Archbishop of Canterbury Declares God Gender Neutral But Why Is He On The Adrenochrome List?

There is no way on earth to consider this as a coincidence.

Archbishop of Canterbury Declares God Gender Neutral.

As you may remember this thread, a person named has put up this page and named 13 people related to Adrenochrome industry. At first glance, the profile looks fake to most people. But when I looked at the names that were all on my special list, I couldn’t agree with this being a hoax. Nobody had that information to link these people with the Pope, Media Matters or Jeff Koons in that order. This couldn’t be a hoax but definitely a whistleblower.

The interesting point to me was the Archbishop of Canterbury. I had no information about him being connected to the deep layers of the cabal. And now today, reading this article and watching him talking bigger than his mouth and calling almighty God’s gender as neutral, is there anybody to question his connections? How possibly a man of God stabs the church from within?

The connections in my different articles all sum up. Jeff Koons has the control over Saudi Connections while Clinton Foundation has the control of Haiti. The Pope & Archbishop are gems worldwide & Media Matters & David Brock represent all Podesta team. I don’t think this is a hoax. A hoax won’t name the exact people.

The Archbishop is the link of the City of London and the royal ring of the cabal. Media Matters and Podesta team has the DC ring of the cabal. Marina Abramovic is close to Jeff Koons and flies with him every time for Saudi meetings in Dubai. She has been seen many times with Koons in Dubai. The Pope has Europe and African ring of the cabal. God this is huge. Trudeau is the link between Canada and the Clinton Foundation.


To know about Jeff Koons and Saudi Connections involving Marina Abramovic, you need to read this article.