People! There is A Genocide Going On In South Africa!


Warning, graphic content)

There is a genocide going on in South Africa!
People like you.
Children like your children.
There is a government who vows to kill/confiscate white ppl openly & publicly on TV.
And the whole media is silent.
70,000 people are killed with machete, blade, knife & hammer.
Where is your outrage?


In this video, Julius Malema says “cut the throat of the whiteness.”


In another interview, he said that he is not planning a white genocide, “at least for now.”



It seems Myanmar in Asia has nothing to do with South Africa but be patient and see how they are related.


Another lie by the United Enemies of Nations (UN)

(CNN)–“A United Nations’ investigation into human rights abuses carried out against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar has called 4 the country’s military leaders 2 B investigated & prosecuted 4 genocide, crimes against humanity & war crimes”-

– Lie!
Other hyperbolic narratives made up by UN warmongers in lack of independent media to cover the real facts.

The obnoxious fact-ignoring UN lies attack Myanmar’s government only because it targets the Rohingya Muslim extremist terrorists known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

The ARSA has attacked the police and has operated extreme violent operations on border police. Just as other countries when the strategy of creating a cause by a proxy army and deploying troops of the UN to seize the cause has worked all these years.

The UN has done nothing about the real genocide of South African white farmers where a generation is being silently slaughtered by hate groups controlled and triggered by the government but the same UN is about to attack Myanmar’s gov for responding to Muslim terrorists.

This is where the two events are related. UN attacks anti-terrorists under the label of democracy.

Do you see the hypocrisy?
The white farmers’ genocide which is going on for over five constant years has no importance to the UN but seizing Muslim terrorists who were killing the police has??

As what happened with Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, & many other countries, the UN is not concerned about HUMAN’s right/life/sympathy. Imperialism never died. It only changed the strategy & chose to divides & conquer but do we still believe the UN bullhorns? When will the people rise?

Nelson Mandela & his communist African National which took over South Africa caused the murder of a total 70,000 white farmers and their families are robbed, raped and tortured all with eight-year courtesy & love of Obama for Mandela.
Did you ever hear this from the fake news media??


Is this the future for white Americans after the Democrat’s communist heaven takes place in the US?
A white removal?