How Did the Rockefellers’ Story of Sterilization and Depopulation begin?


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“In 1920, the Rockefeller Foundation in co-operation with Kaiser-Wilhelm Institutes in Berlin and Munich chaired research called Eugenics Research in Germany. The research was focused on Sterilization methods during the Third Reich by Hitler. The research had praised methods and ideas of race purity. (Nazi ties Alert)

It was after that research that John Rockefeller started to present the idea of depopulation through his “Population Council” and his interest in vaccines later in 1950.

Who is the Nazi here? Why all these people have ties to Nazis and praise their research? Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, all individuals push for global world order and label the opponents as Nazis. CNN’s Ted Turner or Bill Gates who push depopulation want the same thing. What did Nazis do in gas camps? They depopulated the “UNWANTED,” impure population. What do Ted Turner and Bill Gates want? The same thing the that Nazis wanted and did: “DEPOPULATION.”

GMO is a depopulation masterpiece crafted by Bill and Melinda Gates, David Rockefeller and WHO which has never been proven safe for humans or animals. They invade the seed’s DNA and change its chain. Just as harmful as Herbicides, which are sold as a part of GMO contracts. Herbicides contain above the safe and highly toxic glyphosates which are proved to be damaging to human umbilical, embryonic and placental cells in a pregnant woman who drink water even near GMO fields, let alone eating the main GMO product itself.

Vaccines and GMO are both designed to reduce the population. I saw some propagandists who called us anti-vaccine mongers and conspiracy theorist. Their reasoning focuses on the issue that Bill Gates said a reduction of population “Growth” and not the population by itself. But even if you consider us, “the deplorable population,” the stupid population too, then just let us know, if vaccines help people to have better health, how “the growth” of the population; as you claim Gates meant, will be reduced?

How with a better life, “The population will be reduced”? If the population is healthy and in good shape, why on earth it becomes less? If you are healthy, you live longer and better, and you don’t die from certain diseases so you have a longer time to produce and take care of your babies and your living conditions are stable due to your ability to work normally and longer. Just as our ancestors did. Hence, the population will “grow”; Again, as our ancestors did. It won’t be reduced unless with vaccines and Monsanto spreading all around the globe, Gates and friends have other intentions clear that assure them, the population will decrease.”—RING OF THE CABAL



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