-The Axis of Evil and Old Russia, the Bolshevik revolution

Working and living with money and politics for their entire life and engaging with numbers, the Rothschilds could forecast the events happening in those countries they were managing their wealth. Learning the dynamics of holes and weaknesses within their economy and politics, the Rothschilds have been able to create causes to produce outcomes in their favor. This was so intriguing to Rothschilds and having $35 million of Russian Tsars deposited in Rothschild’s Bank of England and $80 million in the Rothschild’s bank of Paris, almost all wealth of the Russian Tsars was entrusted to them. The plot could easily shape their plotter minds: if anything happens in Russia which endangers the empire, they could hijack the big wealth which they already had in possession.

When the idea is so simple, and the solution rewards you a big prize and when you are evil-minded, why not creating a cause to simplify the complicated? If we could know that the ideas behind big wars, conflicts or strange policies is just plain simple for those who project them, we would have been able to find simple tricks to defeat them. The problem is we always looked at them as “on top of the top”, so our psychology was: “they are untouchable.”
Wrong! They are more touchable that you think. Simple tricks are those who defeat simple plots. If they fancied themselves with the title of “owners,” was just because we didn’t know and we were not evil to plot against people. Now that we know, I’m so sorry for their loss, but the giant is already out of the bottle.

That was how The Rothschild’s financed the Russian Revolution. A new ideology, The Bolshevik Communist revolution which was an anti-religion, anti-class movement, targeted two goals at the same time. It not only confiscated Tsars By Bolsheviks preventing them from withdrawing a penny of the millions deposited in a variety of Rothschilds’ banks but also vast portions of the Orthodox Church’s wealth could be confiscated at the same time by “eradication of religion” and closing the churches.

This was their first official, and radical experience of overthrowing a foreign government and the experience taught them two lessons; first: their God “The Money” makes overthrowing a government as easy as playing a chess game in which you know the player and his moves. You just need to use a special strategy suitable for that special country and bingo, “The mass” has no education of what they are doing, and they just follow the crowd. You create a cause, pay someone who has a brain to create some ideology and doctrine, teach him to build up a group and send them to the streets, and the Mass will follow him and scream in the streets, break windows and kill people for it. They even go further and get themselves killed as their “not anymore there” brains, are swept out with the ideology.

Second lesson; money they invest in this overthrowing process, will always pay back double, triple or even more by hijacking the treasury and natural resources of that country. So the “business” of overthrowing governments is not only fun and playful but also a considerable investment that causes income. The exact wealth gained by Rothschild’s from the Bolshevik revolution is now worth over $50 Billion.



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