Why Is The Cabal Sacrificing Facebook?

As the “Discovery Tour of Why She Lost” continues, Queen Hillary Clinton is not satisfied with blaming James Comey; ex-director of FBI and John Podesta for the email scandal  resulted in her loss. Her Majesty pinpointed Facebook as the real cause of her loss and declared war on it which was Zuckerberg’s guillotine order by the deep state.

Obviously, who can move a finger against the Clinton clan? So, Zuckerberg’s closest puppet masters also left him alone to be eaten. He seems now like the perfect sacrifice as delicious as Harvey Weinstein became.

Zuckerberg tried so hard to appeal to the Cabal. He first took new sever measurements to oppress the conservatives. Flagged all conservative content, marked them as inappropriate or offensive and when none of these were good enough, he put up a disgusting poll on whether or not men should ask nude pictures of minors. We know the Cabal loves to engage minors in their dark activities.


But that didn’t work either. The Cabal wants the man down and he was aware of his career’s death order. So in early-March Zuckerberg dropped his own stocks. He dumped $500M worth shares of Facebook. Depends on whether he survives the spying scandal or not, the chances are; he will either live a low profile career in case he will be indicted or he may do the exact same thing that Bill Gates did when in 1999-2000 he gave away $21 billion worth shares of Microsoft to set up the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

After dumping the stocks, there were the rumors of testifying before the Congress. In an interview for CNN on March 20, 2018, Laurie Segall CNN reporter asked:

Segall: “Lawmakers in the United States and the UK are asking you to testify. Everybody wants you to show up. Will you testify before Congress?” 
Zuckerberg: “So, the short answer is I’m happy to, if it’s the right thing to do. Facebook testifies in Congress regularly on a number of topics, some high profile and some not. And our objective is always to provide Congress, who does an extremely important job, to have the most information that they can. We see a small slice of activity on Facebook, but Congress gets to have access to the information across Facebook and all other companies and the intelligence community and everything. So what we try to do is send the person at Facebook who will have the most knowledge about what Congress is trying to learn. So if that’s me, then I am happy to go. What I think we’ve found so far is that typically there are people whose whole job is focused on an area, but I would imagine at some point that there would be a topic where I am the sole authority on and that would make sense for me to do and I’ll be happy to do it at that point.” Read the article here.


According to Zerohedge;

But the question is why the deep state is dumping Facebook?

If you remember Zuckerberg had a Presidential Tour, running around the country, having speeches and appearances which would clearly send the “wannabe President” message everywhere and the establishment was strongly backing him. Amal Clooney was another candidate of the Cabal for running in 2020. And again if you remember, Zuckerberg has a property in Hawaii surrounded by a big wall and so many active lawsuits regarding that property and the landowners of the area.

But the reason is not what you think.

There is new Sheriff in town.

The shift of power in China and Saudi Arabia who are working with President Trump is the reason.

There is a big war going on against the Federal Reserve Gang including the elite. If you have read my book, RING OF THE CABAL, then you know that we have a Royal Papal Banking Cabal. The Royal branch which is the Queen and her chain, The Papal branch which has the Pope and his chain and the Banking Cabal which everybody that you know including the Rothschilds, Gates, Buffet, Soros and the rest are serving this chain.

President trump had a visit to China in November 2017 and he was received like no American leader ever before. The amount of respect and gratitude towards him was unprecedented. He has been received in highly meaningful and spiritual places never offered to anyone else. North Korea’s Kim Yung is already down on the political spectrum and the nuclear problem has fully taken care of by Trump’s direct verbal attacks and threats and China’s meddling.


Photo by Reuter


On the other hand, the big Purge in Saudi Arabia after President’s visit, the Sword Dance, and the mysterious glowing orb in their hands all had their significance. Touching the orb, President Trump pledged allegiance to “Its Luminescence,” summoned the forces of Sauron to take over Middle-earth and created an “army of Moderate Muslims to fight terror.” Just after Trump left Saudia Arabia the old monstrous Cabal of the Saudi was brought down by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who took power and made headlines in an overnight Coup D’etats. He is a militant, well educated, sharp and a very talented leader who despite being young is one of the most genius strategists in the world.




Mohammad bin Salman worked for years to build his base and an alliance with an alpha leader like Trump gave him the opportunity. Therefore, the head of the snake, the man involved in 9/11, Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal was captured on the night of November 4th in a coup. Al-Waleed is the second biggest shareholder of Twitter after his business manager Sohail Rizvi.

I wrote extensively how Al-Waleed funded Obama’s Harvard studies funneling through his advisor; Donald Walden A.K.A Khalid Al-Mansour.  So we have Prince Al-Waleed who funded Obama and bought Twitter. And we have Barack Obama who is the regulator behind the Facebook.


Al-Waleed owns the Four Season chain Hotels including the one in Mandala Bay. According to what we know, the rifles were not carried up from the first floor but they were transported by a helicopter on the roof and carried down. The roof and all the top six floors are Four Seasons Hotel which has its own separate lift.

As I said China and Saudi Arabia for the moment are the White Hats working with President Trump to bring down the Federal Reserve Gang.

On August 11th, 2015, China devaluated the yuan by 2%.

On August 12th, 2015, China devalues the yuan by another 1.6 %.

On August 13th, 2015, China devalues the yuan for the 3rd consecutive day, down a total of 4.65%. That was the moment China showed teeth.

On August 14th, 2015, China announced a total update of the gold reserves with the goal of a transition to the gold standard. This was nuclear to the Cabal.

All this display of power happened in 2015 when President Trump didn’t exist yet. The goal of China was an alliance with Russia and defeat the Federal Reserve and the American Dollar. But as we said, the house of cards has faced a great makeover and the new Sheriff, the author of Art Of The Deal, knows how to make a deal with wolves and how to change tables.

The lucrative business of selling your private information called “Facebook” is blowing up. Zuckerberg has been called twice to testify before the Congress. The spying scandal of the Obama administration is under scrutiny and Susan Rice has so much to worry. China’s support is gone. Prince Al-Waleed is in jail and his assets are frozen.

The Cabal has too much to protect to care about Zuckerberg. He has never been more than a tool and her Majesty Hillary Clinton now, getting close to the midterm elections in November 2018 recognizes Facebook to be at her disadvantage.

Mark Zuckerberg is another piece of meat in the midst of jackal’s war and the shift of power. No Facebook means no outbreak of information and little voice for midterm candidates and future election. Besides when a scandal breaks the surface and there is no way to cover it up anymore, The Cabal flees and is too busy to save its bloody face and attempt to overthrow a sitting President.

Potus will be up all night. Pray.



(An update on Oct 12, 2018:

He did the exact same thing as Bill and Melinda Gates and opened the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative (foundation) working on the human genome and Facebook as a trade mark is still slammed by the queen Hilalry.


On their website we read:

“We launched our science program in September 2016 with the mission to support the science and technology that will make it possible to cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by the end of this century. That doesn’t mean that no one will ever get sick, but it does mean that doctors will be better able to detect and treat illness, so future generations spend less time being sick. As we make progress toward this goal, we are guided by the following values:

Open science. The velocity of science and pace of discovery increase as scientists build on each others’ discoveries. Sharing results, open-source software, experimental methods, and biological resources as early as possible will accelerate progress in every area.”)


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