Dangerous Leaked document! Share this before they suspend my account. This is the document I was working for 10 days

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For fifteen months since Nov 8, 2016, until now, we didn’t have a single day without a knife in our hearts and several more on our backs. We have been hammered, and continuously harassed and attacked.
Soon after the election, the Russian witch hunt started. Mainstream media didn’t waste a second to imply Alinsky’s rules on President and his Conservative supporters. Ridicule, bash, smear and rip the President of The United States, his candidates became the media. The fake dossier, The Washington Post allegations,  the surveillance scandal and now the porn star consumed our time and energy. 95 percent of the coverage of the entire media first on President-Elect and then on a sitting President was negative, progressive and arrogant. Even the ex-President, his wife, his vice president Joe Biden, his Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI director James Comey, National Security adviser Susan Rice, former CIA directors James Clapper and John Brennan, house minority leader Chuck Schumer and … never lost a chance to smear not only the President, his entire administration and some of them also attacked his family.

Meanwhile, the President was, just winning and winning.


Trump is a genius. Anybody else would have been smashed under the wheels of this bulldozer of destruction.
We very well knew that the globalist, the deep state cabal is now acting gloves off. They cannot afford to lose the power and pass it to a completely out of the circle entity who may reveal their past crimes. At the same time, as the cabal has been ruling this country and the world for more than half a century, they could not even believe that the election can have an unexpected result. Something slipped off their hands. So they needed a plan.
The plan was removing Trump from the office either through impeachment, assassination or if not possible, by defeating him in the 2020 election.
In this leaked document, Media Matters confesses that it is ruling the entire media and this confession proves that the media is not independent and has been forced even to refuse to allow the President of the United States calling on their TV shows. Can you imagine the gravity of this confession?

As “intent” is the foundation of a response. if we want to investigate how this “attack team” is shaped, we need to focus on Who and How. If not, we will look like a bunch of electricians having the tools for the job but not recognizing where is the damage coming from. What you are reading below is shocking. The entire attack on the President, his administration, his family, the Russia witch hunt, the fake dossier, the pornstar story, the aggressively negative coverage of Trump by media, the Judges ruling against his orders, the resignation of his closest advisers, the army of trolls under his twitter posts, the twitter purge, the censorship and new wave of algorithm recognition in attacking conservative accounts and sites, the facebook fact-check, the smearing campaigns to fight Judge Napolitano, Judge Roy Moore, Steven Bannon’s exit, attack on NRA, the media coverage of Gun Control and David Hogg, are ALL directed by one organization and that is Media Matters.

Media matters founded in 2004 and funded by Soros, belongs to David Brock, the ex-boyfriend of James Alefantis; AKA Jimmy Comet, the famous star of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. He has a close relationship with the Rothschilds and is an A-list fixed party guest on the list of all names involved in the HRC ’email-scandal. Media Matters is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization which is violating the nonprofit code of conduct.


David Brock next to Lynn de Rothschild on the Instagram page of Jimmy Comet


Lynn de Rothschild with Clintons


This leaked document which has been issued after the election 2016 and before President Trump takes the Oval Office, reveals the slightest details on how Media Matters has organized these attacks. We have never faced such organized dramatic response and psychopathic efforts coming from media on a President. Their deleterious “attack project” has three main tasks, each delivered to different sub-organizations named: American Bridge, Crew, and Shareblue.

The white leaked document was first published in Apr 2017 in FreeBacon but 40 pages of a white document didn’t take any attention. Nobody cared. That was why I had to work on it, research all people and events associated with it, make it understandable and publish it myself. There was no other way that people could recognize the deadly threat by this Mafia style organization.

Media Matters is responsible for the big purge and censorship we are facing now on the world-wide scale through Google, Facebook, Twitter, and search engine algorithms. It has all these companies under command. Moreover, Media Matters rules the media. Sends them direct messages through their phones and instruments on real-time events. If they comply, then they are allowed to continue their routine life. If they don’t comply, they will be threatened, personally mocked and they will no doubt lose their jobs and positions, they will lose their advertisers and investors. The consequences of not executing what Media Matters and its sub-organizations is beyond imagination. CNN, MSNBC, and other news outlets who are giant industry leaders take orders and behave exactly as requested by Media Matters which demonstrates the gravity of this Mafia-style influence of Media Matters. Remember all the movies you have watched regarding the Mafia and replace the situation and characters with a modern era and electronic warfare, but the performance is exactly the same. You don’t bow; you will be ruined and buried.

The Crew Organization is responsible for lawsuits, made-up stories about conflicts of interest, Russian witch hunt coverage, scandalous stories while Shareblue is the department of registered videos, messages, interviews, backgrounds and leaked phone calls. When a candidate is dangerous to Media Matters, Shareblue has either find dirt or create it if there is none. The time that the candidate can prove the allegations to be false, the campaign has ended, the people’s trust has already been damned, and the candidate is forgotten. The candidate will lose.




Did you vote for Donal Trump? Did you elect a President who promised to do what you have requested? It doesn’t count because Media Matters doesn’t want him. Media Matters’ leader as they several times confess here, is Hillary Clinton and nothing else matters. Isn’t it interesting that her campaign manager was John Podesta and her media campaign manager is David Brock? One of the closest persons to Podesta?


As I said before we are not living in a country anymore but within the realm of some corporations who establish their own rules. You are harassing them with your existence. You are an extremist when you stand on your knees and defend your fundamental rights and don’t share their point of view. Here we read:

“We are going to resist the normalization of Donald Trump. We will fight his every bit of cronyism.” 

Normalization of your President?? Wasn’t it normal for you to choose the President “you” want? Apparently, that is not normal to Media Matters and their God; Hillary Clinton.


For Media Matters, any information except the cracked information presented by their chained slaves CNN and  sub-CNN’s army is called “Serial Misinformation.” Right-wing media are propagandists inhabiting “their” social media and even in highest levels of the government (clearly talking of Steven Bannon and Breitbart news) who needed to be “exposed and discredited.

Moreover, the attack on Steven Bannon was precisely mapped from day one. Media Matters uses the word “squash” when describing Breitbart and Bannon. Like a sniper closely and precisely zoomed on the target, the document reveals how much effort and personnel are working to frame Steven Bannon.

Right-Wing media’s existence for them is harassment by default. Media Matters’ premise as announced clearly in this document is that we should be punished and halted. The same words are applied. Just look at the level of hostility within this Nazi-style vocabulary. The media frenzy we face every day is just the extension of this deep hate and hostility through the dependent slaved media. They fear for their lives.

They are clearly saying that we will punish Google, Facebook, and other social media if they “let’ these right-wing propagandists run their content freely through their internet environment.

In the next part of this page, Media Matters talks like a sleep-walking person. Walking and repeating the same mantra. They are so detached from the reality and have no idea why they’ve lost.

“Trump will be defeated either through impeachment or at the ballot box in 2020. The balance of power will shift back to the Democrats.”


The next page’s content is just outraging. They confess that they have pushed and threatened their slave media and have been so successful that no Television ad news agency will “dare” to challenge their ability and offer a phone call interview with the President and he can no longer call into TV programs.

We are talking about the President of the United States.

And Media Matters or better say David Brock says. He will ruin any TV which accepts the Presidents calls.



In the next page, Media Matters says it will push back “Conservatism misinformation.” Are we talking about America and the First Amendment? If so what is misinformation? Who is there policing misinformation? Who is there to “define” what is misinformation? David Brock and Podesta team? Even if misinformation exists, which actually CNN and allies are representatives of real misinformation, it is still information and conservatives as any other group can exercise their right to free speech. No matter if the audience like it or not. The First Amendment is not made to appeal to the others as desirable but to be free of any chain of suppression. What is the definition of Fascism? The suppression of information and centralizing an ideology while calling the others as extremists or haters.  But Media Matters doesn’t hesitate to highlight its authoritarian suppressive control of information.

Here they brag about implementing pre-warning technologies to prevent the spread of “right-wing misinformation” and now in early 2018, they proudly declare their success to create the necessary algorithms to shut down conservative profiles and sites. In late February 2018, there were two big purges on Twitter which led to shutting down the conservative accounts claiming to be identified as Russian bots. What really happened was, they suspended important conservative accounts and dropped down their followers. When the account was active again, thousands of followers were lost. It was a big celebration all over the left media, labeling us as Russian bots and the people who still follow these fake news channels don’t really know, what really happened and the followers are gone as the result of a shutdown. Hate content, is simply what they don’t want to be spread and dangerous and controversial means when they don’t agree with you for criticizing their politicians as well as their policies. They are now creating “Thought Crime” which means preventing people from “feeling” in some way. At the same time, liberals are authorized to “feel offended” by anything we do. Therefore their aggressive actions, which are the extension of their “feelings” are also justified. So how does it work when some people are entitled to feel in the way they want, and others should be prevented to “feel” in their way? Media Matters is fully Alinskyite.



This is the new video by Anti Defamation League which is actually a partisan hate group, claiming to defend Jewish people who have nothing to do with Jewish people but partisanship and acts closely with Media Matters.


And here is the reaction to Twitter censorship. Finally, people are stepping up to sue Twitter. You can sue Twitter simply for Information Decency Act.

The next page reveals Media Matters’ area of priorities which are: 1- Gun Control   2- LGBT and Gender equality   3-  Climate Change             4- Energy and Economy.

Wonder why anybody who is talking about David Hogg, the celebrity survivor of Parkland, whom I dedicated a full article to him and works for Gun Control department of John Podesta’s Center of American Progress Organization, got suspended or attacked? Because Gun Control is the priority of Media Matters or let’s say David Brock-John Podesta’s priorities. Are you paying attention how grave is this article? Do you understand how dangerous it is? The main Narrative/lawsuit problems we as conservatives, the President, and his administration are facing are deriving from the Podesta, Alefantis, Brock group.


We read: “Media Matters will be vigilant in holding news media accountable for even the slightest bit of normalization of Trump.”

Podesta, Brock, Alefantis team say they will Hold media accountable… You figure out the depth of the issue.


In the next page Media Matters says it has the technology to track the “government disinformation” and will confront the government of the United States. How brave. What was Media Matters doing after Benghazi Scandal? Or Hillary’s email scandal? Oh, I forgot emails were about them.

Shutting down whoever tried to talk about the emails and Benghazi is Media Matters priority. As you see below, they clearly say how some people who dared to talk about Benghazi have lost their jobs.

Media Matters talks about an archive which includes “raw” details of every account on social media. A 12 years old archive which until today, becomes 14 years old. It proudly says: “The earlier we identify a fake news story, the more effectively we can quash it.”

What else can you call this rather than partisanship? Calling an idea or news, fake news is not enough. Spying on people’s thoughts is not enough. They have to “quash” it. This is pure Fascism. This has nothing to do with America we know.

“Fake news are completely depending on Facebook to spread their lies.” This is why in latest Hillary Clinton’s appearance we saw Facebook as the latest discovery on why she lost. She tries to convince her supporters that Facebook is the answer. So to win, she needed a total suppression of information so her email scandal would not have been echoed and the corruption within the Clinton Slush-Fund Charity and the Obama’s administration malfunction in Benghazi could have been buried. Moreover, her health and collapses would have been covered up. Is that what American people wanted to have? An up to the throat corrupt politician with multiple seizures to lead their country?

And to address the issue of Facebook and censorship as a solution, we see Madame Clinton’s latest tweet, right before the aggressive purge on Twitter:

Twitter purge happened on February 28, a day after her tweet.


At the bottom of the page, Media Matters says that they have launched a “pressure campaign” on Facebook to acknowledge its fault, change its policy, track conservatives and it continues by saying how they forced Zuckerberg to do so. So whatever you see on Facebook, comes from the upper command of David Brock’s control.

Now isn’t it interesting that after the power grab and taking total control of Facebook, in early March 2018, Facebook asked its users if it is ok for men to ask nude pictures of young children? Any connections?

In an article by The Guardian link here, we see:



The next page again talks about their fear and hate for Steven Bannon and Breitbart. The article explains how Media Matters forces advertisers to cut ties, threatens people and even talks about how they have Threatened CBS news gave them a special “treatment” they will never forget.

Umm. It reminds me of a famous threat, who knows why?


After revealing how they force Google to fight conservatives and track them, the document introduces its key figures in American Bridge which I added their pictures and videos so you can match a face to these names and see who are those persons involved in shutting you down. Search to see if you have seen them is some “special” old pictures “somewhere.”

American Bridge proudly says its goal is to “delegitimize Trump.” It gives credits to itself by bragging about making up 673 stories about Trump’s unstable temperament, Tax returns, history of sexual abuse, misogyny, and racist behavior. It also shows how important is for them to win the midterm election in 2018 and how progressively they will conduct their involvement in pushing their candidates. That is exactly why you should be all alert to go out and vote. This election is your pass to be able to vote in 2020. Each one of you who stays at home and doesn’t vote is sending a progressive Democrat into the Congress to vote for gun confiscation, reducing the age of consent and minimizing if not completely removing your First Amendment right to free speech.






Julie Millican


Sam Zegas








“American Bridge will sustain a non-stop campaign against Trump, his administration, and Republicans who enable him.”

Why should a failed candidate feel entitled to fight a duly elected President? This is unprecedented in history. Why doesn’t a failed candidate respect people’s decision? What is dangerous here is, this fight has cost American people and the world 15 months of tension and hysteria.  Fifteen months of media’s treason which buries all the good stories of President Trump’s fifteen months of winning and shines a light only on made up stories by Media Matters. But still worse comes when you discover who is behind this. David Brock; One of the central personalities in Hillary Clintons’ email scandal. One of the central names in mysterious deaths around the email scandal personages. Aren’t you worried about America when you know 15 months of hysteria is coming from pizza lovers?


As you see the document in its bottom part says, American Bridge paves the road for Democrats, and it Explains how it worked with Senator Harry Reid to defeat Koch brothers by creating a war room with sustained attacks and non-stop TV adds. Senator Harry Reid, the picture in the first row upright below, is one of the most negative characters and a devoted “temple” practitioner in the Democratic Party. Washington Times columnist Charles Hurt said on Newsmax TV: “At some point, we have to stop and consider the fact that maybe either Harry Reid has become possessed by something, by some spirit, maybe by Satan himself.” 

In 2014, there were rumors about the very close relationship of Harry Reid with Paul Pelosi; Nancy Pelosi’s husband, and their “Goat Hill Pizza” restaurant. As you may know, Nancy Pelosi is the 9th richest person in the Congress, and she has a pizza place which its name was included in 2016’s scandal. An article on Voat.co has even referred to Nancy and Paul probably using their pizza place to ship boys for Harry Reid; something that can be just a rumor and I am not able to confirm but what I can confirm is Harry Reid’s tremendous hate for Steven Bannon and his rage while asking President Trump to drop him (CNN’s video below). We know the close relationship between Steven Bannon and Andrew Breitbart, and we know Andrew knew a lot about John Podesta when asking on camera: “What are you hiding in your closet, John Podesta?”


In another article on Reddit, the hacker “Guccifer 2.0”, claims that the Goat Hill pizza is registered in Panama and is a front company used to funnel money to the Democrats. Why should a Sanfransico Pizza place be registered in Panama? Why should the 9th richest person in Congress have a pizza place in the first place? To read the article on Reddit click here.



Bradley Beychok


This an American Bridge official campaign advertisement which has been tailored before the election, during the campaign. You can see how their war room would look like at the time. Imagine it with triple capital, dedicated by Soros in late 2016, mid-2017 and early 2018. This is Jessica Mackler.

Eddie Vale


This video by an independent Youtuber confirms some good points that I’ve noted like when the Washington and CNN officially asked people to not look into the WikiLeaks emails because they were stolen and “it is illegal for people” to investigate those emails and a few other points.

The next part of the document is about “Crew” which is another Media Matters’ subdivision dedicated to focus on conflicts of interest within the Trump administration. The issues and lawsuits regarding President Trump and his team’s conflicts of interest come from this sub-division.

Media Matters is a long-term sworn enemy of NRA. Unlocking the map considering future proves the past, we are decoding every major accident-event in recent decades. There is no question how the establishment needs to disarm Americans. 150 million armed Americans are a hidden army. They are armed by their Second Amendment rights to fight any tyranny, and of course, the deep state tyranny needs to disarm them. The hostile attacks of Media Matters on NRA, the existence of a gun control department in Podesta’s Center of American Progress (CAP) where David Hogg; the Parkland Shooting Star works for, is a great sign why this guy is the poster face of gun control. Who is spending money to mobilize the 16 years old children and pays their bus and lunch to work as gun control activists? Media Matters. Whom does David Hogg work for? John Podesta. Is it difficult to connect the dots now?

The rest of the document explains in details how CREW subdivision of Media Matters is focused on creating endless lawsuits on the administration and its supporters to cut their funds and create an ongoing battlefield to consume them and block each of their single moves.



Take a look at his page and see he is obsessed with his targets; Scott Pruitt and  Kushner.


The steel deal is bad too!


And who is Steve Fulop that they protect??

Organized by students?? I wonder why any student who refused to participate has been suspended from the school?

Read the article in The Washington Post here.
















These last photos I received from my friend @JDiviv on Twitter

Media Matters Party






In an interview with the Washingtonian.com on February 6, 2015, Jennifer Tapper, wife of CNN’s anchor Jake Tapper said that her favorite restaurants to go with their kids are “American City Dinner and Comet Pizza.” If you wonder how Media Matters change the dynamics within the CNN or other news media by one call or message, connecting the dots is the only key.

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