–“She Pulled It Herself So They Couldn’t REVOKE It Permanently.”– by CommanderMAGA

On October 12, State Department Revokes Security Clearances For Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, and Four Additional “Research Aides and in the midst of different shocked theories and possible motives my friend Michael (Deplorable_Infidel) sends this article to me. A comment by CommanderMAGA who has always great insights. This is really a gem.


A very interesting comment by CommanderMAGA on Conservative Tree House.

“She pulled it herself before the Security Incident was initiated so it wouldn’t LOOK detrimental to her and her subordinates. Once a Security Incident is initiated (of which Obama held off on), a Security Review has to take place and ALL associated Security Clearances are suspended or revoked pending the investigation. She pulled it first so it doesn’t go on her file and (technically) she wouldn’t be able to get it back and would keep her from running for federal office again.
However, this way, if she runs for president and wins, there is not a Security Violation on her record of it being REVOKED as a security threat. It’s a weasel move and also is telling about her future presidential aspirations.
She pulled it herself so they couldn’t REVOKE it permanently.

I have a little knowledge about TS/SCI, SF86’s, Security Incidents and Background Investigations.
Although this explanation is not exact, I think it gets the point across.
Hillary, Bill and the Obama’s all did something similar with their law licenses.”

State Department Revokes Security Clearances For Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills and Four Additional “Research Aides”…