Before I start analyzing the document, I have something to say to one of my friends.

In response to a friend who objected for publishing the OSF’s document and his mail system rejects the reply.
Hi, anon. Your concern is acceptable but I have seen and researched that website (realtruenews.org). The guy is probably doxed by thedailybeast and perhaps many others to say he makes up stuff. What a whistleblower will do to protect itself when doxed? He will probably say, yes it’s fake and continues to put up material. Kinda Snopesifying his article. You know fake news Snopes, right? Who will see, will see.

That being said, I look into the content and its consistency. The JENGA doc and the OSF both are very consistent with what I wrote 2 years ago. The language and terms used cannot be the guy’s style comparing to his writing language. The words of the OSF document are visible in the streets, on TV, in the education system and past governments.

I refuse to accept what I see in the streets is false. Besides if you have listened to Soros directly, you see these words are part of his vocabulary.

Many people, not only you, have objected to this document. I listened to them and did my “content” verification. How should we verify a document that a “possible” whistleblower had “possibly” access to some “no-distribution” document and could “probably” take only photos and write it down in a word doc?

You see? As I said in my article, this doc can be 50% true and 50% false. I can’t deny the 50% veracity, I can’t dump it because it might be true, so what do I do? I research the content and if it is consistent, I trust. The steps that the OSF  talked about to take, the tools they stated that they will use, the names are exactly what I wrote 2 years ago, how can I say the “content” is fake?

Unlike what my attackers said “You do it for followers,” I was sure that this document will hurt me and I am sure it will but I took the risk because it awakens so many people. People will think for themselves and their eyes will be open. Will Ella lose followers? Probably. Will she care? Not at all. That’s the price you pay when you believe in what you do. I am on target on my mission.

The different stages of operation according to the terrifying Soros’s OSF leaked doc “U.S Termination 21, The Last Election” (page 6)


Current society is dominated by the Media Narrative. Social Impact is a vector of image intensity and authoritative narrative overlay. In order to achieve both, we will need maximal, short-term impact with a response that is similarly visually distinct.

To this end, Black Lives Matter has been catalyzed and shaped for Direct Action. We have capable, connected leadership in 32 operational cells across multiple metropolitan regions and are taking final steps to operationalize them.

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)


Coordinated Assaults, Maximize Causalities We are working with media producers (see Vine Influencer Recruitment Drive) to create YouTube, traditional media, and Periscope-ready attacks that will produce photogenic causalities viewable across all media channels.

Monetize with MEDIA agreements with friendly parties to create ‘product placement’ in heavily replayed videos of attacks.

KEY IMAGES: · Fire: Vehicles, Business, Homes, People · GOLEM Security: Faceless riot-gear state forces with no showing human skin · Cannibalism: Attack from minorities with symbol keys for ‘savage.’

STAGE 2: Overwhelming Response Democratic and compromised governors will order the National Guard and pre-militarized police forces to the street with majority concurrent. During this time, there will be a media black-out and secondary attacks (Primary targets: Children.

Monetize with pediatric services investment). During this time TARGET LIST (concealed carry permit holders, Tea Party donors, etc.) will be targeted for interment.

KEY IMAGES: · Architecture of Authority: Massive armored vehicles. Fortified state houses and police headquarters. Search-lights. Green Zones. Check Points. · Missing America: Cleared streets. Tear-gas. Closed shops. Dark windows. Curfew notices.

· Refugees: Focus on children. Breadlines. Walking wounded. Barbed wire walls. STAGE 3: State Of Emergency Once OVERWHELMING RESPONSE is established and welcomed then a constant State Of Emergency will be established.

This will be a perma-temp Federal Government with full emergency powers and ‘militarized courts.’ “POWER COMES OUT OF THE LENS OF A CAMERA.” – FRANCIS FOX PIVEN