RealTrueNews.Org Is Hacked, Not fake

I am amazed by what I experienced this past week. After all that we know about the Mockingbird media and their NLP mind control manipulation tactics and institutional propaganda and after an ocean of available information about their psy-ops, all that needed to manipulate us on the authenticity of a website was one laughable article on the  This is severely damaging.

Is that all it takes to grind you into the fake news propaganda machine? Is this any different with what they did for decades? Where is the red-line for us to stop going the same administered direction? When is the red-flag moment for us to start investigating and not falling into the same old pattern of altered talking points?

Many have objected to my last articles which are based on two documents found on RealTrueNews.Org claiming “the website is a parody one which was intended to be satire.” Additionally, the cause of unsettling was just an emergent article on the dailybeast and many of them are less likely to investigate what they hear on the state’s news outlets.

Fortunately, however, and to my surprise, many followers on Twitter had the understanding to stick with the content and see if it is accurate on the basis of what is happening within the society. They could feel the content just as I did. To make full use of our smartness simply needs us to discredit fake news forever not accepting some and rejecting the others. What happened around these articles, indicates an alarm and is fatal to our conservative movement both outwardly and inwardly. Our websites and news are heavily tracked and targeted by Media Matters and if we misremember this, they hit us hard. We should be prudent and cut any kind of state TV’s interference.


Inorder to know how Media Matters operates, you need to read this.


When I wrote about all the plots against humanity that the cabal including the Clinton cartel, Open Society destructive bulldozer and their puppet tools like Media Matters defacto caliph of suppressing news and its Imams; Buzzfeed and the Dailybeast, I knew that those plots are running the show and the plotters are very persistent in what they do. So when I see a detailed plan on RealTrueNews.Org that breaks down the information about the same plots that I wrote about two years ago, should I reject it? I should be insane to do that. I continued to work with all perseverance and celerity on those details and added more articles accordingly.


But now, after these objections, I need to prove my standing on this website and report what I found about it.

RealTrueNews was not a parody or satire website. It is a website with 46 pages up to this moment. It was an extremely anti-Clinton website when it started to work. Its main focus was exposing the Clintons, the Obama administration and after the WikiLeaks emails, exposing the Podesta gang.

It had many articles which regarding its timing when there existed really few websites to expose this type of information, it was doing a really amazing job. Also, the graphics were meaningful. Articles were posted by different admins or writers. Some of them were satire but how? The strategy was to expose reality in the first paragraphs. Then only in those articles that RealTrueNews interviews somebody, those parts become satire but still mocking the Obama-Clinton establishment.  However, it was always consistent in exposing Hillary Clinton in many different aspects.

As I said, it has 46 pages which page 46 is dated June 2, 2016. Therefore June 2016 is the starting point for this website.

I started digging this website from page 46 and coming forward instead of starting from today and going backward.  I took screenshots from almost one or two article on each page so we have about 60 screenshots. The screenshots talk for themselves. They show you how the admin of this website was consistent in exposing the Clintons and there was no mocking of Trump supporters or the President himself. All his articles talk about the president as a hero to save America and this goes on until the election day.

On November 4, he publishes an article about the Wikileaks, Clinton emails as “the Clinton code” “pasta pasta spirit cooking, pizza pizza hotdog.”


Before the election day, the admin is amazed and extremely happy to see Trump’s lead. On Nov 5 and early Nov 6, he is anticipating and you can feel his passion and joy. As a prediction, on early hours November 8, he publishes an article with the news of Trump’s victory in an old-style black and white newspaper. Then another article on late night Nov 8, being shocked by the red voting demographic, and this was his LAST article. The website is hacked.

There is no article after the victory. This is the turning point of this website.

On Oct 11, there is a bizarre article on this website, Titled; hold tight, help is coming, which is actually filled with meaningless phrases. The article doesn’t make any sense but it states pizza; where it has no sense just to downgrade the word pizza. The website extremely shifts the narratives and this happens in the middle of page 24.


From that point and then in page 23, the website becomes an anti-Trump website mocking Trump, conservatives, and Trump supporters, but it starts to focus on attacking Steve Bannon, Breitbart, Alex Jones, and the WikiLeaks, while adding some satire in between. But even that satiric material are very anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton and this continues up to the page 11.

On page 11, after months of mocking and gradually turning into a DNC website, It becomes officially a guerilla anti-Trump propaganda as stringent as possible and doesn’t hide it anymore.


The point is the website, in my opinion, is hacked by Media Matters right after the election somewhere between Nov 8 and Nov 11. They forge the sticker “Fake But True” and add it at the top right of the website as an extension to the page-setting so it will appear on every page.

Then on November 21, we have the Dailybeast article followed by CBC brainwashing operation on November 25 and a phony phone call which can be from anyone. Both thedailybeast and CBCnews start their article with “Marco Chacon, the “blogger” from Florida.

Marco who??

The blogger? Blogger where? There is no Marco Chacon the blogger.

These are two Marco Chacons that you can find on the internet.




And this is the other one which is absoluely fake. Fake page fake photo.



The first guy has an Instagram page here.



He seems to be a guy from Brazil or El Salvador, speaks Spanish and is only into traveling, playing guitar, partying, his family and his dogs. He is no way into politics. I am not even sure if he speaks English or not. It seems he had a trip to the United States with his family, there is a photo which they are at the airport to fly, then he visits South Carolina and California and comes back to his country and his family business and university classes. That’s all about the guy. He probably doesn’t even know that the Dailybeast is using his name. Or perhaps the Dailybeast is talking about another Marco Chacon because they present him as Marco from Florida while this guy had a visit to California. So who is he? How come a “blogger” as they famously call him as he is a known blogger everywhere, has no picture and face interview?


But pay attention, our focus is NOT merely whether this Marco is the author of or not (which is not), but on the shift of the narratives that happened on before and after the election. Even a parody account owner has a strategy according to what he believes. he is either anti-Clinton OR pro-Clinton and that doesn’t change or hasn’t to do with being satire. If I am pro-Clinton, I will make Satiric articles which make Clinton look better, not worse. How can he talk about Hillary Clinton selling baby parts through Planned Parenthood to pay for her campaign? Or how can he call her a criminal murderer? If so, why did he not continue to do that and all of a sudden started to attack Trump, NRA, Bannon, Breitbart? He was actually a Bernie supporter in June but even then an anti-Hillary.

But the narratives are interesting. They go exactly at the pace of the mainstream media and especially, Media Matters. That means, right after the election, the narratives start with:


Putin elected Trump

Trump Supporters are Nazis

Trump fails

Trump gropes women

Conservatives are silly and make stories about pizza


While the narratives before the election were focused on:


The Clinton Foundation

Soros Open Society

Worldwide plot against America

New World Order

Military documents

FaceBook as an information dealer

Podesta brothers as criminals

Planned Parenthood as a baby parts dealer

Hillary as the owner of a  killer team


How possibly the narratives shifted between November 8 and November 11?

Do you remember Rudy Giuliani’s website on Nov 20, 2016, when he talked about pizzagate?

His website was down right after that tweet.


The real story is here. RealTrueNews.Org is hacked by Media Matters right after the election. Their crisis team commands the Dailybeast to create a narrative. On Oct 21, they “create” this Marco Chacon who had never an article ANYWHERE, promotes him as a “blogger” and publishes the “I write fake news” article.


Then on October 25, four days later, here comes the article on CBC, repeating the NLP repetition codes: fake news, it can’t be true, it is so silly to be true, people will never believe, Trump supporters are easy to manipulate, they fake conspiracies, not true, not true, not true. … all to penetrate in your mind and fix it in a way to matches their narratives.


Not yet enough, this Marco nonexistent Chacon makes a phone call to CBC news and pushes the narrative that I am a faker, I fake articles, I exaggerate as I never thought Trump supporters are this stupid to believe me.

You can listen to the phone call to CBC here. The Controlling Interest is exaggerating. They both try to project and maintain a Longview.



Somebody who pretends to be this Marco Chacon calls the radio show and we should all be convinced that this person is Marco and Marco is the RealTrueNews blogger and this Marco exists. Listen to the audio file narrative and talking points. Since when a voice and a name associated with it can become an evidence?? Where is the real admin? Is he silenced? Threatened? Definitely not paid. Not Media Matters style.

And that’s all.

All that was needed to manipulate many conservatives. Not even one person came out to say hey; who is this Marco? Why should we believe the Dailybeast? Are they not famous for making up stuff? Is there not a propaganda Act actively since 2013 by the Obama administration to CREATE fake news and narratives? We never believe CNN, why should we believe the Dailybeast or CBC? Who is Buzzfeed and the Dailybeast? Are they not bullying hammers of Media Matters??


Here is the Dailybeast article on Oct 21, mentioning Marco Chacon as the writer, self-promoting him as the owner of and claiming: I write fake news. I intend it to be satire but people took it seriously. Here is the article. 


In part of this article he says:

“For people who are desperate, however, believing in grand master plans to bring them down—no matter how obviously fake they immediately appear to be—is almost a necessity.

For moderates, I think it’s a bit easier to avoid pitfalls: The mainstream news may not always be accurate on everything but there is a lot of it and they get the main points right. For conservatives, there is no trusted media. There are only trusted positions.

Breitbart, World Net Daily, even InfoWars now count as on-my-side places where they believe the real truth lies. When the only news you are willing to believe is partisan news, you are susceptible to stories written “in your language” that are complete, obvious, utter fabrications.

RealTrueNews has Trump signifiers all over it. The language use is from right-wing blogs. Several of the articles are written with overt sexism or implicit racism that comes from the alt-right. This is like the protein shell of a virus that allows it to penetrate a cell. The “DNA” payload—the story itself—is then injected straight into the brain, bypassing critical thought.

This is a problem on the very far left as well: The doctrine that Bernie had his nomination forcibly stolen or that the Democrats are colluding warmongers seeking literal thermonuclear destruction is deep and entrenched. The difference is that on the left, it is not nearly as monetized.

The main voices are far more mainstream, like Rachel Maddow and Stephen Colbert. The Rush Limbaughs of the left either do not properly exist or reach far, far fewer people. There are fake stories, but the media machine to promote them and sell advertising with them is not yet mature.”


In another part he says:

“Some of the stories took a whole lot of effort for very little immediate payoff.

For one, I found out that Correct The Record, a pro-Clinton super PAC that intends to “correct the record on Hillary” on Reddit and Twitter had a Slack chatroom—but it was CorrectRecord. CorrectTheRecord wasn’t taken.

So I took it. I signed up a bunch of users, created 4 personalities, and had a chat about hunting and (maybe) killing meme thought-leaders on 4chan and Reddit. I had been looking in the public financials for a pay-out to something that looked shady and I didn’t find anything—but I wound up using first-initial/last names of real people who were paid by Correct The Record and people were able to figure it out.

I also had the analysts arguing about not wanting more lunch from We The Pizza, a real pizza place from which Correct The Record had frequently ordered. When internet sleuths googled We The Pizza, they were stunned to discover it was a real place in the middle of Washington, D.C.—just down the street from CTR’s offices!”


You know that “CorrectTheRecord” belongs to David Brock of Media Matters, founded by George Soros and that David Borock was James Alefantis of Comet pizza’s boyfriend right? And he is talking about pizza and says that Comet pizza is a nice place in DC. Do you recognize the A$$ cleaning mission that they are accomplishing here for Comet ping-pong?


This is the article on CBC news. See the CBC article here.



Staggering video links and one-page blogs that have no content or meaning and videos are non- existent. What they needed were just some links that when you search this Marco Chacon, show up. That’s all, they didn’t need more.

And very sadly, they were effective to drag you in. Why did you?

You shouldn’t trust me, but you shouldn’t trust anyone. You should search everything and verify. When you find an article which is a good one but you can’t confirm its 100% veracity, like what I found on JENGA Protocol, read it, put it aside and when you see a visible sign outside that confirms it, take it and consider it again. Consistency is the concrete to build our foundation and never trust the mainstream media. How could you trust them this time??

Do you see the headline here? Marco Chacon The Queen of FakeNews. NLP tactic, the only purpose of this sentence is “the queen of fake news,” at the beginning. There is nothing more here other than that, no article, no video just an NLP mind control link.




Now let’s start reading the website’s old articles starting on page 46, dated June 2, 2016. Look at the articles, headlines, and messages that each article is trying to convey. There is a lot of information on this website before November 11, 2016, and it is amazing.

Here we start with this one. Exposing Hillary and Planned Parenthood. Is it anything different than what we were saying about them?


Does this one look satire? A young man who thinks his future is stolen because of the corporate-state, regulations and the systematic mafia in high places? Has the “truth” become satire these days?


Or this one when the article says: “Obama has decimated our military. First, he wrecked morale by forcing American patriots to share barracks with gay troops. Then, he set the Rules of Engagement so specifically that troops that fire on Muslims must undergo mandatory anger-management and diversity instruction.”


Or his frustration here, Hillary and Bernie who didn’t stand for his supporters?


What about Benghazi story here? Does it not match what we already know?

The article says:

“CLAIM: Numerous assertions by Obama/Clinton that the Benghazi attack had to do with an obscure YouTube Video, that no standdown was ordered against a rescue attempt, etc.


INVESTIGATION: It’s been tried a lot. All 9 of the congressional investigations have come to the same inescapable conclusion–the Obama / Clinton administration was not just engaged in election-year spin in their response to the Benghazi attack but actually coordinated the attack themselves and covered it up with some larger goal in mind.

Below is an accurate timeline of the Benghazi attack as uncovered by Rep. Trey Gowdy. These facts are plainly available to anyone who watches the footage of the investigation or reads any of the official government reports about it.”

This is one of their satire articles. You can perfectly notice the difference. He is targetting Jill Stein for fun because she lied about the vaccines and changed her position when started her campaign.


“Make Hillary cry during the debates.”

Pretty Trump fan style. Isn’t it?


Is he talking about Adrenochrome here? Isn’t he quite ahead of what has been published by the WikiLeaks?


This is the article that triggered Media Matters. The phone call audio on CBC news says that the Podesta emails in November made him think and changed his direction.

Credible? Why should they? In a collection of adrenochrome, murder accusations, and other anti-Clinton website, why should Podesta emails be triggering? Triggering to whom? Ummm… I guess we know whom we are talking about. The Podesta emails are triggering to the Podesta gang and therefore to Alefantis and accordingly to David Brock of Media Matters. The elimination decision and attemps to hack the website should have come right here after this article.



The website is still alive and anticipates the election.

November 8, early hours. Predicts tomorrow newspapers with joy.

November 8, late night. Monitors the demographics with extasy.



Here, the website is hacked. No news of the victory anymore.

Not even one article until the Nov 11’s meaningless and confusing so they can figure out how to manage the website and move forward. How to write.

In the middle of page 24, and exactly on November 11, 2016, everything turned upside down. They start with this meaningless article that is not clear what message is going to send but something is clear. Play with the word “pizza” in a non-related phrase to make it look ridiculous while normalizing its presence.



On page 23 and from December 5, everything is ridiculously anti trump, anti-Bannon, pro-nazi, stupid stories, pizzagate and other.

This article is related to the fake CNN conservative stupid set up that a man attacks Comet Pizza with a gun because of the alternative media “lies” abot the pizzagate.

Starts to attack Infowars, Breitbart and other conservative websites. It creates a Nazi logo for Breitbart.


Then jumps on the pee-pee dossier and seem to be so in hurry and normally so stupid that they don’t even wait for sometime to hide their identity. They are so into it that they don’t think what if subscribers and followers of this website, notice this extremely obvious shift from right to left. They simply don’t care and besides with a limited capacity of their brain, we can’t expect a plan. You should always know that with people on the left side, you can definitely find enough evidence for what you are investigating simply because some evident facts remain outside of their brain capacity.

The Trumps supporters mocking project becomes hostile. The Confederate flag is equal to Nazi symbols. Trump supporters are Nazis and these narratives creators are so illiterate to know you can’t write Nazi and America who fought with them and defeated them at the same time.



Non-stop attacks on Bannon. If you remember my Media matters article, then you know on that secret memo, Steve Bannon was one of the first and major targets and as you see here from the first rigged articles up to here, they instantly started to attack Bannon. Meaning? The entity who has hacked this website is following the steps on the Media Matters leaked memo. Therefore, another confirmation that Media Matters has mostly hacked this website.

Interviews are all fake and Trump supporters mockery. The message of all narratives is this: Trump supporters must lose faith in Trump because he is failing. The NLP repetition is like the code is:

He is not winning, he is failing

He is not winning, he is failing

He is not winning, he is failing

He is not winning, he is failing

And to make it worse they even forget to change the fake Trump supporters. They used this person with different names in different posts.


Nazi, Alt-right, Hitler, is the message of all posts.

Anti-Breitbart, pro-Comey satire.


This article hit me hard. An extremely anti-DNC, anti-Clinton/Podesta website and an ex Bernie supporter writes a mockery about Seth?

He writes” You know him as your “shitty” conspiracy theory.”

How can somebody be so disrespectful, savage and so evil t write such a thing about an assassinated young man, a DNC staffer, Bernie supporter whose name at the date was on every news outlet?

Guess who…

” I am making an example of a leaker….”

If this one doesn’t convince you that this website is hacked, nothing will.


Again: Failing..failing ..failing

Again: Failing, not winning, losing…

Russia hysteria. Russian collusion dellusion.

Now, the message here is interesting: “Don’t listen to 9/11 conspiracies or you will look as stupid as flat-earthers.

Don’t do this, don’t do that… We know better, you are stupid”

Just as written on Media Matters secret memo; the website attacks NRA.


Pushing the pee-pee dossier.


The Message: there is always a reason to be labeled as a Nazi. Stephen Miller’s forehead is huge so he is a Nazi.

At this point, Q is the subject and they haven’t predicted this so they have a message, they just don’t know what it is until they figure it out!



May 30, 2017, is the last posting date.

There was a lot here for you to investigate.

Search everything. Don’t let them manipulate you with the same tactics.

Use your brain and stick into the consistency of a content.

God bless.


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