Caution: Be careful with MRIs if you’re vaccinated! by Orwell City

Be careful with MRIs if you’re vaccinated!

JULY 29, 2021


Doctors around the world are warning vaccinated individuals to avoid MRI scans, as some people have been severely affected by the electromagnetism it produces.

The most severe cases have resulted in the death of the patients.

In this regard, La Quinta Columna has briefly explained what this phenomenon is due to in an excerpt that Orwell City has prepared for its followers.

Ricardo Delgado: Today we have been informed of something. Several doctors have written to La Quinta Columna, some from abroad (United Kingdom and Spanish-speaking countries), telling us that vaccinated individuals are having a myriad of problems. And when I say ‘problems’ I mean death. Or the closest thing to it. An experience very close to death, if I’m allowed to use a somewhat facetious tone, when they are being exposed… —either due to any type of check-up or previous pathology they may have— When the vaccinated (now ‘graphenated’) are exposed to magnetic resonance or CT scans with contrast.


Well, MRI, apart from having an incredible strength in terms of the electromagnetic field measured in Gauss it generates, Now you’re going to watch it. I’m going to show you a video so you can have an idea. The MRI touches a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, it’s very likely that it excites that material called graphene oxide, which has been introduced into their bodies by various means, the most invasive being inoculation. The so-called ‘vaccine’.

So, in that sense, you know that graphene is excited —electronically speaking— because it has an absorption band in a considerable part of the EM spectrum. And we’re going to see it today as well. When excited, it causes an increase in the toxicity of graphene oxide because it converts it into reduced graphene oxide. It increases oxidative stress, generates cytokine storms, the collapse of the immune system, and everything that you already know.

Then, when these people do not die —from what we have been told, there have been several deaths—, they become very ill. It’s even very difficult to recover them and bring them forward.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: What the MRI does is align all the protons in your body. It aligns them in a magnetic field —electromagnetic, in this case—, and at a certain moment, it releases them. It aligns them and releases them. And when it releases them, of course, depending on the type of material the proton is attached to, it will send back a signal to return to its natural state. And that signal is what the device picks up.

So it sends a signal that aligns protons, changes the energetic state of all the protons in your body, and then relaxes the signal. And when it relaxes the signal, the protons return to their natural state. But when they come back to their natural state, they have released the energy that they had received to align themselves. And, of course, that gives a fairly accurate signal because each tissue has a particular signal when it returns that.

And, you can also do contrast resonance. And it’s the same principle. Only that, to improve the signal back, certain contrasts are added to better see the arteries, the bile ducts, and the hollow tubular organs. Contrast is allowed to be used to obtain a better view. But it’s based on the return signal that the apparatus receives when it has aligned the protons and then relaxes.

Of course, it sends a very powerful signal. That’s why it often causes dizziness, nausea, and smell problems. In other words, resonance is very similar to irradiation. And it’s non-ionizing radiation.

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