Obsessed with Oppression

A black NFL player whose paychecks are million dollars, who has a voice and a name claims to be oppressed. This is how Democratic Party and the left “oppress” black community. They make them blind to see their progress and the path to success which they walked at their youth. They ask them to fight with each other and with the others and don’t let them feel and enjoy the life they made for themselves. How a black millionaire can be oppressed?
How a millionaire can be oppressed? A white millionaire is not oppressed but a black millionaire is? Will he donate his paychecks to “oppressed” black people to fight “inequality” of income?
Oppressed were holocaust victim who were kept in camps and burnt because of their “unclean, unpurified” blood. Oppressed is when you are black and you are not allowed to school and educate and get a good job because of the color of your skin.
Is Colin kaepernick oppressed? A guy who is allowed to knee in a democracy while national anthem is being played. A guy who is allowed to take his checks while being employed by NFL but disobey his employer or…wait a minute…
Maybe he is not disobeying his employer. If a job has dress code and requires a certain behavior while working, why his employer didn’t fire him the moment he kneeled?
But NFL didn’t and kaepernick was still there taking his knee so was he oppressed?
What happens when institutionally propounding into the consciousness of the black people that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites?
Democrats and the left will become the saviors and heroes to fight for those obsessed people and they cheer disrespecting flag, anthem and whatever stands as symbols of sovereignty.
That’s why the left is obsessed with oppression. Because it leads to no border, no flag, no sovereignty.
It leads to Communism which is the goal of the left.
Black people are just being used as their tool of oppression.