Is This The Mystery of The Red Shoes?

In an article published on many news outlets including where my friend @rgfjrs sent to me, I saw it on

titled:  “Macaulay Culkin Live on French Radio Exposed Disturbing News: Satanic Hollywood Elites “Use” Children During Rituals! I Was Lucky To Escape The Big Screen!” We read:

Former child star Macauley Culkin has blown the whistle on the entertainment industry elite to reveal that Hollywood studio executives are “blood-thirsty Satanists” who ritualistically “murder child actors.”

The Home Alone star has exposed movie business execs as “Satanic pedophiles” who “ritually abuse children in the industry.“
Culkin claims he only got out alive because he was a “smart and suspicious kid” who “got too famous to be killed like some of the other kids.”

“You learn very early to recognize which of them want to abuse you, and which of them have even darker tastes,” Macaulay Culkin said, explaining that “the worst of them wear shoes made out of the skin of children that they ritually murdered.”

Now before we read the rest of the article, the above-mentioned paragraph immediately triggered my memory of the red shoes. They are clearly made of leather. But what kind of leather? What can be the meaning of all those red shoes? They are high-rank members of the secret society and red has so many significances for them including satanism but looking at those leather shoes, that vile smiles and the Culkin’s statement tells me that the significance can be blood and skin and the memory of what they do together. Something like the famous handkerchief that they store.

Pay attention that the red shoes worn by kids on the right are in a painting while the red shoes on the left are real. So kids with the red shoes can be just a hidden meaning of what is going to happen to them.



What about these red shoes?? 2 Pics sent by  @pufpufpafpaf

Adriano Stefanelli with Pope Benedict



Now let’s read the rest of the article: Culkin dropped the huge truth bomb during a radio interview in Paris, France, Culkin, saying:
“Have you seen leather products made from human skin?
“It has a very unusual, distinctive look.
“I learned at a very young age to identify it.”

The news was picked up by French media, with mainstream French newspapers quickly reporting on the explosive interview.

However, within an hour of publication, all reports began to disappear, with previously published articles suddenly being scrubbed from the internet.

French news outlet Les Echos deleted their article shortly after it started to go viral, but has not responded to questions regarding why they removed it within an hour of publication, and if they were pressured to do so.


Skin Trophies

During the interview, Culkin claimed that children in the entertainment industry “learn very early to recognize which of them want to abuse you, and which of them have even darker tastes,” explaining that some of the Hollywood executives wear “skin trophies.”
Explaining that he was 11 the first time he saw human leather, Culkin said he was “filming Home Alone 2 in New York,” when he was “ushered into a back room on the set. There was a guy in there, a powerful executive suit type, you know what I mean?”

“He tried to make me relax by giving me a can of Coke.
“Started telling me about the nature of the industry.
“Basically, he wanted me to cut my parents out.
“He wanted to be my guardian.
“He said he would make me into the biggest teen star in history.
“He said I had it all but that I had to get rid of my parents.
“I was like ‘Dude, I’m 11!’ and he said ‘You’re a man now.’”

Culkin, who has been living in Paris, France since 2003, then explained that the man “began to make his intentions clear.”
“He started breathing really shallow.

“My experience with perverts kicked in.
“I could tell he was interested in me.
“He licked his lips and told me I was very handsome.
“I think I managed to say ‘thank you’ and started thinking about how I could get the f*ck out of there.”
“Dude, I’m 11”

“Then he reached into his case and took out a crack pipe.
“He put it in his lap, took out this huge lighter, and continued to gaze at me with this overpowering sexual desire.”
“I was just staring at him. I think I said something like ‘Dude, I’m 11’ again.
“I remember he said to me, ‘It’s a celebration, little man. To celebrate your upcoming success. Your many successes. Come. Sit back down.’
“He was tapping the pipe on his crotch, smiling this total creepazoid smile.
“I ran out of the room, but I ran straight into this other guy who was outside the room and he grabbed me by the arm and threw me back inside.

“He lit the pipe and blew the smoke in my face.
“He told me to look at his shoes.
“He said they were made from the skin of children he and his friends had murdered.
“He said leather made from human skin is the finest leather known to man.”

Death of a child star
Macaulay Culkin said the Hollywood executive then dropped a heavy hint about the provenance of the skin used to make his shoes.
“He asked me if I knew Heather O’Rourke.”
“Yeah, I remembered her.
“I grew up watching Poltergeist.
“I remembered her in Happy Days. She was so cute.”
“Then it dawned on me what he was getting at and I vomited all over his shoes.”
Heather O’Rourke was an American child actress, discovered by director Steven Spielberg when she was visiting MGM’s studios and later cast as Carol Anne Freeling in the horror film Poltergeist.
She had the movie’s most recognizable line: “They’re here!”

After years in the Hollywood system, Heather O’Rourke died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 12.
The official cause of death was listed as “heart attack and septic shock” caused by a “misdiagnosed intestinal stenosis” in 1988, though many people were left wondering if there was more to the tragic story.
“Let’s just say I went off the rails after my experiences filming Home Alone 2. I’m 37 now and I’m still processing everything. The things I have seen…” Culkin said, before trailing off and abruptly changing the topic.


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