United Nations’ tyranny wants your kids

United Nations’ tyranny wants your kids.
Norway’s government raids home and kidnaps a 12 years old kid for being homeschooled. After one week in custody, they let him back home if the parents revoke their Canadian passports and if the kid returns to school immediately.This is a serious violation of the child and his parents’ rights at the same time.

Apparently, kids at six have the right to cut off their balls and become a transgender but don’t have the right to study at home?? And parents have no right to be against the sex-change decision of their kids but should oppose the kid’s decision who wants to study at home?? Give me a break!

In my book; “RING OF THE CABAL”, I fully explained how feminism is made, founded and funded by Nicholas Rockefeller to tax women and take control of their children in schools. Now after decades the United Nation, the tyrant of tyrants, is implementing policies and transforming them into rules to officially obtain the right to supervise and control your children. Now in 2018, all is in place and the totalitarian nanny state of EU is all over your kids fighting tooth and nail.

below is part of the passage regarding Nicholas Rockefeller.

David Rockefeller famously praised feminism. So, it’s not a surprise to see George Soros’s use of radical feminism. Movements like women march as you could see thousands of V pictures in hands of protesters exposed to children and elderly. “Femen” movement have been funded by Soros himself. These disgraceful groups exist as a means of destabilizing society when it is necessary. 

Rights for women to work was the path to “tax” that half of the population who was not taxable and indoctrinating their children in kindergartens. Something that was not possible at home.

Reproductive Rights for women is the path to legalizing not only the abortion but also trading/using babies’ body parts. A mother who aborts her child will not care what happens to the fetus. The term “reproductive” is deceptive as it is designed for abortion therefore, it is anti-production.

Gender dysphoria with over 20 genders is a path to the sterilization of the population and consequently to depopulation. Gender dysphoria and feminism serve the same goal of sterilization.

Rights for children to change gender at six is authorizing them the right to “sexuality” and the right to sexuality is an open gate to “consent” and consent by itself leads to legalizing pedophilia.

Sexual orientation for kids means legalizing pedophilia. When a child gains sexuality rights and the concept of “consent” finds ground, it automatically nullifies the term pedophilia. 

“Pedophilia” will be a meaningless word if the child can consent. As you see, our “right” was a manipulative tool for the Cabal to degenerate the families.

Aaron Russo, the famous award-winning filmmaker, and a freedom fighter arranged an interview with Nicholas Rockefeller, eleven months before 9/11. This interview is an absolute must-see and has also revealed so many facts about 9/11 which at that time hadn’t happened yet. According to Russo, in this interview with Nicholas Rockefeller on feminism, Rockefeller said:” the true nature of feminism and so-called liberation is useful to billionaire technocrats to reshape the society. It brings death to the reproduction of humans, enslavement to sex and causes dysgenics. It has nothing to do with freedom.”

* Reshape the societyenslavement to sex and dysgenics…

*“Future is Female,” the slogan of Hillary Clinton…

Abortion, Male Genocide, Male intimidation are all poisoned fruits of this cancer. Feminism is the new Fanaticism and people who fall for them, as Rockefeller; the creator of the concept says are nothing but useful idiots to fulfill his agenda.

In the same interview, Rockefeller tells Aeron Russo: “We founded feminist organizations you know why? There were two primary reasons for that: First, we were not able to tax women as half of the population now we can (as they work). And second, working-class women need early schooling for their children, so they give those young kids to us to indoctrinate them. There are not mothers to school them anymore; it’s the government. Kids will look at the state as a family, not their parents” (Attention: He calls himself “the government!”)


* Tax women, Indoctrination of children in kindergarten…


-RING OF THE CABAL, Pages 256-257  (All Rights Reserved)


In the video, the mother is horrified and begs for help but there is nobody to help.
Do you want to give up your guns to live like this?

The article published on www.wnd.com today, titled: GOVERNMENT DEMANDS PASSPORTS FROM HOMESCHOOL PARENTS, is a manifest of living in times of totalitarian regimes just comparable to the Third Reich when they could easily break into your home and take out your children. Norway and Sweden are controlling their citizens and taking their fundamental rights away every day more. Maybe for those Americans who hate America and think there would a better place rather than America, this is an awakening alarm.



To read the article on wnd.com click here.


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