Bob Saget’s Disgusting Incestuous and Full Of Feces Recollection ;labeled as a “Joke”

Warning. Graphic language. Discretion needed.


Ummm. Jokes….

How can anybody even picture this sh*t let alone joking about? Have you ever thought of these sh*t? Have your mother, father, family or friends ever thought about such depravity?

Satanists do exactly these things in their rituals Coincidence or simply recollecting? Video sent to me by


Bob Saget of the full House with Olsen Twins.

They are in this. This is a man who touched Olsen Twins inappropriately on a national TV for years.


Pure Satanism covered-up by “dark comedy” As I told you many times, Modern Art & Comedy are just coded language for pedophiles. Read my Modern Art Scandal article.


This is what Hollywood doesn’t want us to know.


And this is where Hollywood wants to take us.