The Caravan Is Not An Incident But An Intentional Degradation of The West By The United Nations’ Army of Human Molotov


You are looking at the United Nations’ army of human Molotov

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These aren’t little angels coming into our country,” Trump warned the military contractors. Later, at a campaign rally, he reiterated his message, promising to “end sanctuary cities, stop catch and release, visa lotteries, chain migration…and we will kick the drug dealers, murderers and terrorists the hell out of our country.”–President Trump.


The Caravan invaded the Mexican border security and passed it. In the video above, two men are paying people on camera. The “immigrants” are totally clean, well fed and no dirt on their shoes. They are being moved by truck or bus because according to our calculations, there is no way that they can be able to move with that speed. Who is paying them? Who has organized this invasion right in for the November election?





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“The process of this intentional degradation of Europe was a long progressive one. After WW2, the elites gradually started to unite Europe. The time has come for the big hammer on the big scam of the Soviet Union to be brought down. Europe was shaping so not only there was no need for a monster in ex Russia, but also the small countries emerged after the Communist  Soviet Union’s split, should join the European Union Nanny State, and the invisible domination of new world order should finally dominate even the ex-Russian countries.



The strategy of divide and rule was on the stake as usual. However, there was a big obstacle to achieve their victory in crashing all those countries and putting them under the chain of “European Slavery and Domination Union,” and that problem was a phenomenon called ”Vladimir Putin.”

According to one on the evilest advisors in the history of America, Brzezinski and his book, “The Grand Chessboard”, The Middle East, and Europe have to be pushed into two different regional governments. This regionalization is explained in his theory of Eurasia and this process is practical only through destabilization of these regions.



Eurasia, the Middle East, with Iran at the center



Eurasia, Future Europe




That’s why you see the conflict in the Middle-East. Europe should follow the same plan but the elements of destabilization for these two areas are different. Wars and the Palestine-Israeli conflict in the Middle East and the phenomena of refugees in Europe.

Putin, a Christian and a strong leader who put Russia on its feet again, never had faith in European Union. So the shadow government kept its official international relations with Russia on the surface, while measuring the options to overthrow Putin and install their puppet.




The never-ending overthrown of the foreign governments including those who have borders with Russia, labeling their leaders as dictators, creating chaos and putting puppets in the office was part of the plan to gradually surround Russia’s border and Putin with United Nations and European army to shut him down finally.

What could be a better cover up for invading Europe rather than a heartbreaking, soul melting, and humanitarian effort of helping “refugees”?


Refugees or human Molotov Cocktails?

Culture, a combination of different elements obtained and evolved in a country “within” its borders is a gradual process of centuries. Culture always has roots and basics deep in a society that makes it different from another one. As time passes, permanent elements of a culture remain the same. They remain the same as the soil remains the same. As the wheat growing in that soil remains the same and as the water in their lakes remains the same. Those elements are beyond the “individual.” They are the “warp and woof” which shape the individuals of that area as they are.








Besides, you don’t flee to a country which has an inferior culture regarding yours. You choose a better country. Adding an inferior culture to a better one means degrading the “better culture” if there is no assimilation.

The western constitutions mean giving “them” rights to demand more. Right to have a lawyer, right to have food stamps, to protest against you, to vote against you; rights that they didn’t even know they exist. Democracy for you means giving up your rights as xenophobic. Your democracy which has been designed according to “YOUR” race, religion, historical background and beliefs braided an escape rope that became your death rope, and this happens not because they are in danger, not because they flee for their lives but because you were living better so you “should” give it to them.



The invasive immigration is national sovereignty destroyer. No border means no flag. No flag means no government and no government doesn’t mean zero government at all, but an unelected central government. One world government; the Shadow Government or you call it the Deep State. We are living in the greatest era of history.






There could not exist a better description of what immigration really is as Marine Le pen pictured. The big deception: “An ORGANIZED REPLACEMENT of the West’s population.”




Stop letting invaders in just for the fear of being called xenophobic. Stand for what you believe no matter what!”




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