David Hogg, the CNN’S crisis actor, works for John Podesta

How can CNN be so careless about all falsification proofs circling on the internet?

Since the bloody incident in Florida school massacre,  Nobody talks about the gunman, nobody talks about FBI’s deficiency in intervening, the embarrassing incompetence of Sheriff Scott Isreal or the four police offices waiting outside and not moving a finger while Nikolas Cruz, the disturbed shooter was ripping children’s bodies apart.


Sheriff Scott Isreal, The man who ignored 39 calls from Nikolas Cruz home’s violence.


David Hogg’s father is an FBI agent and has ties to CIA, his mother worked with CNN for twenty years, his grandfather was an intelligence officer. Hogg is graduated in 2015 in California. He was not a student.

Instead, we hear only two narratives; gun control and David Hogg. A crisis actor who has been photographed in several occasions, acting for CNN in situations and explaining details about events he has never been involved and I am stunned that CNN viewers notice these warnings but still don’t care. Some of them even take his case to the next level and call him: “A poor survival of a mass shooting.”

The pattern is always the use of logical fallacy. Living in a corporate media’s tyranny and due to suppression of information, no scandal is reported. As partisan perspective creators, CNN and friends, employ actors, create perspective and promote it regardless of tones of evidence that the survivor teen, is not a kid, is not a student, is not a survivor and has been caught lying on camera over and over.

In an article by nyeveningnew.com titled BUSTED: David Hogg Works For John Podesta’s ‘Center For American Progress’; we read:

As more and more questions about the authenticity of some of the Flordia shooting witnesses emerge, it has been revealed that David Hogg may not only be a ‘crisis actor’ but also a puppet for the John Podesta funded Center For Amerian Progress. A quick look back at his tweets reveals Hogg’s posts seemed to be dedicated to the Podesta organization. On the surface, the organization mission statement is to prevent sexual assaults, but as we all know, anything connected to the Clintons warrants further investigation. In the photo below, it reveals the Center For American Progress was founded by John Podesta, so have we looked through the cracks in the real agenda?

Link here.

When there is John Podesta, the smell test doesn’t pass.

It is not because there is no answer to be found, but rather that the answers that can be found do not conform to the reasoning and intent of the asker of the questions. As I always said, people reject what they have no idea about, because it doesn’t match their default reflexive expectations.

I can talk for hours on this, but it seems unnecessary when pictures speak alone for themselves. So I add photos and tweets. You be the judge.

Nobody in their right mind can be