Darren Walker; The Most Dangerous Man in America


Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947) the founder of Ford Motor Company, developed and manufactured not the first car in the world but the first automobile that the mass could afford. Ford converted the car from an elite’s commodity into a practical vehicle that changed the life of the 20th century and became one of the richest and best-known people in the world. His “Fordism” ideology was implemented as mass production of inexpensive goods while paying high wages to the workers and to compensate these higher wages; his strategy was lowering the expenses. To do so, creativity was a crucial luxury so he forced inventors to think about many new ways and instruments which could deliver the result, therefore; the Ford era was the era of fast inventions. He also hired women, disabled men, and black workers which was very uncommon at that time.



Ford had anti-Semitist ideas that “Jews are behind everything” and he even published The Protocols of the Elders of Zion through his newspaper to prove the notion. The Dearborn Independent, Ford’s newspaper and his book “The International Jew,” both influenced growing Nazism and the consequences influenced Adolf Hitler’s power. Ten years ago, I had the same mentality about the Jews but tones of study changed my mind. Unfortunately even today most people are not aware of the deception by the Khazaraians and their infiltration into Jew’s communities. The famous saying of “Jews are behind everything should be replaced by Khazarians are behind everything as the Cabal is not Jewish but Satanic Khazarian with no religion other than worshiping Satan. To know the history of Khazarians and how they rule the world read my book RING OF THE CABAL.

In 1891, Ford worked with Edison Company and soon was promoted to Chief Engineer in 1893 and was introduced to Thomas Edison who approved Ford’s automobile experimentation.


Photo and the citation from by The Henry Ford Org. See photo here. 

“This photograph shows Henry Ford, third from the right in the top row, with a mustache and coveralls. By early 1894, Ford would be promoted to chief engineer at the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit. Some of his coworkers — including George Cato and Jim Bishop, pictured here — helped Henry build his first horseless carriage, the Quadricycle.”


Henry Ford in his first car


Ford branded his Motor Company on June 16, 1903. The investors included Ford and Malcomson, the Dodge brothers, and a few more people. Soon he designed a new car and the race driver Barney Oldfield named it Ford model “999”, and drove the car all across the country and made the Ford brand widely known. After that victory, Ford entered the aviation business during World War I and helped the US forces by engines and aircraft.

He opposed any interference in WW2 and blamed “the greedy Jews” for the big war. A statement which is exactly right if you replace the Jews by Jesuit-Khazarians.

In one of his commentaries Ford says: “War was the product of greedy financiers who sought profit in human destruction”; and as a result, Ford continued to do business with Nazi Germany.

He had one child Edsel, who died at the age of 49 in 1943. Edsel was the President of the company so, after his death, Henry Ford the father, took control of the company, but by a series of strokes in the late 1930s he was poorly capable of working and finally in 1945 Edsel’s widow installed her son, Henry Ford II, as the president, and he took full control of the company.



Heinrich Himmler, the second man of Nazi Germany after Hitler, described Ford as “one of our most valuable, important, and witty fighters.”
Adolf Hitler about him wrote: “only a single great man, Ford, (who), to (the Jews’) fury, still maintains full independence…(from) the controlling masters of the producers in a nation of one hundred and twenty million.”

Speaking in 1931 to a Detroit News reporter, Hitler said he regarded Ford as his “inspiration,” explaining his reason for keeping Ford’s life-size portrait next to his desk.
Ford and James D. Mooney, vice president of overseas operations for General Motors, both received a similar medal, the Merit Cross of the German Eagle, First Class. Figure why.


According to Wikipedia”
 “Testifying at Nuremberg, convicted Hitler Youth leader Baldur von Schirach who, in his role as military governor of Vienna, deported 65,000 Jews to camps in Poland, stated: The decisive anti-Semitic book I was reading and the book that influenced my comrades was … that book by Henry Ford, The International Jew. I read it and became anti-Semitic. The book made a great influence on myself and my friends because we saw in Henry Ford the representative of success and also the representative of progressive social policy. “

Henry Ford the father died on April 7, 1947, of a cerebral hemorrhage in Dearborn, at the age of 83.

A compendium of short biographies of famous Freemasons, published by a Freemason lodge, lists Ford as a member. The Grand Lodge of New York confirms that Ford was a Freemason, and was raised in Palestine Lodge No. 357, Detroit, in 1894. When he received the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite in 1940, he said, “Masonry is the best balance wheel the United States has.”
Ford was a prolific inventor and was awarded 161 U.S. patents.

In 1936, Ford built a Greek-style mansion on the banks of the Ogeechee River on the site of a 1730s plantation with marble steps, air conditioning, and an elevator. It sat on 55 acres of manicured lawns and flowering gardens. The house became the center of social gatherings with visitations by the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and the DuPonts. It is still the center of The Ford Plantation today.



Preserving Americana

The Ford Motor Company played a vital role in the arming of the US. Edsel set the goal of producing one bomber per hour at Ford’s expansive Willow Run manufacturing complex during the war.

Each of Edsel Ford’s children inherited huge shares in the Ford Motor Company, and the three sons all worked in the family business. Henry Ford II succeeded his grandfather as president of Ford.


Henry Ford II

He helped finance exploratory expeditions, including the historic flight of Admiral Richard Byrd over the North Pole in 1926. Byrd, in his Antarctic expeditions, also funded by Edsel, named the Edsel Ford Range of mountains after him. Other Antarctic homages include Ford Massif, Ford Nunataks, and Ford Peak.


“The official story tells us that the Antarctic snow cruiser was intended to facilitate transport in Antarctica while the crew consisting of scientists conducted seismologic experiments, cosmic-ray measurements, and ice core sampling while living in the snow- and timber-covered Snow Cruiser. But it is more likely that the snow cruiser has been used for a secret operation led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd.” Photo and citation from The Mystery of Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s Giant Antarctic Snow Cruiser 






Two of the three high schools in Dearborn are named after Edsel Ford: Edsel Ford High School and Fordson High School; Fordson was the brand name of a line of tractors and was originally started as a separate company, Henry Ford & Son, later absorbed into the Ford Motor Company. Interstate 94 in the Detroit Metropolitan Area is named the Edsel Ford Freeway.
The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House is now open to the public. The house has an excellent collection of the Fords’ original antiques and art, and the historical landscape grounds on the lakefront. The museum currently hosts tours, classes, lectures, and special events. The property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.





Henry Ford II (September 4, 1917 – September 29, 1987, was the eldest son of Edsel Ford, Under his leadership, Ford Motor Company became a publicly traded corporation in 1956. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, and attended Yale University. He took over the company during a chaotic period and immediately adopted an aggressive management style. He hired former General Motors executives Ernest Breech and Lewis Crusoe offering much-needed experience and ten young newcomers, known as the “Whiz Kids to give the company the ability to innovate and stay current. As a team, the “whiz kids” are probably best remembered as the design team for the 1949 Ford. Reports say that 100,000 orders for this car were taken the day it was introduced to the market.




In 1960 he resigned the presidency, became CEO of the company. He resigned as CEO on October 1, 1979, and as Chairman in 1980. His nephew, William Clay Ford, Jr. would later assume these position.

During the early 1960s, Henry Ford II engaged in lengthy negotiations with Enzo Ferrari to buy Ferrari, but the talks collapsed due to disputes over control over Ferrari’s racing division so he decided to build something similar himself which was the Ford GT40 project, and was designed to end Ferrari’s dominance at Le Mans races. Ferrari had won the race six consecutive times from 1960 to 1965 but the American Ford finally in 1966 had four straight wins at Le Mans.



           Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon are led to the rostrum in their Ford GT40 Mk II to celebrate Ford’s first Le Mans victory. Photo from Ford Performance. See picture here.



Henry Ford II’ was also known as HF2. He hired the creative Lee Iacocca, who was fundamental to the success of the Ford Mustang, in 1964.



Photo by Wikipedia. See the picture here.


Henry Ford II was married three times:
Anne McDonnell (1919- 1996) and had three children with her:
Charlotte Ford
Anne Ford
Edsel Ford II

Maria Cristina Vettore (1929 – 2008), married in New York, New York in 1965 and divorced in 1980.

Kathleen DuRoss (born Kathleen Roberta King, 1940) in 1980. By this marriage, Ford had two stepdaughters:
Deborah Guibord (née DuRoss)
Kimberly DuRoss


Ford was also the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Detroit Branch. He died of pneumonia in Detroit at Henry Ford Hospital on September 29, 1987, at age 70.
His son; Edsel Bryant Ford II (born December 27, 1948) was married to Cynthia Layne Neskow and they have four sons:


Edsel Henry Ford II, Photo by Tim Galloway, published in USA Today

See photo here.


Henry Ford III, who works for the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan.
Calvin Ford, who works for Pentastar Aviation in Waterford, Michigan.
Stewart Ford, who works for an automotive mobility company in San Francisco, California.
Albert Ford, who attends Fordham University School of Law in New York City, New York.


Today’s Executive management of Ford Motor Company.
As of May 2017, Members of the Ford Automobile’s board are: Stephen Butler, Kimberly Casiano, Anthony F. Earley, Jr., Edsel Ford II, William Clay Ford Jr. (executive chairman), Jim Hackett (president and CEO), James H. Hance, Jr., William W. Helman IV, Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., William E. Kennard, John C. Lechleiter, Ellen Marram, Gerald L. Shaheen, John L. Thornton, Lynn Vojvodich, and John S. Weinberg.



Henry Ford III, Photo by Ford Performance.


William Clay Ford Jr., great-grandson of Henry Ford is also known as Bill Ford. He was appointed executive chairman in 1998, and also became the chief executive officer of the company in 2001.



William (Bill) Clay Ford and Henry Ford III


Until now we were talking about the Ford Automobile Company. Here, we are going to shift our focus on the Ford Foundation.

The Ford Foundation is a New York-headquartered, private philanthropist foundation with a mission announced as of advancing human welfare. Created in 1936 by Edsel Ford and Henry Ford I. After the death of the two founders, the foundation owned 90% of the non-voting shares of the Ford Motor Company. The deaths of Edsel Ford in 1943 and his father Henry Ford in 1947, put the foundation in Henry Ford II but with the shares in hands of newcomers, it quickly became clear that the foundation would become the largest interventionist organization in the world. The foundation new policy was declared: Solving humankind most pressing problems no matter where. Henry Ford II had no interest in interventionism and the conflict between him and the shareholders began.


The Ford family retained the voting shares. Between 1955 and 1974, the foundation sold its Ford Motor Company holdings and separated itself from the Ford company and played no role in their decision making anymore. When Fords founded the Ford Foundation, their intention was humanistic help in education and other charity activities. For years their intention ruled the foundation while newcomers had opposite intentions and had many shares.

Consider the fact that after the approval of “solving humankind most pressing problems” in 1949, we are getting close to the historic year of 1952. The year that the deep state was officially formed and the plots against America, already running under the surface were all openly on the table. The globalist anti-American treasonous had already occupied all crucial positions and rules and regulations to limit capitalism and prosperity and promoting communism and social justice was already in place. In those years and by pushing forward the board of directors policies, Henry Ford II started to find himself in conflict with the board and every day more, he started to take distance from what he called an anti-Americana and anti-capitalism approach.

Finally, in December 1976, when it was all clear to him, Henry Ford II resigned from his trustee’s role in the Ford Foundation. In his resignation letter, he cited his “dissatisfaction with anti-capitalist undertones in the foundation’s work.”

After his resignation, the foundation expanded its territory to manipulate higher education, the arts, economic development, civil rights, and the environment and it became the largest, and the most dangerous foundations in the world, with global reach and aggressive push for racial hatred and social justice.




For the fiscal year 2014, the foundation has reported assets of US$12.4 billion and approved US$507.9 million in grants.
Edsel Ford the founder had another vision for this foundation which has never been met. His goal was: “to receive and administer funds for scientific, educational and charitable purposes, all for the public welfare.” During its early years, the foundation operated in Michigan under the leadership of Ford family members and their associates and supported the Henry Ford Hospital and the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, among other organizations.




Throughout the 1950s, the foundation provided arts and humanities fellowships that supported the work of figures like Josef Albers, James Baldwin, Saul Bellow, Herbert Blau, E. E. Cummings, Flannery O’Connor, Jacob Lawrence, Maurice Valency, Robert Lowell, and Margaret Mead. None of them was communist or a social justice warrior.

In 1961, Kofi Annan received an educational grant from the foundation to finish his studies at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. With the support of the new Ford Foundation, he then became the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, from January 1997 to December 2006.




In 2012, the foundation transferred its archives from New York City to the Rockefeller Archive Center in Sleepy Hollow, New York.
In 1968, the foundation began disbursing $12 million to persuade law schools to make “law school clinics” part of their curriculum. Clinics were initially intended to act as a laboratory and give practical experience in law practice while but after Ford’s resignation, it changed the clinics’ focus from giving students practical experience to engaging in left-wing advocacy and partisanship.

In 1967 and 1968, the foundation provided financial support for decentralization and community control of public schools in New York City. In Ocean Hill–Brownsville, it led to the firing of white teachers and provoked riots and strikes.


In an article by The Sun New York we read: “Forty years ago — on May 9, 1968 — several unionized white educators received word that they had been summarily fired by the local school board of Ocean Hill-Brownsville, a black neighborhood in Brooklyn.d by the United Federation of Teachers. 

Liberals in New York were not sure how to react. When white people fired black people for no cause, liberals knew it was wrong; when conservative employers arbitrarily fired unionized employees, they knew which side they were on. But what was one to think when black people were firing white people, and when the assault on labor unions came from the left?”

“The United Federation of Teachers president, Albert Shanker, second from left, is accompanied by a civil rights leader, Bayard Rustin, right, at a rally of about 15,000 teachers at New York City Hall on September 16, 1968.”

Photo and citation by The Sun New York. See the article here.



Through the 1970s, the Ford foundation social justice partisanship grew and expanded into civil rights litigation. The grants were all to cases who would work on racial litigations against white Americans or the rule of law. The Mexican American Legal Defense was one of the first organizations which were born for litigation. The foundation then funded another anti-American organization; the Southwest Council of La Raza. The foundation was practically dividing the society by building different ethnical, racial organizations while each was protecting a group against the rest of America. The next was the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund and after that, among many grants, contributed funds to the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project and the Latino Institute. Not enough yet, the foundation began to distribute wealth and support non-American groups as in 1976, the foundation helped launch the Grameen Bank, which offered small loans to the poor in Bangladesh. And from there, the foundation had its fingerprints into human genome experiments and Between 1969 and 1978, it was the biggest funder for research into In vitro fertilization in the United Kingdom, which led to the first baby, Louise Brown born from the technique. The Ford Foundation provided $1,170,194 towards the research.



The gender studies, grants, and promotions by Ford foundation has created a gender-war that everything a human does is identified by his gender.  The gender equality, gender protectionism, gender issues, courses, discussions are so dominant in all major speeches and exchanges that in 1994, American author and former philosophy professor Christina Hoff Sommers alleged that “the Ford Foundation has funded “gender feminism”, ideology that abandoned the feminist quest for equity in favor of a gender war against men.”


Spanish judge Francisco Serrano Castro (es) made similar claims in his 2012 book The Dictatorship of Gender.

In 2001, the foundation launched the largest grant in its history, an International Fellowships Program (IFP) with a 12-year, $280 million grant, particularly to groom disadvantaged groups from outside the United States and training them as 4,350 emerging leaders who will lead their home communities as well as American communities.

Just like any other anti-American organization, the Ford Foundation granted many funds to the Palestinian nongovernmental organizations that were accused of promoting antisemitism at 2001 but under pressure of the Congress, the foundation apologized and then prohibited the promotion of “violence, terrorism, bigotry or the destruction of any state” among its grantees. However, the foundation grants have supported and are supporting the delegitimization of Israel.

In 2005, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox launched a probe into the foundation is headquartered in New York City because the foundation was chartered in Michigan. He was focused on its governance, potential conflicts of interest among board members, and what he viewed as its poor record of giving to charities in Michigan. The reality is the foundation granted many awards between 1998 and 2002 to Michigan charities but it was all to Islamic organizations labeled as charities. The sum, however, was about US$2.5 million per year and it was less than many other donations to other charities but the problem is the Islamic organizations were not real charities but CAIR’s cover-up offices.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations which believes in no freedom for other religions has overtaken Michigan’s public schools by this cockeyed reasoning and in April 2013, demanded that a Detroit-area school district essentially should advocate only one particular religion — Islam — over all others.CAIR lodged its complaint against the Dearborn School District, claiming that the school system didn’t accommodate Muslim students wishing to participate in prayer on school grounds.

Michigan, a state ruled by Muslim activists and CAIR, has not bowed the overtake by accident. It is all organized by the Ford Foundation. Looking back to the history of Michigan, the creepy movement of infiltration of judges, activists and community organizers by the support of the Ford Foundation have put the state completely in the Islamist’s plate.




In April 2011, the foundation announced that it will cease its funding for programs in Israel before 2013. It has provided US$40 million to nongovernmental partisan organizations helping Arab citizens in Israel gain equality.


Here are all presidents of the Ford Foundation:

Edsel Ford (founder): 1936–1943
Henry Ford II: 1943–1950
Paul G. Hoffman: 1950–1953
H. Rowan Gaither: 1953–1956
Henry T. Heald: 1956–1965
McGeorge Bundy: 1966–1979
Franklin Thomas: 1979–1996
Susan Berresford: 1996–2007
Luis Ubiñas: 2008–2013
Darren Walker: 2013– until today

We already talked about Edsel and Henry Ford II.

Paul G. Hoffman, 1950-1953
During his presidency, Ford began to control the public media, opened the first Ford international office in Delhi, India. Hoffman later headed the United Nations Development Program which is one of the most dangerous UN’s programs. Since then, the Ford Foundation was the major power behind the United Nations.

H. Rowan Gaither Jr., 1953-1956
Gaither expanded the foundation’s international programs to Indonesia, South Africa, and Israel, and began to work on the higher education in the United States. The Octopus starts to have its tentacles all across the globe.

Henry T. Heald, 1956-1965
Heald was the president of New York University and had to resign to join the foundation. He focused on teacher training, distance learning, and expanded the foundation into Europe, Africa, and Latin America. During his presidency, the foundation made major contributions to the Green Revolution, legal aid for the poor and fellowships for arts. He was not aggressive.

McGeorge Bundy, 1966-1979

A former national security adviser to President Johnson and the architect of the Vietnam war, who had a chance to compose an EXCOMM for the Vietnam war but refused to, Bundy led major initiatives including broad support to civil justice organizations, the creation of PBS, minority fellowships, women’s organizations and the launch of microfinance.


Franklin Thomas, 1979-1996
Thomas started massive racial hatred campaigns and led the renewal of the foundation’s work on urban inequality and social justice.

Thomas and Nelson Mandela


He extended the foundation programmes into Russia, China and Vietnam.

Susan V. Berresford, 1996-2007
Beresford was one of the most key figures of the Ford Foundation.  She expanded the foundation’s work on HIV/AIDS. Consider that in the same period, same years, the United Nations’ focus was also on the same programmes. She invested in higher education in Africa to create African leaders before importing them to the United States. She created major arts programs and awarded funds for researches and rights in the field of human sexuality. I don’t think after our focus to tie the art and liberal sexualism, you would still question why those liberals who promote art, promote sexuality too. Arts and sexualism are almost twins for progressive justice operators.

Luis A. Ubiñas, 2008-2013
He is the aggressive element added to the foundation. He planned a strategic set of programs. He was the one who launched a focused social campaign on climate change. His appointment coincides with Obama’s presidency and his aggressive climate change agenda just coincides with the UN’s partisanship in launching rules, regulations, resolutions and emergency reunions on climate change and especially the launch of agenda 2030 or the famous recipe for global socialism, which is the aggressive equivalent of agenda 21 and its all about climate change control. Is it just a coincidence? No. Nothing is a coincidence. The United Nations as I said in my book; RING OF THE CABAL, openly works for Ford and Open Society foundations and there are valid documents to prove this. The agenda 2030 was presented in a UN event in Sep 2015 but make no mistake that it took three years to make all negotiations and meetings happen, therefore, was in his time.

During his time, he worked on child marriage. The plan as it seems is to fight child marriage but with significant new initiatives in global human rights and influencing regulations what we see is extreme ease in child marriage. Another point he was very focused on were arts and exporting “democracy” all around the world. About the art, we will talk later but the exportation of democracy with the UN troops and Obama’s interference with other countries especially in the middle east is actually the exportation of fume, blood, and mass incarnation instead of any kind of an ideal democracy.




Ubinas is currently on the Board of several public and private corporations, including president of the Board of Trustees of the Pan American Development Foundation, and an Advisory Committee member for the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships. He is the vice chairman of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation and serves on the Executive Committee of the New York Public Library. He is also active in the arts as a collector, donor and board member.

He significantly restructured the organization. The restructuring effort focused on social justice issues.
His wife, Deborah Tolman, is a developmental psychologist. They have two sons. She is the co-founder of SPARK: Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge and the author of Dilemmas of Desire in which Teenage Girls Talk about Sexuality. Just as any other campaign related to the cabal, the title of their activities always contradicts the content. SPARK which is seemingly AGAINST sexualizing teenagers is a campaign which promotes sexual feelings of teenagers and pushed teens to talk and act on it openly.

She is also the former director of the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality, and professor of human sexuality studies at San Francisco State University. Before relocating to San Francisco, she was the director of the Gender and Sexuality Project at the Center for Research on Women at Wellesley College. She is all about sexuality and gender.





Her research on adolescent sexuality, gender development, gender equity, and research methods has been funded by grants from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and Ford Foundation, and the Spencer Foundation.

To this point, the Ford Foundation is heavily weaponized, focused and became a global social justice executer while running significant decisions of the United Nations. The emerge of George Soros in 2009 and his open society in 2010 was occurring parallel to the Ford Foundation. Open society was indeed founded in 1993 but didn’t have the same scope. It was an institution working with the issues in East Europe and Russia and was still being called as “Soros” foundation. It began to work with the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation in 2007. Both Ford and Rockefeller Foundations were social engineerings the society for decades and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation joined them in 2000.  It just perpetuated institutions that were already reinforcing their moneyed interests so far and have depoliticized the field by their global social manipulation.


Darren Walker, 2013- The most dangerous man in America.


Before being named the president, Walker was vice president for foundation initiatives at the Rockefeller Foundation and a social justice warrior as a chief operating officer of the Abyssinian Development Corporation, a leading community organization in Harlem. He is a lawyer and as an investment banker.
He is a board member of the Arcus Foundation.
He is a board member of the Rockefeller Foundation.



Walker is a board member of the Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies.

To read my old article about Modern art scandal and Live Art For Embassies click here.

Walker is an orphan; born in a charity hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana.
With financial support from a Pell Grant, Walker was admitted into the University of Texas at Austin. In 1982, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in government and a Bachelor of Science in speech communication. In 1986, Walker graduated from the University of Texas School of Law with a Juris Doctor.

After law school, he moved to New York and worked in Wallstreet. A member of the Ford family invited Walker to a benefit dinner for the Children’s Storefront School, a private tuition-free elementary school in Harlem. When he got to the dinner, in an interview for Forbes, he says: “there were these very wealthy white people. I was looking around and wondering, ‘Where are all the black people?’”

About his time in Harlem, he says: that in Harlem he was “…at home among my people.”

During his eight years at ADC, Walker says he turned down many job offers from banks and foundations, telling Forbes that “It’s more exciting to me to walk up 138th Street and see the transformation of this burned-out building and rat-infested lots than it is to walk up Park Avenue.”

But finally, the right offer came along from a white man but it appears to be the right white man. A white man named David Rockefeller so he finally left ADC for the Rockefeller Foundation in 2002.


“Rockefeller presented me with a unique opportunity, and that was the chance to head up the national urban program there. It allowed me to work nationally on things I was working on locally. It allowed me to bring my local experience to the national stage,” he says.

In 2010, Walker received a call from then-Ford Foundation President Luis Ubiñas, and shortly after that, he became Ford’s Vice President for Education, Creativity, and Free Expression. When Ubiñas announced his decision to step down in March of 2013, the foundation hired an executive search firm to launch a wide-ranging search. In the end, Ford decided that the person they needed was right under their nose in the building.

It’s probably not surprising that Walker is a big fan of his foundation. “I have had the great privilege of being affiliated with some remarkable organizations,” he says. “But there is nothing like the Ford Foundation. The environment, for someone who is curious and passionate about social justice, is intoxicating. Every day you learn something new. Among our grantees, you meet the most courageous and valiant people working all over the world. To work on a day-to-day basis with such extraordinary, smart people who are also deeply committed to the idea of social justice and social change and dedicate their lives to it, it’s just hugely inspiring.”


In his address to the Ford Foundation staff he says:
“We should be very alarmed by the current trends which indicate that someone like me, born today—a young African-American boy in a small town—would have less of a chance of experiencing a higher education, experiencing a fulfilling career and success, and realizing his potential.” 

I just can’t measure the hypocrisy of these mega-billionaires ruling the world. An orphan, a black orphan baby who in America and through the American dream possibilities has raised his position to be the president of a Foundation which rules the United Nation, is fighting the American system, the American way of life and the American capitalism which gave him the opportunity to be where he is.

Since his presidency, Walker needs to fix the world and make radical changes to foster social justice. He is a friend to Bill de Blasio, the Sandinista Guerilla Mayor of New York City and worked with his Transition Advisory Team in November 2013.


Read my article about Bill de Blasio and his guerilla activism and ties to Daniel Ortega here.



We previously talked about Michigan and how it felt in CAIR’s big mouth. Walker led nine foundations, many with ties to Michigan – including Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. What you see in Detroit is not an accident, but a well-planned system by Ford. Foundation which will be Nation-wide implemented if the people don’t know who their real enemies are.
Walker is openly gay. His partner is David Beitzel.




In a statement about Soros’s Open Society Foundation, Walker says:
“There is no foundation in the world, including the Ford Foundation, that has had more impact around the world than the Open Society Foundations in the last two decades, Because there is no part of the world that they have not been. Their footprint is deeper, wider and more impactful than any other social justice foundation in the world.”

Another George Soros organization; The Alliance for Justice is a left-wing legal system best known for the Judicial Selection Project, which promotes left-wing judges while defeating conservative and Republican-appointed judges. The Alliance has turned the process of nominating judges into a highly partisan process. This Alliance has received massive funds from the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, the first wife of the silent social engineer Warren Buffett, and the Ford Foundation.


Susan Thompson Buffet, the first wife of Warren Buffet, now deceased but the foundation goes on.

Photo from Wikipedia. See photo here.


Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundation, and the Rockefeller foundation are one major hole that all the cabal is merged. Let’s just put away the Clinton foundation for a minute which is their combat force and firing squad. The three major foundations mentioned above are the executive pyxidium of the cabal. The orders coming from the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, the Pope, and the Queen become administrative in these three foundations then if there are obstacles and nodes, the Clinton foundation enforcers export the order while the Podesta gang including Media Matters for America gang executes the elimination order. If it is character assassination Media Matters will handle the case and if it a physical elimination CIA operatives together with the Podesta gang, will take care of it.





The Obama administration was just like a small administrative office of the sum of these three foundations. To give you an example of how deep the rabbit hole goes just consider that Patrick Gaspard, Vice President of the Open Society Foundations was the National Political Director of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, then became part of President-elect Obama’s transition team and hereafter,
Since 2008, he became the day-to-day leader of the Democratic Party headquarters and the Director of the White House Office of Political Affairs at the same time. In 2011, He was promoted as the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee from 2011-13, overseeing the party committee’s efforts to re-elect Barack Obama. Then after the re-election, he became the U.S. ambassador to South Africa from 2013-16.






This is all just a game for them.
He, like Walker, is a close friend of Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City. De Blasio owed a big part of his victory to Gasper and thanked him in his Mayoral speech.

On 13 January 2018 Gasper tweeted that South Africa has a “more inclusive” constitution than the United States.

Now in 2016, after outing Obama, Gasper was appointed as the President of the Open Society Foundation!!
Isn’t that funny? The beads of power move from one cell to another and we the people think that we are choosing our representatives.

One of the recent outrageous acts of the Ford Foundation was to enforce a criminal justice reform. Almost all judges in New York are bought, promoted or installed by the social justice war of these three foundations. In addition to that, Governor Cuomo on April 18, 2018, signed an executive order and Pardoned Violent Felons and granting parolees the right to vote in New York. In another move, on August 8, 2018, Bill de Blasio announced the launch of a voter registration drive inside the city’s jails.


So the social justice of pardoning criminals and let them vote will prevent them from committing crimes, right?


In the search for the Ford foundation crimes, treason and hypocrisy you will find nothing. There is a major cover-up going on with this foundation and all Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine is hiding information about them. I was thinking of writing a piece about this foundation two years ago when I was writing RING OF THE CABAL. In my research about Soros, whom I had to dedicate two complete chapters to, his crimes and his underground network, I found Ford foundation next to open society foundation in almost every significant Soros donations like for example, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood and women’s march donations. In an extensive article about Planned Parenthood, I named Darren Walker and published his picture as one of the major donors to Planned Parenthood. The only way you can chase Walker is chasing Soros. These three foundations and especially Ford and OSF are just like one or let say twins.

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder about the big banks once said: “I am concerned that the size of some of these institutions becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them when we are hit with indications that if you do prosecute, if you do bring a criminal charge, it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy.”…. Who would have guessed he was talking about themselves??



Image of my article about Planned Parenthood. See my extensive article including 21 undercover videos here.



But now, during the congressional hearings for Judge Kavanaugh and hearing 50 times a day the name of Dr. Blasly Ford, the name of Ford made me look if this lady or her husband Russell Biddle Ford, the son of Ruth Guthery (Ford) and John Bailey Ford who are resting in Ford City Cemetry have anything to do with the Ford family.

When Walker was working for Abyssinian Development Corporation, it was one of the Ford family members who presented him to a rich dinner party and clicked him with the higher society and David Rockefeller. The endorsement was so privileged that Walker became the Rockefeller foundation’s Vice President. That is not something to ignore.

I searched wherever searchable to see if Christine Blasely Ford and her husband Russell Biddle Ford have anything to do with the Ford family and my final result is either they don’t or the history is well erased. The infiltration of a woman with no evidence into the Congress and stopping a hearing on a Supreme Court Justice is not something common. This woman, wherever she comes, must have been ordered from the center of the Cabal.  However no evidence of their relevance I could find. Anyone who can research is welcomed.






The Ford Foundation’s grantmaking programs include the following: social engineering, judicial reform and community organizing, Free Expression and Moder Art Scandal, Gender and transgenderism, Racial race and hatred, Ethnic Justice and indigenous division, Natural Resources and Climate Change in terms of anti-coal, pro smart cities, pro-control, weather engineering and chemtrails, Future of Work in shape of minimum wage and communism, and Internet Freedom (internet censorship). But why am I focusing this much on this foundation?

First, because it is a hush-hush organization. while Soros’s OSF is at the front row, the Ford foundation operates with its crawling attacks on every corner and nobody knows. Second, the next 5 years strategies of this foundation are all focused on art.
We already talked about art for embassies and exploitation of children under the “Live Art” code for embassies which requires no custom investigation and is mainly used in air bosses and jets to traffic children for the Cabal. We also proved how disgusting this thing is that they call it Modern Art. Samples are inside this old article below.



Image of my article on Live art for embassies. To read Modern Art Scandal and Live Art For Embassies click here.


According to the Ford Foundation website:

“In 2017, Agnes Gund partnered with the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller to create an Art for Justice Fund, which provides “vital new resources to organizations working to address mass incarceration.”

In the coming five years, the fund seeks to raise $100 million of additional private capital from art sales or other donations. Gund hopes to show how art can be a powerful force for justice.”

In other words, in the next five years, ART will be a powerful means of both income and grant. Can you now figure out how? Art as income, Art as a new VITAL resource, and Art as social justice?? Any idea? If not read my Modern Art Scandal article just mentioned.


Darren Walker attends the LDF 31th National Equal Justice Awards Dinner at Cipriani 42nd Street on November 2, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.)


NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 08: (L-R) Agnes Gund, David Rockefeller, and Patricia Cisneros attend the 2011 David Rockefeller Award Luncheon at The Museum of Modern Art on March 8, 2011, in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/FilmMagic)


Does this surprise us? Just think about Marina Abramovic, Tony Podesta, Jeff Koons and other art creators, sellers, buyers of the field and their massive operations.
So in the next five years, every major social issue including child trafficking, prostitution, deadly attacks, pedophilia, and the psychopathic behavior will be publicly praised as ART and will be sold at jaw-dropping prices. Is that the translation of what Agnes Gund is saying? Not new to us but still new to many.

Just take a short look and see how everything on this page is talking about injustice, inequality, social justice, black lives matter, etc. that you feel yourself in a battlefield. https://www.fordfoundation.org/ideas/equals-change-blog/by-topic/criminal-justice-reform/



Sonia Agnes Gund with Marina Abramovic


Jeff Koons with Agnes Gund


Ford Foundation is presenting candidates to the Senate, buys judges, controls the media, intensifies the racial and ethnic division, works continuously on creating gender issues, has many hands in space programs and aerosol companies engaged in chemtrails and therefore, whether engineering, influences the laws but the worst of all is that the ford foundation has crafted  the masterpiece of Art for Embassies which is involved in child trafficking and controls the United Nations. Do you know anything more dangerous than this?

Soros’s open society foundation is just a copycat of Ford Foundation. Since 1950 ’s the Ford Foundation has quietly worked to turn the nation’s law schools into progressive communist comrade camps and has profoundly influenced the Supreme Court decisions which “legal clinics” on campus and the courts’ growing willingness to defer to “international law are amongst them. The hysteria regarding Judge Kavanaugh as a Supreme Justice, although I was in favor of another judge, is the voice of the Ford Foundation. You see Soros operatives attack Jeff Flake and the weaponized Congress stabbing Judge Kavanaugh in the heart but as these three foundations work as different branches of the same administration, the justice department is the Ford foundation’s property, and the others work as its operatives. The final target of all these organizations is the Constitution. They knew very well hat they couldn’t touch the Constitution so they have spent 7 decades to reverse the Constitution not by naming it, but by changing the law schools and therefore the future lawmakers that when all united, they can change any law even the Constitution.

In the Sixties and early Seventies, the courts all of a sudden agreed to create wholly new rights at the request of “public interest” lawyers. It was the “right revolution” and it was when the deceptive concept of “public interest” was coined. A regular term in communist and Islamist countries but not common in America. Whatever the dictator governments decide to impose on people is said to be decided upon “public interest.” It is easy, fast, has no boundaries and needs no confines. You don’t want people to eat ice-cream? Tell them that it is not of “public interest” to eat ice-cream because it may exhaust the supply of city’s eggs.

Then lobbyist lawyers emerged in the courtroom for the poor and other traditionally underrepresented groups. These legal campaigns that created the rights revolution were made within the law schools by the same lawyers who were protesting and were already coordinated with funders, sympathetic journalists, and other players. It was all a show. A play that they write it themselves, play it themselves and win it themselves. Law schools housed action centers and provided assistance to others through the student-staffed legal clinics. Ford Foundation has been extremely successful in this field and has established more than 100 clinics.

The victory out of this big circus emerged was what they call it: public interest law. You just chew anything and call it anti-public interest so it would be flushed as fast as a toilet paper.

Ford Foundation is the leader of all other foundations. It is the leader of the New York Times and the media too. Magically Ford foundation strategies and social engineering is the best thing that happens to the world according to different articles in NYT. Ford Foundation is god on their papers. If the foundation would like to have a newspaper, it wouldn’t be written differently from the NYT because according to them, people should kiss the bottom of the Ford Foundation 150 times a day only for its existence.


Walker is aggressively active in fulfilling the United Nations plot to create Smart Cities. Or we may say the United Nation is aggressively active to fulfill Walker’s smart city project. He was the moderator of the October 6, 2009’s Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program and hosted an event and panel discussion focused on creating sustainable global cities. The program highlighted metropolitan models for managing climate change while restoring national economies and advancing opportunities for low-income populations. Brookings President Strobe Talbott, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and UN-HABITAT Executive Director Anna Tibaijuka, and Metropolitan Policy Director Bruce Katz opened the event. Lisa Heinzerling, associate administrator for the Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) presented the administration’s goals on climate change and sustainability. Darren Walker moderated a discussion with U.S. and international leaders on how federal and national policies can empower comprehensive local climate change and sustainability plans.


As you see the sustainability and climate change repeatedly come together. I wrote an extensive article about Smart Cities and how horrendous they would be and how the climate change agenda is designed to fulfill the smart city agenda which all together are means to fulfill the agenda 2030 of the United Nations. To read the Smart City Apocalypse article click here.



Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels addresses
the audience while Darren Walker (Vice
President, Foundation Initiatives of the
Rockefeller Foundation) looks on.


United Nations Development Programme
UNDP Team L-R: Natalia Linou, Magdy Martinez-Soliman, Karolina Mzyk, with Darren Walker, Marcos Neto. See photo here.



Be aware and spread the awareness. Only with awareness, we can defeat them. One brick at a time will crumble their walls.

One brick at a time…

God bless.

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