Clooney Clown Entertainments present:


Clooney clown entertainments: ”Failed Fucking Screenwriter Steve Bannon Would Be Licking My Ass.”
George Clooney, who spewing hate and reading from the scripts is the only two things, he knows in his life, adds another level to an absolute disgrace called: “Hollywood”. His candidate lost and he still can’t get over it. So maybe it’s time for little George to move in Beijing which its products is as over rated as Hollywoodian bullies.
But in the wake of that wise decision to be taken, here is the Boycott list of companies he represents through their Ads.
Take action now.
Omega watches, Heineken beer, Nespresso coffee, Lancelot Whisky in South Korea. Moreover he had a Tequila company named: Casamigos together with his partners: Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. In June 2017, the business was sold to Diageo for a $ 700,000,000 million and another $300,000,000 million on the basis of the brand’s performance in coming decade. In other words, Clooney and his partners will get $1 billion if the sales go as well as predicted so by dropping the product, you will help cancellation of the deal.

Good luck