Iran’s Leader Was Running The Obama’s White House


Did you know five Iranian women controlled the Obama’s White House? There is no reason to be against ethnics working in the White House however, the issue arises if they can be agents of other governments to influence or spy on the activities within the White House. Unfortunately, four of these women were related to (NIAC), National Iranian American Council, the same organization which crafted the Uranium deal between Iran and the United States.

1-Valerie Jarrett

Valeri Jarrett, Chief Official White House and Senior Executive to Obama who even after the 2016 election, moved into Obama’s Mansion in Kalorama, DC and works in Obama’s “War Room.” I ‘ve written so much about Jarrett these days that this time I pass and focus on the new faces.

About Jarrett, you can read here.

And here.

                                                                                   2-Ferial Govashiri                                             

Photo by Pete Souza / The White House

Ferial Govashiri, Obama’s “Personal Assistant” since 2014, Graduated in Political Sciences, was the person responsible for organizing Obama’s meetings with foreign leaders inside the White House and all Obama’s foreign trips from A-Z. Below is published in Iranian American Women Foundation (IAWF)’s about her in their official newsletter.



Photo by Pete Souza


Photo by Pete Souza







                                                                                                   3- Sahar Nowrouzzadeh


Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, A graduate of George Washington University, who speaks Persian, English, and Spanish, was first picked as Secretary of State’s Policy Planning spokesperson for the Iran desk, and then was upgraded to “Director of Iran affairs at National Security Council Staff” (NSC). Nowrouzzadeh is a former employee of the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), a non-profit that is accused of lobbying for the Iranian regime. She joined NIAC in 2009. According to Daily post and Washington Post, Sahar Nowrouzzadeh was active in Uranium negotiations between Iran and 5+1 group in Lousan, Switzerland.

She was the connection between Obama’s White House and Planning affairs at the United Nation’s National Security Council. She was the director of Obama’s meetings with high influential Americans as well as ordinary people.
Nowrouzzzade was present in a video of a confidential meeting between, Obama and John Kerry with Ernest Moniz, a night before Uranium Negotiations’ final meeting.



As an Obama’s loyal holdover, Sahar shockingly has found her way into the Trump administration. A crucial figure in crafting the Uranium deal was now silently working in the new administration before Jordan Schachtel an investigative journalist at Conservative Review tracked Sahar’s traces and found her in Trump administration. According to Schachtel: “Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, the Iran director for former President Obama’s National Security Council (NSC), has burrowed into the government under President Trump and was in charge of Iran and the Persian Gulf region on the policy planning staff at the State Department.”

According to news, President Trump was surprised to find her right within the White House. However, before she could do any more damage, she was called out.

In far left Politico”; we read:

“Sahar Nowrouzzadeh’s yearlong assignment to the Secretary of State’s policy planning team was cut short earlier this month following critical stories from the Conservative Review and Breitbart News.” 

Politico continues: “Some State Department officials believe the individual, Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, was shifted because of the med”ia attacks and are alarmed at the message such a move sends to civil service and foreign service employees, who are supposed to be protected by law from political retaliation.”

When Politico criticizes this move, that means it was the right move.

No previous administration has insisted to this extent to infiltrate its officials in the new administration. Obama holdovers just feel entitled to the position and look at the new administration as a “temporary storm” which had messed with their system. They still report to their President who is the deep state’s Shadow President, Barack Obama.

The photo below is the reaction of Obama’s aids to the President-Elect Trump. I wonder if Politico’s statement: “who are supposed to be protected by law from political retaliation.” applies to this picture?

The “peaceful” transition of power is screaming in the images. This is the day the staff was waiting for  President-Elect Donald Trump to meet with President Obama to discuss the transition. Pay attention to the color black chosen to wear by most of them.



          4-Pantea Faed


Pantea Faed,
The next Iranian woman is Pantea Faed, which worked as the Michelle Obama’s First Assistant. She was the one to prepare the White House and serve the First Lady in every event. She was actually the main coordinator for daily affairs to the White House and whatever related to Michelle Obama.
Pantea is graduated in 2012 from South California University and According to Michelle, “She has been grown up here and I am proud of her.”

She was working in the Office of Social Affairs in the White House, an institute which is responsible for organizing the many banquets and meetings of President Obama and Michelle.


5-Hedieh Roshan Ghaffarian

Photo by Getty Images


The fifth Iranian lady was Hedieh Roshan Ghaffarian (friendly called as Roshan), member of Presidential Office, and the Chief Floral Designer for all Official Meetings and Presidential Dinners.
Hedieh was chosen by Michelle Obama and was the one to design colors, flowers, the dinner menu, drinks, desserts and sweets, music, entertainment, reception table, seats and the garden design. She was present in all Obama’s foreign meetings.
Roshan is born in Tehran and lived in Califonia after primary school.

Roshan is not directly related to NIAC but One of her relatives, Pouneh Ghaffarian, also appears to be a donor to the Clinton Foundation, has contributed to Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Foundation. Pouneh, a lawyer for the California government on the state public utilities counsel, signed a letter urging Americans to support the nuclear agreement between Iran and America.


Having presented these ladies, The main question here is NIAC. Who is the NIAC organization who crafted the Uranium deal for Iran and why 4 of these ladies are connected to it? (No record for direct connections between Pantea Faed and NIAC)


But who is NIAC?
Trita Parsi, an Iranian- Swedish citizen, moved to the US to set up the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). The goal has been announced as to influence the US – Iran policy. This newborn organization instantly became a giant one after its set up. Out of a blue, it has become super popular among the American born Iranians. The reason was that the Iranian-American youth who hated the regime but loved their old culture had no important center to hang out and meet each other.  So they started to get engaged in traditional ceremonies held by NIAC and through this, their parents also started to engage. However, this was just the surface.

Trita Parsi is said to be a Swedish-Iranian citizen. He probably is a citizen. What is not clear about him is his past. For how long has he been in Sweden and who are his parents. It is alarming to search public figures’ backgrounds and finding them as  “protected” identities by Wikipedia, Google and other informative companies. There is no record in the whole world about Parsi’s parents, where he lived before Sweden and how long has he been living in Sweden. Adding this red flag to the fact that he set up a foundation from nowhere and over night it became the same high status giant who crafted the Uranium deal proves that the organization has only been set to do so since day one.  To erase trace, it needed a long way of acceptance, infiltration, and influence to craft and finally close the deal. Don’t ever forget: future proves the past.

Trita Parsi paying respect to Iranian delegation in Geneva talks


We are not criticizing good Iranian people. They sometimes have families inside that they have to visit. Some of them fled with political charges, death treats and prison. We have problem with those who are openly or secretly connected to the regime and lobby on its behalf.

Trita Parsi has close ties to companies linked to the Iranian regime and has collaborated with its leadership.  Parsi opposed regime change during the protests in Iran and has always advocated to keep them in place with some modification in surface. He also strongly opposed the economic sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council on Iran.  NIAC is the regime’s apologist and is unofficially lobbying for the Iranian government. This is the problem: infiltrated agents stealing the vulnerable youth. They trap a generation who already hated the regime, and soften their rage by painting a friendly mask for the Mullas.

NIAC is a traitor who changed the perspective of Americans, Europeans and Iranian Americans abroad toward the Mulla’s in Iran. Trita Parsi sold the old deflected product in a shiny package and doing so, he didn’t hesitate to guarantee himself a lavish life, a Ph.D. and an untouchable status.  To me, he sounds like the son of one of the most powerful leaders in Iran who had enough money and influence to seal his name.

NIAC has lobbied on behalf of the Iranian regime while had its connections inside the Obama’s White House, had close access to Obama and Michelle personally and privately and also to all of the White House guests.

But who else protected, promoted or helped NIAC to craft the deal? Shockingly we see the same strange cycle of people. John Podesta, Keith Ellison, and Senator Robert Ney.


Ellison during a July 22, 2009, House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing said: “I haven’t been persuaded that the best thing for us to do is to rush to crippling sanctions.”

In a March 2011 speech at a NIAC event, Ellison thanked Trita Parsi for being “an indispensable partner” in lifting U.S. restrictions on NGO work in the country, and refers to him as a “friend.”

At the same event, Ellison voiced his support for the U.S. opening a diplomatic interest section or embassy in Tehran. You never heard it from Obama. He didn’t like to announce that there was a virtual American Embassy for Iran.

Ellison said; “We have sanctioned Iran so much we have almost no levers to play on this. Now we’re at the point of sanctioning our economic partners who will then impose sanctions on them. Very sad, very not exactly a direct relationship.”

In August of 2013, NIAC praised Ellison for opposing more sanctions in a House vote that occurred three months before the start of serious, publicly acknowledged nuclear negotiations with Iran. In May of 2015, Ellison was one of only five Democratic members of Congress to vote against the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.

Keith Ellison’s long-term friendship with Louis Farrakhan is not a secret.



Parsi in Center for American Progress (CAP) which belongs to John Podesta.

Why John Podesta is the Jocker of all games in Obama’s White House?



Hassan Daioleslam is a member of People’s Mujahedin E Khalq Organization ( MEK) who fled Iran in 1981 and relocated to the US.

In 2005 he set up a website, and called NIAC as the “key player in the lobby enterprise of Tehran’s ayatollahs in the United States.” Mujahedin itself was recognized as a terrorist group. According to Wikipedia: “The organization raises money through fraud and money laundering” and “The U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has identified the MEK as having cult-like characteristics.” So bringing the Daioleslam’s case here by no means IS to endorse a terrorist organization but only and only to the purpose of having an access to the data released by the court against NIAC.

Later UK in 2008 and EU in 2009, lifted the MEK‘s delegation as a terrorist group. Not surprisingly, Hillary Clinton at the U.S State Department did the same in Sep 2012, and Canada in Dec 2012. Who knows how much they have been paid to lift the delegation while the timeline of the group’s assassinations is three A4 pages long??

Parsi and NIAC filed a defamation lawsuit against Daioleslam in May 2008, hoping to stop his further investigations. The court had to compel Parsi and NIAC to produce information on NIAC’s computers, calendar entries, emails, and other documents. At this point, NIAC filed an emergency motion to prohibit the public distribution of information uncovered in the discovery process. The court denied the motion and asked for the documents which NIAC failed to deliver. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) was hired to conduct a forensic investigation of NIAC’s computers. It located 4,159 unreproduced records. Other anomalies of the case included:

NIAC claimed it had searched its office backup server and found no relevant documents or calendar files. PWC discovered it contained 72 files and hundreds of calendar entries.

Parsi claimed his laptop was stolen in Norway and said its files had never been backed up but According to forensic evidence, Parsi stopped working on his office desktop on June 5, 2010, and did not continue to use it until November 2010. It’s believed Parsi provided the false information to prevent a forensic scan of his new laptop.

In September 2012, the court dismissed the lawsuit and Daioleslam’s motion for summary judgment was granted. The judge sanctioned Parsi and NIAC for their discovery abuses and ordered them to pay most of the legal expenses and pay a penalty of $183,480.09.

So the result was:

1- Parsi couldn’t prove NIAC is not working for Iran.

2-Among the NIAC documents made public were emails between Parsi and Javad Zarif, then Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations. They reveal Parsi’s colluded with Zarif to distribute Iranian documents to influence US policy.



Javad Zarif, and Trita Parsi’s book


Trita Parsi was born on July 21, 1974, in Ahvaz, a city in southwestern Iran.

His first travel to the US was in 1991 to attend Barnsville High School in Ohio as an exchange student. He was 17 and alone, which is very strange. He experienced difficulties with his host family and wanted to return to Sweden but at that point, Senator Robert Ney appears out of a blue and becomes his lifesaver and Parsi stays in the U.S. How a 17-year-old boy happens to meet Senator Ney?? Parsi graduates in 1992. The rest of his life is again sealed and spooky until 1997, when he enters in Washington, DC to work as an intern for then-Congressman Robert Ney (red flag again). Parsi as an intern, drafted speeches, press releases, and legislation. A 23-year-old intern with sealed background writes speeches and legislation?? Why couldn’t we find this magic kind of opportunity? In 1997, he suddenly has two undergraduate degrees from heaven as there is no CV or record where they are coming from.

Why should a state Senator personally appear to take care of a 17-year-old boy coming from nowhere?

Then in 2000, Parsi was awarded a Master’s Degree in economics from the Stockholm School of Economics. Why awarded? But again the same year he lists a second Master’s Degree from Swedish Uppsala University. How possibly?

He enrolled in a Ph.D. program at the School for Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC.

In 2002, Parsi and Alex Patico co-founded the NIAC and from November 2001 to June 2005, Parsi was a “foreign policy advisor” to Congressman Robert Ney.

Foreign policy advisor?? On what basis? All of the above degrees (whether fake or real) are in economics not politics, law or foreign relations. So how come?

It is all a money game baby!

Congressman Ney took illegal gifts from lobbyist Jack Abramoff in exchange for political favors and resigned from Congress in 2006. In 2007, he was convicted on charges of corruption and sentenced to 30 months in jail.

Robert Ney-Trita Parsi


Ney had lived in Iran, teaching English, in 1979-80. That means right after the Islamic revolution in 1978, when Americans couldn’t enter in Iran. How did he enter? He spoke fluent Farsi. Ney was elected to Congress in 1995.


Trita Parsi with Washington Attorney General; Bob Fergusen


Trita Parsi with Washington Attorney General; Bob Fergusen


Summary: Uranium deal with Iran was crafted by Iranian lobbyist Trita Parsi President of  NIAC from one side and American lobbyist John Podesta’s Center for American Progress from another side. Four women had a role in correlating the negotiations and they were Obama’s White House employees. These women who were unsuspiciously connected with NIAC and Trita Parsi facilitated the transmission of the Obama, Valerie Jarrett and John Podesta’s messages with the Iranian regime through NIAC.

Nothing could happen in the White House without NIAC’s knowledge and therefore, Iran’s knowledge.









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