Separating Patriots only Benefits the Cabal


To my friends who asked me about the legitimacy of VOP and what to do with Cemex.


We care if Cemex owns a patent which allows the use of blood to make delicate concrete.

We care who is on the board of Cemex.


If VOP is a fraud, we care if a fraud finds a rape tree.

These guys didn’t have bad intentions when they reported what they found, otherwise they wouldn’t call the police and Mr. Sawyer. They would have just streamed it live.

Why Chelsea Clinton and Buzzfeed reporter jumped in to debunk the news. Why should they even bother?

I have a great respect for Craig Sawyer and I don’t know what were the circumstances wherein he made a statement claiming nothing is happening in Tucson. One of many reasons for this assessment to be hard to believe is, it was too soon for reporting such a result.

But what is clear is that I do not know everything so I am not able to judge at this moment. Did he choose between something he couldn’t prove and something he could continue to give to the children they have been already helping?

In any case, we shouldn’t conclude a fast diagnosis and call each other a shill for every single issue. Give each incident the necessary time. One day the target is Infowars, another day Mr. Sawyer, who will be the next one? Me? You? Nobody is safe like this. Don’t act like a leftist hardliner. Look who benefits from separating us? For 2 years in 2016 and 2017, Infowars was the target of all mainstream media. Craig Sawyer’s team was targeted by PayPal, facebook, twitter and pedo lovers.

What are we doing by accusing each other? Pleasing the Cabal?

Don’t fall into their trap. Do your own investigation. Go with your gut. Silent but steadfast. You don’t need to attack people to go forward. You know what is right. You feel it, then do it. Don’t isolate but keep your eyes open to everyone and everything.

God bless you all.