-The Axis of Evil and Old Russia, the Bolshevik revolution

Living and dealing with money and politics, while crunching the numbers and seeking profits, the Rothschild colonizers were acutely aware of any movement from the start and could forecast events happening in countries where they were managing the wealth of its ruling class. Meticulously documenting the vulnerabilities of a particular economy and political system, the Rothschilds generated causes to produce outcomes in their favor. 

It was so tempting to the Rothschilds, with $35 million deposited in Rothschild’s Bank of England and $80 million in the Rothschild’s Bank of Paris all belonging to the Tsar (not to mention the entire wealth that belonged to the Russian aristocracy), almost all wealth of the Tsar was entrusted to them. The Rothschilds realized that if anything happens in Russia that can endanger the empire, they could hijack the wealth that they had already in possession, and nobody will ever know. 

When the idea is so simple and the solution so profitable, why not create a cause to sweep the aristocrats off their wealth? Now we start to see where the platitudes about equality, class wars, humanity and democratic rights came from. The concepts of “working class” and the dictatorship of Proletariat were instantly manufactured and introduced. The supposed benefits of communism and the possibility for the working class to rule was savagely advertised. Russia was going to be oppressed by a mendacious call for democracy while those poor men and women were targeted for destruction. Leveraging wars and preparing circumstances, conflicts or illogical policies are simple for those who dynamite and scheme them. People can defeat these tricks if they keep themselves alert to these tricks, but this was never a case in history. The oligarchs are not “on top of the top,” and “untouchable.” They are more vulnerable than they seem, but they fancy themselves with the title of “owners”, just because people didn’t know how to resist them. But today, with all the information we know, the genie is out of bottle.

The Rothschilds and the Schiff’s financed the Russian Revolution. This book becomes exhaustingly long if we go through all the details. The Bolshevik/ Communist Revolution, based on Marxist ideology, was an anti-religion and anti-class movement that targeted those two institutions simultaneously: The empire and the orthodox church. Class war targeted Tsar and aristocrats. Religious war on the other hand, targeted the church and consequently, its wealth. The Bolsheviks confiscated the Tsar’s wealth in Russia and prevented him from withdrawing a single ruble of the millions deposited in various Rothschild’s banks. The Communists looted the Orthodox Church’s physical objects and furniture while the treasury of the church, its gold, lands, and bounds were managed by the Rothschilds, and revolutionary guard and their miniature soldiers never known where they were or even existed. They closed the churches and slaughtered the clergy to eradicate Christianity and to establish the state as the new go-to god.

Russia was the Rothschilds first official, radical experiment of overthrowing a foreign government. This taught them two lessons. First:

  1. Their greedy god-money overthrows a government as easy as playing a chess game where you own both players and predict their moves.
  2. Bizarre canards tailored for a particular country well plays their emotions, the mass has no clue as to what is going on and will follow the crowd.

The power grab just needs to formulate a cause; pay a reasonable intelligence to fabricate an ideology fashioned to suit the mentality of that region; teach him to build an icon, a mob (as of today’s Community Organizers); then launch them into the streets. The mob will follow the trained leaders: they will scream, break windows, and kill people as much as you want. The misguided troop often endeavor more and go further waving flags and even get themselves killed. Perhaps because their cognitive ability has been swept out with emotions created by a manipulative cause, that promises everything but delivers nothing.

Second: the money invested in the overthrowing process, will pay back double, triple or even more as hijacking the treasury and natural resources of that country are the goal. Any war or conflict is a wealth-creating machine. The “business” of overthrowing governments is not only a playful challenge but an investment that generates income. The exact wealth gained by the Rothschilds from the Bolshevik revolution is now worth over $50 Billion.



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