The War On Children, Families, Men & Especially White Male Is Real

1-I had a post a while ago on PORN INDOCTRINATION.
I need to call your attention mainly & especially on PORN issue & explained it extensively in RING OF THE CABAL
The cultural derangement that we witness, has started in Pornographic world at least 7 years ago.

2-What we see today in the streets, TV, entertainment industry and education system has entered in mind control cycle about a decade ago & I am not talking about old MKultra methods.

3- Domination, submission, interracial intercourse, white male humiliation, femdom, hard sodomy & pain, group sex & threesome, multi-partner women, daddy daughter incest, sissy boy, slave, “used slave/slut” & many more, they all entered in porn.

4- After years of this new push of damning indoctrination now we see all this publicly in streets, family movies, marriages, clubs, restaurants, gay parades and even children cartoons like ElsaGate.

5- The new vulgarism, the new liberation mentality which has nothing to do with human nature & freedom and has all to do with the severe degradation of humanity come directly from porn industry whether you believe it or not.


6-The move is well organized, coordinated & invested by very powerful organizations all related to Soros for their investments & backed by the same pedophile elite engaged in other cultural engineering activities. The war on children, families, men & especially white male is real.