V**inas speak. Where are penises?
Identity politics hits a new low.
Netflix has a new show with an animated middle-schooler’s talking V called “Big Mouth”. In the meanwhile, women march for Constitution day with their faces popping out of big pink v**inas designed with full physical details.
One of these heads coming out of a full detailed V-symbols, belongs to a Muslim lady and her head is covered by Islamic Hijab. Isn’t it hypocrisy? That lady is not allowed to show her hair in public or even talk about the their private (V) in her country. In Islamic countries even talking about these things is such an ultimate disrespect that girls make signs to speak to their mothers about their bodies but the same “liberated women” come to the west and protest with a V-symbol.
Modernity now means identifing ourselves with our genitals. We are not humans any more but black, white or brown “genitals.” Our values are determined by our private parts.

We are not praised by our “accomplishments, values, helping each other and being good and worthy” but by our genitals…..and in  this intese “genital war”, striaght males are the oppressed category.

Are we going that low? Even primitives didn’t glorify their genitals or price tag them. So did we study science, conquer the space and advanced in technology to evaluate ourselves by our genitals?

What will be the next achievement then? Maybe soon we will see CNN’s “P Jack” is going to have a talk show with “V Jane”?? Is that where we are heading to?

History never experienced such a disgusting moment. So disgusted with this dehumanized, degenerated, dis-eased, defected, debunked and deflected generation that makes me even talk about this. I am not a biologist, a physician or genital specialist. YOU ARE NOT TOO. Why are we talking about our private parts in public? What is there to be glorified? Where is the need to celebrate and “apotheosize” a V-genital? Isn’t it there for a mother who carries a baby and not for you baby killers?

And how does it work if you say your genitals doesn’t determine your gender so why your disgusting v**inas are on your heads If it is useless to determine your genitals or carry a baby?

Are you saying you use it just for sex? It is ok and it is your choice to decide but  why should you put it on your heads? What are you symbolizing at this point?

Why should we know what you do with your genitals? Why should we care who sleeps with who when it comes to considering people’s ideas? Why should people add to their speech that they are feminist, gay or lesbian or intentional single mothers or whatsoever. Who cares what you do in bed? Why should you carry your beds in streets or during public speeches? Why sexualizing everything about humanity?


Where are our men?
All sacrifices, all wars, all hard jobs, children upbringings as a father, all the history and whatever men have done to protect women and children, is done because they were HUMANS not GENITALS!

Stop degenerating our children. Stop hating everybody but yourself, Stop accusing people for your lack of success due to your own mistakes.

Stop being a v**ina!
Get a life and become a loving woman. A precious gift of nature to yourself, to your children and to your man and your society. Reject the zombie patterns governing you by media bullhorns. They don’t care about you don’t be fooled. They don’t give a damn. They are just pushing their own agenda.

You are beautiful. You are good. You are a human so be it. Act like a human. Speak like a human. Behave like a human and don’t be just a body part.

















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