Poppy; An MKUltra Tool To Lead Children And Teenagers

1-An MKUltra tool with a cold, weird, hypnotic tone to lead children and teenagers. She works with another MKUltra cult leader “Titanic Sinclair.”
Their project is to condition the youth

I) To accept what they say just like a computer.

2-II) To disvalue the founding fathers by putting them at the same level as Justin Bieber & Bill Gates. When they inject the parity in children’s minds, they will start to remove historic statues (as they do) & replace them with MTV celebrities.

3-III) To promote suicide, degeneracy, sex change, sexlessness or unisex, & to execute an intense mind DEACTIVATION & “RESET” it as she asks. She has millions of viewers & they are mostly children & young adults. Her technics use her voice, tone, repetition, dreamy colors frequencies

4- Who runs Poppy and “Titanic Sinclair”??
Ofc they should be Clowns in America (CIA) but what I insist to expose is the shift in technics. Don’t expect cages & low/high voltage shocks. The real MKUltra is on the internet. Watch your children!