Reading the propaganda and decoding the pattern

The active attack on males’ masculinity and children’s mind is getting just uglier. The aggressive advertisement of “Bianco Footwear SS17 Campaign” and the extreme feminism presented by it was not the most disgusting add content ever created. Today we have another one which may not be considered as bloody as the above mentioned, but its direct and disturbing message is actually more frustrating. “I am a HYBRID” by KIA motors.
The Ad starts with a soft feminine woman who is painting. The atmosphere looks gothic and you see two white birds flying inside the gothic church-like place. The woman is painting a scene inspiring the Eden. “Nature is half of the story”, is the first message. The next message is “strength gives you space to express yourself” while the woman, finished with the painting, drives the hybrid KIA motors car to the gym.
The gym’s door shows a sign ”Crossfit”, so the woman crosses through her two different entities and enters her second personality which is a woman coaching three weak beta males who are not strong enough to climb the paling or move the big heavy tire so she has to do it for them.
“strength doesn’t fit into categories and owns you respect” is the next message followed by the last one”I am Jenny Cane and I am a hybrid.”
As you see the mind control program and symbolism is everywhere in this add and all it is projecting is: Feminism represents strength and buys you respect. Transgenderism is a sign of strength because nature is half of the story and you can cross categories to fit being a hybrid. Masculinity is ridiculous and new generation of men should be proud and respectful to mannish women and reject their masculinity and let these women do ordinary things for them.
I explained the war on traditional man, woman and family in RING OF THE CABAL and I explained how sticking into your genetics and biology can be a wonderful fight with the demonic new world order. As I said in my writings, this new world order is no order and the distortion of any order you have been taught since the beginning of humanity. Every good and positive is considered to be an abnormality in new world order so keeping and enforcing your femininity and masculinity and the order of old values and a traditional family is an extraordinary weapon against the cabal’s propaganda.