The monopoly of Electricity and Railroads belonged to J.P. Morgan & Company


J.P. Morgan
J.P. Morgan is not just a name in Wall Street that makes smart investments and the fellow investors follow his moves. Modern Americans hear this name on commercials and national banks and imagine him as one of the wealthiest men in the United States and of most influentials in Wall Street but the history of the name, is much more profound than that.

1913 has a great importance in United States’ financial history. The Federal Reserve Bank, the bankers’ monarchy, was born in 1913, the same year US banking icon, J. Pierpont Morgan died and the empire was inherited by son Jack Morgan and again the same year, The Rockefeller Foundation was formed.
House of Morgan has entered into American financial system around 1838 and became Rothschild’s banking partner and ”Cover up”. In 1952, Eustace Mullins wrote a report suggesting: “that the Rothschilds preferred to operate anonymously in the US behind the facade of J.P. Morgan & Company.”

Why we focus on details about Morgan? Because he shaped General Electrics and why is this important?
Thomas Edison, the inventor of electric lamp, had business connections to different companies after his invention. Companies like Edison Electric Lamp, Edison Machine Work and etc. Morgan financed Edison’s products and researches and merged with some of those companies, founding “Edison General Electric Company” which was also heavily involved in railroads and Motors industry other than electricity. Later, this company emerged with another big company “Thomson-Huston Electric Company” and formed the giant General Electrics which J.P. Morgan bought all its shares. Now you see the importance. We have to add the monopoly of Electricity and Railroads to the three elite families.

Today, General Electrics is a multinational corporation headquartered in Boston; Massachusetts. Its main offices are located at 30 “Rockefeller” Plazas at “Rockefeller” Center in New York City, known as the Comcast Building.
(Find the relation. Main headquarters of GE in “Rockefeller Plaza”. Back in 1904 John Moody, founder of Moody’s Investor Services, said, “It was impossible to talk of Rockefeller and Morgan interests as separate”.)

The fact is, in 1893, The United States was down on the road of an economic collapse and this depression took two years. The economy was in danger and threatening the country. It was the 1893’s recession that empowered Morgan’s power. That year on the surface, Morgan saved the U.S government from a bank panic, borrowing $62 million worth gold to the government. Looking back at time, the U.S government was not as it seems today. Things were so easier. The federal government and the military compared to what we see today, were almost nonexistent. So the impact of that amount of money was huge and the power behind that impact is the influence we are tracking today.
So what happened with all those gold borrowed to the government? Morgan’s banks became one of the main managing partners of the Federal Reserve. America fell into the trap of owing Federal Reserve Gang which is a private bank and also to The House of Morgan. Does owing always lead to bowing? Definitely yes. Let see what happens later.

In 2008, Wall Street faced another total disaster; the big collapse. When all those companies, who seemed too big to fail, crashed in a blink of eyes, to avoid panic and suicide, the Federal government dedicated them trillions in loans to resist and survive. But the government itself was bailed out. So, it needed additional help to avoid the collapse. And where to ask help? J.P. Morgan.
So again, we have a life saver here. A life saver who obviously becomes life owner and leads us here today, where we are. Official Financial Servitudes to the Federal Reserve.

We are not going through the whole story of these three families as you can search online and there are tones of information about them. Besides it takes you away and distracts you from our main story but it’s crucial to know how these three family monopolies had and still have all the control on main banks, industries, education and the press. During centuries, their octopus power owned every major industry and that’s how they pushed an agenda which affected every aspect of our lives.
In 1936, Senator Gerald Nye, probed an investigation into Morgan family as he believed the House of Morgan pushed the US into WWI, just to create more loans. He wrote a documentary report titled “The Next War”, or “the old goddess of democracy trick”. He had evidences which convinced him Japan could be used to push the U.S into WWII and as we read the history, this is exactly what happened. So we start to notice suspicious moves leading to “create” major wars.
Morgan had close relations with Japan’s two wealthiest families: the Iwasaki and Dan families, owners of Mitsubishi and Mitsui. Morgan had also a close friendship with Italian fascist Benito Mussolini. During WWII, German Nazi Dr. Hjalmer Schacht, was Morgan’s Bank link. After the war, Morgan’s people met with Schacht at the Bank of International Settlements in Basel; Switzerland, to avoid a public appearance with Nazis and direct meeting with them. We will see in other sections and chapters that direct Nazi ties are strangely all around these families.


By Ella Cruz
All rights reserved.