NAMBLA; The Pedophiles’ Website Right In Our Faces

Online Pedophiles’ Website Accuses All Normal People to Be Hysterical and Have a Schizophrenic Attitude Toward Pedophilia



This article is not about who brought the “no pedo bashing” sign to Columbia University but in order to trace back how we noticed the pedophiles’ website, a brief review of what happened that night is necessary.

On the night of  September 31, 2017, at Columbia University, while watching the Antifa rioters against a seminar held by Mike Cernovich, we discovered this picture and were immediately shocked. The picture suddenly went viral on boards and angry tweets started to storm.

Buzzfeed and the Daily Beast got immediately into work and started to attack the Alt-right, trying to give their version of the same truth to stop and reverse it. They claimed the poster was a plant by the Alt-Right to damage the left. Look at the black hoodies of Antifa and their usual mask and slogans, gives us reliable insights about who they are. These outlets showed a video of one of the masked soldiers in black uniform at the back of the row with a rolled sign, claiming it was him the infiltrated Alt-Right. This is preposterous. How could they say a guy having his face covered and a  typical Antifa member was an Alt-right pro Cernovich student but don’t offer any proof? How do they even prove the rolled sign in his hand was the same sign with the NAMBLA logo on it still with no proof? Besides, how do they claim it was a false flag and never accept a false flag claim by us? Why should we accept?

When different instruments in the same orchestra play different, it stinks.



That having been said, regardless of where did that sign come from, the remaining fact is the sign was there and there were three logos at the bottom of it. The logo in the middle belongs to an open and publicly pedophile website. Whoever has brought the sign, has been groomed by the Nambla pedophile website which had their slogan” NO PEDO BASHING” on it and that’s a fact.


The pedophilia shock is far beyond what we know. They are having social conversations, books, and arguments that publicly praise pedophilia and picture it as a very romantic, attractive and enthusiastic attraction. This is ludicrous but what is more absurd is to ask us to compress our conscience to the extent to fit in their agenda.

This has been going for decades but was intensified since 2015. They are silently shifting to create a new sexual “preference” called pedosexuality. There are mysterious accounts on Facebook & Twitter proclaiming themselves as Not-harming pedophiles. Their argument is “being a pedo and sexually attracted to the children is a preference.” By insisting and repeating the “no harm” mantra they want us to feel pity and soften our vision toward pedophiles by resigning from protecting our children and allow them into the pain, sacrificing them and even glorifying our horrific act.

Wherever we see this argument, we should report them on full force but before, we should be well informed on the arguments that they may bring up. We should equip ourselves. If a fraction of people have a contraction of thoughts, emotions and physical behavior, nothing they consider would be in best interest of anyone, let alone the vulnerable children. Besides, their cult of fallacy will not give us a new perspective on life. Life means to save the children.

I would be less furious if we just had to deal with hunting pedophiles. As you see now their anti-pedophile slogans creep into the protesters’ hands from whatever side it might be.

The blatant boylover organization and its disturbing website had been online since the 70’s.


The partisan left is united with the pedophiles. We see how the media don’t even report it. Am I surprised? Not at all. But yes my jaw dropped when I saw they have debates and call it a liberation and don’t hide it anymore.

Anyways, the focus of this article here is on NAMBLA which the Buzzfeed and the left call it a dead organization. Is NAMBLA a dead organization? Let’s check.



Here, Eric Tazelaar, the author of this website reviews “Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons”, a pedophile boy-lover book written by Tom O’ Carroll, another admitted pedophile. In his review, Tazelaar makes too many pedophile interpretations and publicly admits to loving children and the desire to having sex with them and uses disgusting metaphors and enthusiastic statements of what the pedophiles do. In this particular page, he says normal people have a “fanatical revulsion for pedophilia”. In all his writings, pedophilia is a love between a child and an adult who have sex with that child, and the child loves this!

“They (the pedophiles) call our outrage harmful and invent so many other disgusting claims like calling us “pre-stone ages and egoists” who do not conceptualize the pedophilia, and interfere with this “desire” of children, therefore, infringe their (children’s)”right” to have sex with an adult! It seems sureal but unfortunately is true.


His arrogance comes from the premise that “I am a pedophile and I didn’t commit but I love it”.

The question here is, if he didn’t commit, if he didn’t have sex with a child how does he know how the child feels about it? How does he know that it is a pleasure to the child? And if he has committed, at that point it is nonsense if he claims to have the consent from the child’s part. A child CANNOT consent to anybody to have sex. That is why he/she is called a child. His desire is amorphous as neither his brain nor his sexual organs and body have matured to make him a person able to give consent.

If our laws were severe enough this horror would have ended way before now. A pedophile will never come back sane and you can never leave a child with him/her in a room again. That’s my idea. Our laws need to be changed and not having enough severe laws has been the reason to let this maniac practice grow like mushrooms as we see today.

I tried to find Tom Tazelaar’s photo. There was none. These people have secured themselves by hiding behind this website and protests’ posters and from our experience in hunting pedophiles, they probably are partying with their high influencing elites in power. Otherwise, their arrogance could not be justified.

There is just a twitter at this name with very few followers. Whether it is him or not, the status, his tweets, and his  interests are related to legalizing pedophilia, calling our outrage as: “mass hysteria.” Scroll down on his page, each tweet is related to the subject.


Read this tweet on his page

Then look at the NAMBLA website which has interviewed the same youtube profile and congratulated him for his pedophilia advocating work.


As you see the date of the post is March 31, 2018, so the organization is not dead as the left claims.


But O’ Carroll’s photos are accessible and placing a video of him that made me furious two years ago, should meet the perfect timing here. The very dangerous campaign by this man and his team which are mostly convicted pedophiles, called “Pedophile Information Exchange”, (PIE) has been fed by the taxpayers’ money in Britain.

Why taxpayers’ money goes to strange organizations like this and Planned Parenthood?



In another video we see they advocate to lower the age of consent because it is the “Right” of the child to have sex, ironically, not because they want to abuse the child but because the child wants it. So they put what they want in the mouth of the children.

Children are not mature enough to know what they want. Children at 10, don’t know what they want to be, what major they want to study, whom can they trust, they can’t drink, they can’t drive, they can’t stay out at night alone, they can’t VOTE. Why? Why can’t a child vote? Because he does NOT know. Tell me how many children who are grown in safe and healthy homes wanted to have sex at the age of FOUR to TEN as the pedophile claims. These people are sick!

They also have their own pedophile sympathizer psychologists who interviewed for the reporter and has written “Boy Lover”, a book which talks about the private sessions that the psychologist had with his pedophile patients and recalling their experiences and memories. I guess we can imagine what kind of recalling sessions they have had together. Just look at the doctor.


Let’s go back to the NAMBLA website which is our main focus. Why it exists and what is their philosophy. Now that the lawmakers are advocating for them to have a stance in the society, we cannot fight these people if we can’t enter their minds.

Please read each screenshot carefully and pay attention to the notes. It is very time-consuming to make these screenshots.

In this one, I discovered a new layer of the pedophile psychology. For them, father’s of their target children are rivals. They see them as competitors and when I gave it more thought, I could see the reason. Father’s are the men who have access to their little children and if these people were where those fathers are, they couldn’t resist from having a sexual abuse attitude toward the child. They dream of owning a little baby and molesting him with all power and nobody closer to the child to be able to object is the basis for their hate toward the fathers. The enmity of this man for Jordie’s father, one of the children claimed to be abused by Michael Jackson, is bitter. How he looks into the matter is accusing a father of separating his 13-year-old child from his lover. The child, 13 then after years of alleged abuse; is a victim of a horrific act of egoism by the father who hurts the love life of Jordie. His tone when talking about the father is just disgusting (like every other thing of course)


He describes the Jordie’s father’s act as separating him from “the man he clearly loved”, about Jordie’s love for Michael who Eric Tazelaar, imagines in his head. Jordie is not there, nor the court’s documents say anything about any kind of love. How did this man fabricate this illusion? Then he calls pedophilia simply a “not very popular assertion.”

An assertion. That’s is the new argument we are witnessing on Facebook and Twitter where pedophile accounts recently growing like zombies. He constantly talks about children rights. He is not a lawyer or a psychologist and even if he was, it wouldn’t change the notion that he wants to play with kids and searches an excuse to stick into and claim he is advocating for other people’s rights, not his child grooming personal desires. How can they be so unrealistic and egoist? Well, there is a reason they are mentally deranged otherwise nobody would touch the sacred and vulnerable child.

Here, after he admits to “enthusiastically share the passion” of pedophilia, he says that we hysteric people, condemning them for “the heinous crime of sucking boys’ penises” while we are unable to understand that this is a “sexual gift to the child” and therefore an act of love and “nurturing pleasure” they dedicate to him.


(Do you feel as disgusting as  I do now?)


Yet this last one is the worst. We read:

“The result was much shrieking from the usual array of rabid anti-pedophiles who have taken, as their particular obsessive mission in life, the suppression of all forms of child-love dissent, and for reasons upon which we can only speculate.”

“O’Carroll’s history itself is fascinating, although largely unknown outside of the United Kingdom, except in ‘child-love’ circles where he is well-known and highly-regarded, especially for his ground-breaking Paedophilia: The Radical Case which exploded onto the scene just in time for the newly-emerging child- and boy-love liberationist movements in Europe and the United States.
First published in 1980, Paedophilia provided a valuable accompaniment to the many recently formed and explicitly paedophile and boylove organizations, which included PIE in the U.K. and NAMBLA, in the United States.”

“Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons can be purchased on Amazon or directly from MindGlow Media which is the sole distributor in the US.
To order from MindGlow (tax and shipping are included), send $44.95 check or money order to: MindGlow Media, PO Box 160, Yonkers NY 10702.”

So Amazon? Do you have anything to comment for selling a pedophile book, which was taken off from U.K shelves while censoring conservatives? Why these pedophiles, who openly admit to being pedophiles have profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon while they restrict and flag conservative accounts for reporting them or other crimes? Are these giant technocrats involved in pedophilia?


The Hysteric pedophile defender from Singapour who is admired by NAMBLA was interviewed by Count Dankula and I found it interesting to show you how his overemotional personality which seems to be plugged into the electric current, justifies the act of pedophilia, by the false declaration of “studies show” and repeating it. I honestly couldn’t watch him more than 5 minutes, but I am sure if you ask him about the studies he probably doesn’t even know if science is something to eat or something to scare children. He has no idea what he is talking about but having him in different interviews proves he has his audience and that is embarrassing. After years streaming on YouTube he was just recently suspended and now he is streaming on Facebook and the name of his page is “pedo propaganda.” That’s the location all pedophiles are free to work: Facebook. Were you shocked when Facebook proposed the idea of older men asking nude photos of underage children? Although the backlash was enormous, Facebook did its try and for now, has failed but with the speed of their progress, will there be any backlash next time?


The NAMBLA website is filled with other disgusting articles praising pedophilia. You can check it on NAMBLA.ORG. Contrary to my all articles, I don’t link it here. I don’t want to give them clicks from my webpage.

Should we object to authorities on its existence? This is not practicing free speech. This is using free speech to promote perversions while the same free speech uses the code “hate” to eliminate any kind of truth which brings up arguments like this.

To end the article just look at this and think how today in 2018, a pedophile candidate is even allowed to run for the office?

The article of HuffPost about Nathan Larsen, the pedophile candidate, titled” Congressional candidate in Virginia admits he is a pedophile”  says:

“According to the site, which HuffPost viewed before it was taken down, “incelocalypse” refers to “the day we make the jailbaits our rape-slaves.” (The term “jailbait” is slang for a person who is under the legal age of consent for sex.)”

He repeatedly expressed a desire to have sex with infants & children, including his own daughter. In the phone call, Larson said that the word “pedophile” is “vague” & “just a label,” adding that it’s “normal” for men to be attracted be underage women. He said he did not commit crimes.” 

(My note: of course by underage women he means infant baby girls–)

“In a 3,300-word essay on incelocalypse today, titled “Here’s How to Psyche Yourself Up to Feel Entitled to Rape,” Larson tells other members: “Don’t forget: feminism is the problem, and rape is the solution.”

Threatening to kill the president Obama landed him in federal prison for 14 months and barred him from seeking public office.
But in 2016, then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) restored voting and other civil rights to thousands of felons, allowing Larson to campaign yet again.”


That’s why these kind of politicians are traitors who care only about the votes and it doesn’t matter where the votes come from and that is another embarrassment on Democrats’ forehead. While everything should be about the country and the people, traitors like him threaten the society for the sake of being elected again.


God bless you all.

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