Titanic, the unsinkable ship, built by JP Morgan who canceled his trip at the last minute.

-Titanic, the unsinkable ship (This is part of my book: “The Ring”, pages 349-352. All rights reserved Copyright © 2017 Ella Cruz)

Most of you have surely seen the love story; Titanic. But does anybody know that JP Morgan funded and built Titanic?

It was the ship’s first trip. A trip named “the maiden voyage.” People listed on that trip are reportedly selected to be invited by JP Morgan. 

 Morgan had even a personal suite on board with his own private walkway on deck and a bath equipped with his luxurious belongings but he, together with some of his very important friends cancelled the trip the very last moment. His friend Milton Hersey, founder of Hersey Food, was one of them. Don’t forget that railroads, ships, and steel were Morgan’s monopoly. His business associate, Baron Henry Clark Frick of the Pittsburg or “Baron of steel” was another passenger who canceled his maiden voyage on Titanic. Multimillionaire Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt (uncle to Gloria Vanderbilt; CNN anchor; Anderson Cooper’s mother) of Vanderbilt shipping and railroad empire had canceled his maiden voyage so late the newspapers had his name listed as on board the day after, and they still were not aware of his last-minute cancellation. Alfred Vanderbilt is known to be a gallant gentleman. Apparently, he had not chosen the Vanderbilt lifestyle and ceremonies and had nothing in common with his brother so my guess is some little bird might have sung about Titanic’s destiny and Vanderbilt, who had booked the trip with his wife, had no choice but to cancel. He died 3 years later on RMS Lusitania bound for Liverpool, after he saved a woman and her little child, granting his own life vest to her. Unfortunately, his famous siblings and grandchildren did not inherit his humanitarian spirit and good manners. 

Are these cancellations just coincidences? Well, they can be but let’s see what other “coincidences” we can trace in Titanic tragedy.

In 1910, on Jekyll Island, a historic meeting took place that changed everybody’s life on the planet. The meeting was between Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderlip; as the representatives of the Rockefellers, Henry Davison, Charles Norton, and Benjamin Strong; as representatives of J.P. Morgan, and Paul Warburg on behalf of the Rothschilds. Their goal was the establishment of the Federal Reserve. They argued, reached a conclusion, and set up a plan.

Three wealthiest men in the world at the time, John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, and Isador Strauss were extremely dissident of the idea of creating a private bank such as the Federal Reserve to control the government. Their wealth today would have worth around eleven billion dollars and using all their wealth and influence, they could spend all their fortune to oppose the Federal Reserve. All three men were invited on board of Titanic (Olympic), and all of them died when the ship sank.

A year and 8 months later, the Federal Reserve was established.

It is a conspiracy to say those powerful men should have been destroyed in an unsuspicious way with no trace. Many good people were on that ship. Irish Protestants from Belfast, French, and Italian Roman Catholic immigrates dreaming of America and building a new free life. The Federal Reserve Gang could care less. It is conspiracy to say those people were all deplorable to them and their sinking could cover-up the death of their powerful opponents. It is conspiracy to say the inside job of carnage and manslaughter by the control-freak ruling class and money gangsters has a background so older than 9/11 or Vegas shootings so, we didn’t say anything, and you didn’t hear anything.

However, the carnage happened, it was very profitable. Titanic was unsinkable, but her sister ship Olympic was sinkable. The Morgans changed the plate and used Olympic instead of Titanic for the trip and after the ship (Olympic plated as Titanic) was sunk, they asked the insurance company for the recompense. When rumors were off, they launched Titanic (the real titanic) in the see but under the plate of “Olympic.”

And as usual, Hollywood’s “mind control machine” created the narrative. Titanic becomes just a love story, and one of the saddest stories in history vanishes in the shadows of love and glamour of a mesmeric movie.


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