Justin Trudeau and Fidel Castro’s love-affection mysterious relationship.

This is Margaret Trudeau during an official visit to Cuba in 1976 along with her husband Pierre Trudeau, Canada’s’ Prime Minister at the moment. Castro is holding Michel Trudeau, Justin’s brother.

After the trip Margaret said, she felt in love with Cuba.
Here are a collection of photos regarding the resemblance. You can conclude your own results. We do not speculate.
Justin Trudeau is 6’2″. His mom and dad are 5’6″ and 5’8″, respectively. Castro was 6’3″.


Now l am watching those deep “gazes” and tearful hugs.

Here we are saying nothing but just evaluating the possibilities.


Trudeau called Castro: “remarkable” and “larger than life leader”.
He actually ignored the fact the Castro after Stalin is one of the world’s cruelest dictators who executed more than 6.000 people. His mass executions of Batista’s torturers and murderers at the beginning of his regime in 60’s, happened on trials on no real basis and followed by quick deaths with no appeal. And in 70’s it was time for mass imprisonments. Cuba has no Freedom of Information Act and its renowned Constitution of 1940 has remained suspended under Castro.

Trudeau on Castro said: “My father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away”.
Seems he is talking about an international hero.

Around 6,000 direct executions, 2,000 from drowning in the sea during flee, 525 homosexual men starved to death, around 60 beaten to death and many others were killed by his commandos.

Here are some of the statements made in this video and its captions:

The video says:

“Those who sing to Fidel despite everything”

“Attorney “Human Rights Defender” goes to Cuba to sing Happy Birthday to Caribbean Jackal”

“We remind Gutierrez the savage crimes of the totalitarian dictator that has been in power for over half a century”

Deaths attributed to Fidel Castro:

More than 5700 executed with or without trial

More than 2000 dead in prison

More than 2000 disappeared

In the exterior of Cuba, in wars, more than 13,000 dead in Africa, Latin America, Granada and the Middle East

The dead during the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961

Feb 24 1996 4 killed in Brothers to the Rescue Airplane peaceful missions looking for rafters

Escapees: more than 77,000

Castro’s government according to testimony of a rafter, would drop sacks of sand from helicopters on fleeing rafters in hopes of inundating the rafters and causing them to drown

One man who testifies at the White Crosses Display commemorating the deaths of those who lived under the Castro regimes, states: ‘Of 20 person imprisoned they were shot by firing squad’; another woman testifies that her mother spent 8 years in prison….the list goes on…

Castro’s government never informs family members when an execution will be carried out nor where the person is buried

Castro isn’t responsible just for the deaths of 100,000 Cubans, but also responsible for training terrorists and guerrilleros (warriors) responsible for thousands of deaths in Latin American and Africa

President of El Salvador (until 2004), Francisco Flores Perez speaks about Fidel Castro’s murder machine…”Therefore…it is totally intolerable that you involved in the deaths of so many Salvadorians that you trained many to kill Salvadorians…that is absolutely intolerable…”

In Peru the Truth Commission estimates that more than 70,000 deaths in Peru can be attributed to Cuba’s interventionist policies

The guerrillas of Colombia trained by Cuba, have resulted in more than 200,000 deaths in Colombia

The list goes on:

Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Guatemala, Bolivia, and others

The Cuban government, directly and indirectly, has caused approximately more than half a million human deaths…all ignored by the world and the press.”

The bitter truth is ignored by Mr. Trudeau in exchange for his love and affection for Castro. Are we sure Justin Trudeau, new Soros’s favorite, is serving Canadian public’s best interests?

Video and translation credited to: http://cubatruthproject.blogspot.com/

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