Non-Profit Organizations are Undercover Socio-Engineers

From RING OF THE CABAL; All Rights Reserved


“The pattern is as follows: They establish and finance a nonprofit organization which will be their “Crime Network.” These organizations always have very appealing names and interesting and courageous mottos.

The so-called philanthropists start to donate their “own” money to their “own” nonprofit organizations, then hire people with good intentions who are mad at or misinformed on some issues in society, and they start to work. Later, surprisingly and being a suspicious observer, we notice what that organization is doing is quite the opposite of their motto and their slogans. Some of them are so rich who can set up a series of non-profits to wash their fingerprints on the issues. How?

They establish the main non-profits and those main non-profits establish sub-non-profits. The philanthropist funnels his money into the main ones. When they need to create a cause, it is a sub-non-profit to come forward and announce the case. So the name of the philanthropist has nothing to do with the created cause. Then the main non-profit (the bank) pours the money into the cause of the sub-non-profit. Therefore, the name of the philanthropist or his money is nowhere near the cause, and nobody can find any connection.

Of course, by finding a connection, I intend a reason to condemn for a crime otherwise; with today’s internet, everybody knows who is behind those causes. We just can’t put them in jail.”


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