Who is Rod Rosenstein?


Hello Patriot,
A few days ago a picture accidentally captured my attention. The resemblance between two people just made me stop and stare at the picture.


Rod Rosenstein is not and can not be Himmler’s son as there is almost twenty years distance between Himmler’s suicide and Rosenstein’s birth.

I even considered the possibility of a fake suicide and escaping to Argentina just as Hitler did. We know that CIA’s recently released  JFK assassination files mention that Hitler was alive in South America in 1955, but the point is; Hitler’s duplicate body was completely burned and unrecognizable while Himmler’s body was clean and seen by all witnesses.





Of course, as everything we believed was fake, we can still consider the possibility of a false suicide but for me, it is less probable as his daughter thought he was murdered by allies and didn’t take the suicide pill but that means, either way, she knows her father is dead.

Heinrich Himmler;  Oct 7, 1900 – May 23, 1945, was a leading member of the Nazi Party of Germany. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler briefly appointed him a military commander and later Commander of the Replacement and General Plenipotentiary for the administration of the entire Third Reich. Himmler was one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and one of the people most directly responsible individuals for the Holocaust. Dachau Camp was opened by Himmler in 1933, and its purpose from the beginning was enlarged forced labor, and eventually, the imprisonment of Jews.





Prince Heinrich of Bavaria was Himmler’s Godfather. As we have mentioned before, Khazarians come from Bavaria too.

Himmler adored his daughter Gudrun and used to take her with him to visit concentration camps. She has pictures with his father where genocides have occurred.  The Dachau death camp.

Gudrun; Himmler’s daughter born in 1929, became Godmother to Nazis who could escape the execution. She married Wulf Dieter Burwitz and had two children. In spite of husband being a journalist and an author, there is no record of him or the identity of the two children.



She was his only child with his official wife, Margarete Boden.


She is still alive, has 88 years old and since forever in her life, she was an activist, helping remaining Nazis;
defending them and tried to save their reputation and as a committed Nazi, she joined a partisan group called “Silent Help,” that assisted former SS officers.

In 1952, she formed Wiking-Jugend, an organization to attract young teens to Nazi’s ideology.
She assisted the war criminal Anton Malloth, the supervisor of the concentration camp, and Klaas Carel Faber, another convicted Nazi.



When she was twelve, her memories were like this:

“Today, we went to the SS concentration camp at Dachau.

We saw everything we could. We saw the gardening work.

We saw the pear trees.

We saw all the pictures painted by the prisoners.

Marvelous. And afterward, we had a lot to eat. It was very nice.





You can imagine the mentality of a twelve years old, who pays a visit to the death camp and thinks it was very nice. If you say she was a child, her adulthood made no difference to it. She is still a loyal, active Nazi.


The deadly resemblance between Rod Rosenstein and Himmler is striking. We know that the Nazis were never defeated. Hitler escaped to Argentina, his scientists and physicians were transferred in America through Project PaperClip and performed whatever they have performed in Auschwitz, here in America under CIA and through Mk-Ultra Trauma-based Mind Control and Project Monarch on American people and very young children.


MKUltra, the “Trauma Based Mind Control Program” was part of an older operation “Paperclip”.  A project initially created by the Third Reich, then imported to the CIA after WW2 (1949–1990). The transportation took place under the authority of  the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in which over 1,500 Nazi German scientists and technicians from Germany and around the world (as the Nazis had flown to Spain and Argentina) were brought to the United States to be employed.

The Nazi’s didn’t lose; they just moved to America. The process of “denazification” of Germany was indeed capped by Nazification of the CIA.

CIA director Allen Dulles met Nazi Intelligence leader Reinhard Gehlen and gave promises to keep Gehlen’s Intelligence unit safe in the CIA. Incriminating evidence had to be eliminated therefore, to convince the DOJ, Allen Dulles commanded the office to revise the scientist’s dossier. The military complex which later became the core of the deep state was shaping and their intelligence at the time, “cleansed” all Nazi references. By 1955, more than 760 German scientists had been granted U.S citizenship and significant positions in scientific community. Many had been longtime war-criminals with crimes against humanity. They were death doctors, eugenicists, chemists, and mind control psychologists of the Gestapo. Cold blooded criminals who used prisoners as raw meat and conducted experiments at concentration camps but fled the Court of Nuremberg. Through Dulles, the Nazi Intelligence unit was completely transferred to the CIA. If it is confounding why most people in higher intelligence positions have German surnames, here is the reason.

” -From my book; RING OF THE CABAL 

So why shouldn’t we suspect what happened to Himmler?
Rod Rosenstein was born in 1965. Gudrun Himmler at this time was 36.

Himmler also had a mistress who was his secretary. Hedwig Potthast; born in 1912. She had two children with Himmler, Helge; their son; born 15 February 1942 and Nanette-Dorothea; their daughter; 3 June 1944.

Dorothea on Rosenstein’s birth date had 21.

Hedwig Potthast; Himmler’s mistress



What suspects me is Himmler’s daughter. She married a journalist who was also an author. Why there is no record of him? I can understand that some wives, children, and relatives of Nazis changed their surnames to avoid shame and notoriety but I can’t accept this case for Gudrun Himmler as she is openly a Nazi.

She continuously attended Neo-Nazi rallies and reunions of SS Waffen officials. Roepke; a German journalist noted about Gudron: “Everyone was terrified of Gudrun. All these former high-ranking officers lined up, and she asked, ‘Where did you serve?’ showing off her vast knowledge of military logistics.” “The (Silent Help) is not only about former National Socialists. It collects money, too, for the neo-Nazi movement.”

Why is everybody afraid of her? What connections does she have that make her so necessary to be frightened of? Why her husband’s pictures, records, articles, and books are sealed? Why her two children’s names are sealed? Who protects their information?

Shame is not the reason to hide these names for her. But who protects these Nazis? Who has that power to eliminate every record of her husband and her two children?? CIA? And Why? Those two children can be implanted assets. Their age is between 50-60.

So if we suspect Rod Rosenstein, who is the other child? One way is to examine Rosenstein’s probable brothers or sisters.

As Bill Smith says in the video, Rod Rosenstein has a sister. Nancy Rosenstein; born in 1966, changed her surname after marriage to Messonnier. Dr. Nany Messonier, now 52, is the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).

Interesting isn’t it? Sterilization and Eugenics under the Immunization cover-up and Intelligence were the pillars of the Third Reich’s genocide and suppression machine. We have two possible children at the same age, one expert in intelligence, the other in immunization. Accident?

But can we find any resemblance here too?


I honestly see less resemblance between Dr, Nancy Messonnier, and Gudron Himmler than an incredible resemblance between Dr. Nancy and Himmler himself!



After almost 70 years of the Third Reich, the children, and grandsons of Hitler’s army are among us obscured behind changed names, and we think we shouldn’t dig because the crime of the father should never condemn son. But what if sons and daughters are devoted to the ideology of fathers? Where are they? Who are they?

Besides, did you ever think what happens to illegitimate children of people in very high positions? Do you expect them to be poor and non-influential? Wouldn’t that secret mother blackmail the powerful father to guarantee her child, money, and power?

A full background check on all Nazi officers and relatives will mostly reveal how they are in high positions as it is documented by Project Paperclip. This is no joke.

Here we are talking only about “the possibility” and the resemblance, but they didn’t take us far from the reality, did they?

The incredible resemblance between Hitler and Angela Merkel,




The astonishing similarity between Justin Trudeau and Fidel Castro, their love-affection relationship before Castro’s dead and the confession of Castro’s son in early February 2018 right before his suicide that Justin is his brother,




  For more on Trudeau, read here

What do they tell us all these resemblances?

That we can widen our horizon of possibilities. What do we need to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt? Do we expect to see the real reason behind theses resemblances on CNN?

Nathan Rothschild (Nov 22, 1808 –June 3, 1879) had an illegitimate son with Maria Anna Schicklgruber, a servant at their mansion. The son was named “Alois Schicklgruber” (June 7, 1837 – Jan 3, 1903). For him on Wikipedia, there is just a mother name and no mentioning of any father and again according to Wikipedia, as she refused to say who the father is, the Baptist priest filled the word “illegitimate” in place of Alois’s father name. There is no record of where Maria worked. She was an orphan with no heritage, so she must have worked in some house as a servant. That is the official way that life has worked in those years.

In 1940, Hans Jürgen Koehler in his book titled “Inside the Gestapo”, about Maria Anna Schicklgruber wrote: “A little servant girl came to Vienna and became a domestic servant at the Rothschild mansion, and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for, in this magnificent house.”

Alios was ashamed of his mother’s surname because people would call him a “bastard” just as the Baptist priest did.  After he married to “Klara Polzl”, he changed his surname to “Hitler” through Austrian Ministry, which was his mother in law’s maiden name. They had three children together: Gustav, Adolf, and Paula.

-From my book; RING OF THE CABAL, 


If Hitler can be Nathan Rothschild’s illegitimate grandson, Merkel can be Hitler’s daughter, Justin Trudeau can be Castro’s son, and if all these are possibilities, they are telling us just one thing: The Bloodline. The bloodline belongs to few, and they control all key posts. This is the most horrific scenario that we could ever imagine.

Consider the fact; we have never searched for Castro’s bloodline as we thought he is a communist thug coming from nowhere. Who knows what we find if we dig in? He can be another illegitimate son of the bloodline. Castro, born Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, is publicly an illegitimate child. In his Cuba, even journalists who praised him wrote tones of articles with this title: Castro; from an illegitimate son to Cuba’s leader. I may research him later but for now,  let us back to our main subject Rod Rosenstein.

We are talking about the Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice, and I tremble each time I see this picture.


There is nothing we can rely on here more than our cynicism. Once you see this picture, you cannot forget it anymore. Just if what we think is correct, the depth of corruption and suppression is beyond human’s nature. Even his surname is German; all these people have German surnames; Adam Schiff, Google’s Eric Schmidt, Rod Rosenstein, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha of Queen Elizabeth and the list goes on. Where we need documentation, we just hit the wall as all that we need is sealed. The information is deliberately suppressed, and social media monopolies do their part. I thank the patriot who brought up this picture because if not, how I could I see it?


We have to dig in this because if we find any connection, then the reason behind the FBI’s corruption and its inaction before and during Florida shooting can be explained. As I said above, we can’t take this article anywhere as evidence but, we can keep it in mind and be vigilant next time something fishy pops on our screen regarding this assumption.

If anyone finds more on this, please let me know @EllaaaCruzzz on Twitter.








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