France Fights The New Word Order-Not A Tax Protest-France Burns In Fire Of The Great Awakening


Look at this as the first uprising against the UN-EU scum. Do NOT look at France as a European country which has no connection to the U.S. This is not a separate incident from our anti-globalist movement.  What happens in France against the EU will spread entire Europe. Whatever the result, it will be the same in the United States if any uprising against the UN happens. Do you remember Macron’s call for the EU army to fight Nationalism in the United States? Do you recall when Bono called for the United Nations’ army to fight the U.S? This is it. It is here.



Associated Press: Bono says existence of UN, EU and NATO are threatened: ‘What they’ve achieved is at risk”





This is outrages! Watch the man kneeled with the flag being crashed and dragged by the EU police.

The sign says: This is not Marrakech








Here is an article on ConservativeTreeHouse:

1,400 Arrests in France as Yellow Vest Protests Spread Across Europe…

French President Emmanuel Macron may have maneuvered to block the growing uprising, but it’s quite possible he’ll lose his presidency in the process. French police took a much more aggressive posture this weekend.  The violence is disturbing.

In an effort to stop a replay of last week’s violence, French police moved in pre-dawn raidsto round up those they identified as leaders of the Yellow Vest protest movement. In the city of Paris over 800 arrests were made by Macron’s forces and the French military were deployed. Overall, throughout France more than 1,400 arrests were made so far.

As the sun set, less organized protests continued as frustrated French set fire to cars, burned barricades and smashed windows in isolated geographic pockets within the city. Police forces were boosted to around 8,000 across Paris, with EU armored vehicles deployed in the city of lights for the first time in modern history. The pictures are stunning.

The Daily Mail has a pictorial of the events – SEE HERE

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The are not just in Paris. Here, young Belgians protest the European Parliament in Brussels. Europe has had enough of being lectured by globalists

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So now we have combat ready armored vehicles with the EU flag which are being used against unarmed European protesters who are demonstrating against a pro EU authoritarian regime.

Still think the is a “project for peace”?

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  1. Penned in, no way out, and gassed. Looks like they are shaking a nest on yellow-jackets

    Nigel Farage (yesterday)…on the Paris riots (FOX news)…