Barack Mandela?? A “Consideration” By The Author

It may seem a bit off the hook but I think this issue is worth talking about.

We officially have three fathers for Barack Obama and by officially we mean what Mr. Obama himself claims as his father.

1-Barack Obama Sr.

2-Lolo Soetoro

3-Frank Marshall Davis

From the above-mentioned individuals, the first two were officially married to Stanley Ann Dunham who is Mr. Obama’s mother and Barack Obama Sr is his official biologic father. Lolo Soetoro was his stepfather and Marshall Davis is the one Barack Obama loved and knows as his real father in his book “Dreams from my REAL father.”

In part of RING OF THE CABAL about Marshal Davis, I wrote: “Obama’s family lived in Hawaii, Kenya, Indonesia, and Kansas. During their residence in Hawaii, in 70’s, the family became close friends with the black communist writer and activist; Frank Marshall Davis. Their relationship became stronger and stronger to the point that Marshal first became Barack’s mentor, and then filled the position of a father. Obama always spoke of him as his “real and mentor father” as he did also in the video I was watching.
In his book “Recounts,” Obama writes that Frank not only had told him “college was merely an advanced degree in compromise,” but also had cautioned him not to “start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way and all that sh**.”
The man, who was an explosive progressive communist had a monumental influence on Obama and directed him in a wrong direction. Barack, not having a powerful father figure, grasped his destructive ideas as the main structure to construct his own personality. The most influential years of Marshal on Obama were from 1979 to his death in 1987. But the revolution in Barack’s personality, took place in 1979 when he had 18 years old. A change that caused him to enroll in political sciences at the University of Columbia.”

So the official biologic father who was gone, and the stepfather didn’t have too much influence on his personality and instead, the hardliner communist activist was the one enough close to him to shape his mind.

What was always interesting to me is the fact that there is zero resemblance between these men and Obama. None of them. And that is perfectly fine as there are many people who don’t look like their father at all. Even Davis that many conservatives believe to be his real father and I believed to this date too, shows zero resemblance. Look at these three men and judge yourself.


Barack Obama Sr                                                               Lolo Soetoro                                                                       Frank Marshal Davis


In fact rapper, JZ seems Davis’s photocopy but not Obama. JZ and Barack Obama may have a good explanation for their close friendship.


And still, none of above are problems as there is no rule to resemble our fathers.



When I encountered a very strange resemblance, it ruined my entire sand house. As you know, we have no correct information on Mr. Obama’s birth so let alone about his possible father. The question is when the deep state’s bulldozer has served us with an up-and-down makeover of information, where and how can we obtain anything other than what they have put there for us to read?? Last time I checked, the man was the president of The United States so go figure out.

Please don’t take this article very seriously and consider it just as a break-time because I have no document, fact or evidence to back up my “consideration.” Of course just as I don’t have any evidence to say one of those three men ARE Barack Obama’s father. The difference is these people are “officially” approved by the media to be related to the ex-president. The notion of Barack Obama being the son of Mr. Barack Obama Senior is their default mantra so nobody should dare to challenge it even if the only evidence is Mrs. Stanley Ann Dunham’s marriage to the first two men. Don’t you think that is enough?? She was married to them so she couldn’t sleep with other people.


Considering the timing and the location, when this kind of exposure was quite meaningful, why these photos have slipped away from media bullhorns?? Have you ever seen these pictures in any official article? And yet an unknown Stormy Daniels is all over the news for some possible BJs during the Neanderthal era…


I can’t even call  my story a theory so let’s continue with my “consideration.”

When I was writing about the current genocide in Africa in this article, a picture of Barack Obama with Nelson Mandela got my instant attention. The resemblance was enough odd but when remembering Obama with Communist Mandela, and how he glorified him during his 8 years presidency just rang my bell and not yet enough, eulogizing the Communist Fidel Castro was another page of Mr. Obama’s legacy.

So I was there, staring at this picture and that look…

Then I stop at this one…

And I immediately remember this:

Margaret Trudeau, Fidel Castro, Pierre Trudeau; Canada’s’ Prime Minister

This is Margaret Trudeau during an official visit to Cuba in 1976 along with her husband Pierre Trudeau, Canada’s’ Prime Minister at the moment. Castro is holding Michel Trudeau, Justin’s brother.


Then I go back to the same picture again.

And think…. then collect some more images.

And I finally find some resemblance. And I see that look in the eyes. The same look…

Call me crazy and yes this ruined all my previous theories. Two leaders of the most beautiful, most powerful and most capitalistic countries of the world could be related to the two biggest communist enemies.

As I said before, we never know where the deception can take us. Call it the rabbit hole but I prefer to continue to call it “the bottomless pit.”

In a bottomless pit, all is possible…

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