The Role of The United Nations In Destabilizing The World

Define WAR!

The United Nations, (which I documented to be George Soros’s junior secretary) & it’s regional servants; the EU, & Australian-Canadian governments forcefully & intentionally have disarmed the police while importing violent, military age refugees.



In England, I was surprised at the number of cops without the firearms and I saw the same thing in Sweden, Germany, Norway & France. When there is a violent protest, the government sends unarmed police & armed police may only be deployed in extreme cases.



Disarming the police and receiving an army of refugees were 2 parallel and gradual processes, well designed to slowly remove the power of the police & send them at the front line to be useless and slaughtered. NWO hates the police unless the forces R related to the Martial Law.



But in order to reach the point of chaos, civil war and therefore Martial Law, the police need to be weak and to show the force of the rebellion, the police should be slaughtered. This happened in every major country that the globalist created a civil war.



Agenda 2030 (previously Agenda 21) is a serious issue & the UN is not going to give up on something which was the main goal of its creation at the first st place. Establishing the UN & NATO as means of protecting the west against the Soviet Union was a lie & today there is no Soviet Union anymore.





Wars across the globe with the excuse of protecting democracy, manipulating the weather, Geoengineering & modifying seeds, water & food by GMO, school indoctrination & gender modification in kindergartens while attacking borders & degrading the police are all executed by the United Nations.






At the same time, the globalist servants of the UN in the United States advocate abolishing the Second Amendment and banning guns while Twitter, FaceBook & other apps replaced the gun emoji with a water-gun emoji to erase the picture of the gun from people’s conscience while plotting to create a disarmed human-meat population.





That’s why when Donald Trump pays so much attention to the military & the police and plans to stop the lawless immigration, the United Nations confronts him with sending an army of refugees right before the election. Dismantling the UN and stopping Geo, bio, and cultural attacks should be the first goal of every patriot.