Now they are dancing viciously on veterans’ graves

Now they are dancing viciously on veterans’ graves.
It always started with flag burning.
The symbolism, the trademark and the meaning a flag and an anthem represent are beyond political differences but useful idiots have always failed to understand this.
Freedom, a substance that left is using its taste to trash anything that demonstrates sovereignty and therefore is opposing them, by now is just a nonsense word in left’s vocabulary. Freedom is there to hate freely, trash the opponents freely and is there as the left’s free right to justify their handmade prescriptions to legalize what shall be said in politics, what shall be done against nationalism, how religion should be attacked or how any matter or opinion against them should be dealt with.
We can’t dilute liberty by hitting back on who disrespects flag or anthem but we can cherish the freedom they represent by showing our great “respect” even to flag remains or saluting the anthem but LEAVING the disgraced environment that caused it.
The flag and anthem symbolize whatever soldiers gave their lives for. The flag and anthem summarize whatever you believe for your country to die for. If you have nothing to die for, then you will have nothing to live for. The flag and Anthem is a symbolic language of love and respect of a nation who respects itself but a nation who dances on the graves of its saviors, is basically celebrating its own death and destruction.
It always started with burning flags and discrediting anthems. Read the history of all Communist countries. Flag was always the first target to sweep the path.