In The Name Of Humanity Lets Rape Africa!

Why is Bono so mysterious? He has been seen with all leaders, high-rank politicians, and has been portrayed as Africa’s savior and the poor’s patronizer. Bono has been photographed in Africa for many cases and participated in very important world events as Davos as an amplifier but he is not even a politician. What is his secret?

For many years he has been the loving heart of the elite technocrats. Flying to Africa and being photographed with the unprivileged children and sick patients were extremely reflected through the media. Bono the messiah, Bono the missionary and this way he earned a title of Africa’s Savior then he became the voice of Africa and when he well designed the messiah ecosystem, he used the title to put forward his elite friends’ plans to rape Africa.

One of the missions that Bono accomplished in Africa was to advocate for a G8 policy designed by Tony Blair and Bob Geldof to give the right to foreign companies to grab African lands, patent their seeds and monopolise their food markets and lobby for six African governments to make deals with Monsanto, Cargill, Dupont, Syngenta, Nestlé and Unilever. Do you see any benefit here for Africa? Land grabbing and food & seed ownership?

But the interesting part is just coming. Bono’s campaign or the “ONE” campaign is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and still more interesting that two of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s executives even sit on its board. It is no secret to anybody that The Gates foundation owns most of the Monsanto shares and works very closely with Cargill. Therefore, Bono has lobbied to sell the African lands, seeds, and food for his best friend Bill Gates.


When Gates received the backlash and was accused of land grabbing, he simply answered:
“many of those land deals are beneficial, and it would be too bad if some were held back because of western groups’ ways of looking at things“.


So here we gain our first conclusion on Bono’s mission which is:

1- Land grabbing and Selling Monsanto’s poison.


As I wrote in RING OF THE CABAL;

“Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a founding member of the GAVI Alliance or Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunization, in partnership with the World Bank, World Health Organization; WHO and the vaccine industry which repeatedly caught dumping dangerous, unsafe, untested vaccines proven to be harmful.

If you remember H1N1 swine flu emergency in 2009, there were hundred million doses of untested vaccines. The flu was over, they could just destroy the vaccines, but instead, the leftover drugs were handed over to the (WHO) which in turn, sent them to third world countries. During Sarkozy government, France has given 91 million of the 94 million doses of leftover vaccines bought from the pharmacy giants; Britain gave 55 million of its 60 million doses; Germany and Norway did the same. If the pandemic was over and people in third world countries die due to heart attacks and circulatory diseases and not H1N1 swine flu, why these generous humanistic donations? And besides, did you pay attention that the H1N1 epidemic appeared in 2009, just after the big collapse in 2008 and the money it made went right into the pharmaceutical companies’ pockets? Did it happen by accident?

Many vaccines, especially multi-dose vaccines are cheaper that’s why they go to the Third World. They contain something called Thimerosal (sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate) which contains 50% mercury, used as a preservative.

In July 1999, the US’ National Vaccine Information Center declared: “The cumulative effects of ingesting mercury can cause brain damage.” The same month, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an alert on possible health effects associated with thimerosal-containing vaccines while FDA ordered to remove it.”

RING OF THE CABAL; All Rights Reserved.


Knowing Bill Gates as the most prominent “Depopulation” advocate who openly and publicly said:

“In his another speech titled, “Innovating to Zero!” Which was held in Long Beach, California TED2010 Conference (Ted refers to Ted Turner), approximately four and a half minutes into the talk, Gates, again clearly said:
“First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a great job on new VACCINES, health care, reproductive health services, WE LOWER THAT by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” (What?? We lower what? The population by use of vaccines??)”

RING OF THE CABAL; All Rights Reserved.


But who lobbied for Bill Gates to sell his vaccines in Africa?

In 2010, “ONE” identified its top priorities as combating poverty and disease. “ONE” declared to ensure that by 2015 no child is born with HIV and who is the entity or the person whose vaccines are used to prevent diseases and HIV in Africa? Bill Gates.

So we get our second conclusion on Bono’s saving Africa

2- Bono is a lobbyist to sell untested and harmful Bill Gates Vaccines


What a tangled web we weave…

Why is the board of directors of the ONE Campaign cumulated with all the wealthy and influentials involved in geoengineering, social-engineering and anti-life organizations like Planned Parenthood?
Warren Buffett’s daughter, Susan A. Buffett, who chairs her mother’s foundation who has passed away and the father, Warren Buffet; the biggest donor to Planned Parenthood runs it. John Doerr, a partner with the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, which works closely with Al Gore’s investment firm involved in geoengineering. Morton H. Halperin, the veteran left-wing “senior advisor” to George Soros’s Open Society Institute, is also on the “ONE’s” board.


What is really going on in Africa?

The ONE Campaign has taken in nearly $62 million from various philanthropies since 2007.

Bono once told the reporters, “I’m going to spend the rest of my life on this, I’m going to make that kind of extreme poverty history.”

But……..Since I remember Western governments have always been helping Africa and funneling huge amounts of donations into it. Where did that money go?? Why nothing, never got better in Africa?

According to Dr. Dambisa Moyo, an economist and former consultant for the World Bank, “during past half-century over $2 trillion in Western aid has been donated to poor countries. Since the 1940s, approximately $1 trillion in aid has been transferred to Africa alone.”

Did it change anything?

She continues “while between 1970 and 1998 which was the peak of donations to Africa, the rate of poverty jumped from 11 percent to a shocking 66 percent.”

Again; where did the money go?


But Dr. Dambisa is not the only one who brings up this issue. William Easterly a former senior research economist at the World Bank and Peter Boone from London School of Economics both claim that foreign helps to Africa had zero effect on its growth.

Is it now clear where did the money go?


The money just ended up in elite pockets. As it appears “corruption” is the most expensive business on the earth which transfers trillions of money from the government pocket, the taxpayers pockets, real philanthropists and real good-hearted people to the corrupt elites and to do that, they use their front men and one of these most famous frontmen in imminent closeness especially to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Al Gore, Obama, Bush and Clinton is no one but BONO. Do you want to see who is corrupt?


Summary: the victimization of Africa and planting the idea that Africa is too poor to be able to stand on her feet is just an outlandish and outrated belief which is only used to subvert Africa, use its resources and redistribute the West’s money into the corrupt Cabal’s pockets who hide themselves behind the shield of Africa. The greedy elite is always in search of new tricks to drain the wealth and the power of those who have it but are not with them. The African bottomless pit is never filled and will be never filled and is not designed to be filled. The African bottomless pit is a legal way to rape Africa, grab their lands, secure its food/seed slavery and dependence to the food cartel of the elite mafia. Africa or India have never had any importance to the cabal except one thing. They are overpopulated and the elites have their own ways to take care of this overpopulation. One of them as Bill Gates officially declared is using the vaccines to lower the population. The other form is the vitaminless, energyless GMO seeds, and products which bring cancer and limit the life to very few years and as we saw both instruments are effectively used in Africa.


Never believe your eyes, nothing is as it seems. When you see a pattern, your alarms should be ringing immediately.

And finally, to end the article with African people’s real voice lets see what they say about Mr. Savoir Bono?

“We make Africa glamorous, plastering billboards with sultry images of Gwenyth Paltrow proclaiming “I am an African.” We throw billions of dollars at Africa and hope for its salvation. We buy Vanity Fair and read about “Madonna’s Malawi” and “Jeffrey Sachs’s $200 Billon Dream.”
Branding Africa as barbaric and hopeless or glamorous and chic may sell magazines and get us to open our purse strings once in awhile. But neither myth is true or useful.
Here’s a radical idea: if we really want to help, why not ask Africans, not their governments, how they perceive the challenges before them, the dreams they have for the future, and the resources they think they need to realize them?”–Jennifer Brea for Africabeat. (article here)



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