The Khashoggi Mystery Finally Solved

AlWaleed=9/11 architect

9/11=CIA Khashoggi=AlWaleed’s right hand

Killing Khashoggi=Attacking AlWaleed+CIA

Attacking CIA=Media Outrage

The Killer is not the Crown Prince.

It is Iran.

Iran’s killings are very painful. They have a torturing background against their enemies outside Iran. The description of dismembering very well fits their methods of killing.

MBS or Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman is ultra-intelligent. Just ask @ThonasWictor.

He knows him very well. MBS would never do anything to hurt the agreement with Trump and the new relationship. The Saudi Arabian embassy was in Erdogan’s Turkey. Turkey and Iran are in a  brotherhood agreement. Both up for an Islamic Caliphate and both under Trump’s fiery attacks. They managed to capture Khashoggi together.

Iran is SA’s enemy no matter who is in power & Killing the CIA man will hurt Trump’s political relation with Suadi Arabia’s anti-globalist new government.

Some people asked me what if Khashoggi is alive and all this is just a theater?

I analyzed this hypothesis within the first ones and it was rejected as the Crown Prince MBS (his enemy) declared that Khashoggi is dead. People usually don’t make paths with the enemy.

Another thing that I should add is that people call all tribes of Saudi Arabia As Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has different tribes who are enemies. They may be even cousins but enemies. The previous 9/11 Alwaleedian government is the enemy of the present Crown Prince MBS.

Obama is with AlWaleed’s team while Trump is with MBS anti-globalist team who are frustrated with what Al-Waleed and his power have done.


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