and fix the mess that we made sending people in Congress to work against us. Nobody can fill the gap, but we “The People’ ourselves. No one is going to save our poor children who instead of doing the math, should only deal with what they have in their pants,“discover” if that thing matches their identity and which bathroom to choose.

What does an average person know about people like George Soros? What does an average person know about the Rothschilds? If you want to inform people, how much information you need to transfer? Too much information is like Leprosy. It eats itself but crumbs make bread. That was what I did. I put “necessary” information of each crumb to make my bread and to be able to connect a ring of people who betrayed us.

Filthy Shades of Deception; will be a series of books and the philosophy behind these series is all about revelation. PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW. If it’s hard for them to collect the evidence, we do it for them.

“RING OF THE CABAL”, is the first book of these series which not only exposes the entire ring responsible and involved in the abuse of power and crimes against humanity but is also a self-empowerment prescription, a mind sharpening tool and a strategy to fight.

All you have to do is to fasten your seatbelts and come with me. Be ready as your eyes will be wide open and you will be well prepared to fight for your life. Time to stop the Cabal and their Lilliputian goons and minions and put an end to our fake melodrama of being ok. Nothing is ok.

We are screwed up people.
Time to wake up.
Time to get loud.
Time to defend humanity and time to save the little dignity that we still have.
May God bless you
Ella Cruz