Chairman of NATO Military Committee Was Chief of The General Staff of The Nazi Army

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General (lieutenant) Adolf Ernst Heusinger at a briefing on the Eastern Front in 1942 with Adolf Hitler


Lieutenant-General Adolf Heusinger (left) and Lieutenant-General Hans Speidel, Chief of Army Group B, later provided for the smooth integration of the Bundeswehr into NATO, with Federal Minister of Defense Theodor Blank on presentation of the certificates of appointment for the first 101 Bundeswehr volunteers (photo below)


Chairman of the Military Committee of NATO in Washington from 1961 to 1964. Pictures: Archive Federal Archives





Adolf Heusinger (August 4, 1897 – November 30, 1982), Chief of the General Staff of the Nazi Army during World War II and the first Inspector General of the Bundeswehr, the West German armed forces, from 1957 to 1961 became the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee from 1961 to 1964.


As usual, we see another high-rank Nazi officer with close ties to Hitler, promoted as Chairman of one of the most crucial organizations like NATO. In previous articles, we researched the history of many political figures in the United Nations, the European Union and major organizations like NASA. Today we investigate NATO. All these organizations are tied together.

Except for the European Union, which has emerged from the Treaty of Rome decades after the end of WW2, the UN, NASA, and NATO have all been established right after WW2 and the purpose of their existence are all related to WW2. All of them exist with the excuse of protecting/defending/joining countries against a danger like WW2. If WW2 which was the effect and the continuance of WW1, wouldn’t have happened, these organizations would have never come to existence. Now that we know the cabal has always financed both sides of wars, can we see these organizations from a different angle? Can we realize that the NWO plan which has been fully put in action in 1913 by creating The Federal Reserve led western countries into wars and eastern countries into their manufactured communism?

Can we argue that the global wars only served to shape mechanisms which put these organizations into existence?


Heusinger entered the Imperial German Army on June 17, 1915, and was promoted to Ensign (Fähnrich) on March 31, 1916. He was commisioned a lieutenant on July 4, 1916. He was wounded at Verdun and in Flanders and was imprisoned by the British army. After being freed from British captivity, in October 1931, he was assigned to the operations staff of the Troop Office in the Reichswehr Ministry. He was made a senior lieutenant in April 1925 and a captain in October 1932.

He was made chief operations officer of the 11th Division in October 1935, where he served until August 1937. With the rise of Adolf Hitler’s power, in August 1937, Heusinger was first assigned to the Operations Staff of the Army General Staff as a general staff officer and promoted to lieutenant colonel later in April 1939. He was promoted to colonel on August 1, 1940, and chief of general staff on October 15, 1940.

During World War II He assisted in the planning of operations in Poland, Denmark, Norway, and France. In October 1940, making him man number three in the Army planning hierarchy.

Heusinger remained chief of the Operations and was promoted to General lieutenant. In June 1944, Heusinger became Chief of the General Staff of the Army and attended the meeting at Adolf Hitler’s “Wolf’s Lair” on July 20, 1944, standing next to Hitler when the bomb planted by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg exploded.

Hospitalized for his injuries in the explosion, Heusinger was arrested and interrogated by the Gestapo to ensure if he had any role. Later on March 25, 1945, he was made chief of armed forces mapping matter.

Heusinger was taken prisoner by the Western Allies in May 1945 and testified in Nuremberg Trials.

He was not accused by Nuremberg and instead, he became an advisor on military matters to Konrad Adenauer, the Chancellor of West Germany in 1950 and an advisor of the Ministry of Defense in 1955.

In April 1961, he was appointed Chairman of the NATO Military Committee in Washington, D.C., where he served until 1964 when he retired.

Heusinger died in Cologne on November 30, 1982.

If Adolf Hitler was the man responsible for WW2, and if he and his staff were really dead, how do we see them years later in different official positions?

Adolf Hitler being alive after the war and his theatric suicide is not a secret anymore. The latest CIA JFK files released by Trump administration prove Hitler was alive until February 13, 1962, at 3 pm. CIA’s project Paperclip and MKUltra files prove Nazis were mostly transferred in the United States by the CIA with Allen Dulles’ leadership. We are not going to argue this.


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“-Project Paperclip and importing Nazi war criminals

“But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more in this. Hugh Hefner was a psychologist and MKUltra programmer/handler. Porn Operation and MKUltra, the “Trauma Based Mind Control Program” are part of an older operation ”Paperclip” which was presented by the Third Reich, and after WW2 operated by CIA and the Vatican through its P2 lodge. Paperclip (1949–1990) was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program in which over 1,500 Nazi German scientists and technicians from Germany and around the world were brought to the United States to be employed in the aftermath of World War II. The Nazi’s didn’t lose; they just moved to America. The process of “denazification” of Germany was indeed capped by Nazification of the CIA.

-CIA becomes the new Third Reich

“Paperclip was a covert as the U.S law had prohibited Nazi officials from immigrating to America and when in 1946 President Truman authorized Project Paperclip, he explicitly excluded anyone from Nazi Party. So when the list of scientists presented by the War Department’s Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA), the Justice Department immediately rejected their backgrounds and visas were denied.

“The furious JIOA Director; “Bosquet Wev” wrote a memo warning: “The best interests of the United States have been subjugated to the efforts expended in ‘beating a dead Nazi horse.’”

“He manipulated the DOJ department by claiming that the return of these scientists to Germany would be more dangerous as they could be exploited by America‘s enemies like the Soviet Army. He called the danger of the return of the scientist: “far greater security threat to this country than any former Nazi affiliations which they may have had or even any Nazi sympathies that they may still have.”

“At that point, CIA director Allen Dulles met with Nazi Intelligence leader Reinhard Gehlen and promised him that his Intelligence unit was safe in the CIA. So to eliminate incriminating evidence and to convince the DOJ, Allen Dulles ordered to rewrite the scientist’s dossier. This is how the Military Intelligence of the United States at the time, “cleansed” the files of Nazi references. By 1955, more than 760 German scientists had been granted citizenship in the U.S. and given significant positions in the American scientific community. Many had been longtime war criminal members of the Nazi party with crimes against humanity. Death doctors, chemists, and mind control psychologists of the Gestapo who used the slave labor and had conducted experiments on humans at concentration camps but fled the Court of Nuremberg. Through Dulles, Nazi Intelligence unit of the cold-hearted crazy scientist was completely delivered to the CIA. If you wonder why most people in higher positions, who act strangely have German surnames, here is the reason.

-Paperclip Treason

 “Dr. Mengele, (later known in America as Dr. Green) and his bone-chilling crimes against humanity in America are the fruit of this special “Paperclip Treason” of the CIA, and that’s why since then, CIA is a un-American, anti-people and subversive unit which has formed a Fourth Reich government in its core.

“MKUltra trains sex slaves through “Project Monarch.” These slave subjects are used, sold, bought, exchanged, loaned in order to entrap, blackmail, compromise, recruit, coerce and monitor the targets. They are human-robot sex slave spies.”


So it was not only Heusinger; Chief of the General Staff of the Hitler’s Army who was promoted Chairman of the NATO Military Committee in Washington, D.C but also Nazi Intelligence leader Reinhard Gehlen, who was chief of the Wehrmacht Foreign Armies East military-intelligence unit during WW2 promoted spymaster of the CIA-affiliated anti–Communist Gehlen Organisation for the United States between 1946–56.

According to Wikipedia: “On 22 May 1945, Gehlen surrendered to the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) of the U.S. Army in Bavaria and was taken to Camp King, near Oberursel, and there interrogated by Captain John R. Boker. The American Army recognized his potential value as a spymaster with great knowledge of Soviet forces and anti-communist intelligence contacts in the USSR. In exchange for his liberty and the liberty of his command (prisoners of the U.S. Army), Gehlen offered the Counter Intelligence Corps access to the FHO’s intelligence archives, and to his anti-communist espionage network in the Soviet Union, known later as the Gehlen Organization.[3] Boker removed his name and those of his Wehrmacht command from the official lists of German prisoners of war and transferred seven FHO senior officers to join Gehlen.[citation needed]

“Reinhard Gehlen as a Wehrmacht Major General in 1945.

“The FHO archives were unearthed and secretly taken to Camp King, ostensibly without the knowledge of the camp commander.[citation needed] By the end of summer 1945, Boker had the support of Brigadier General Edwin Sibert, the G2 (senior intelligence officer) of the U.S. Twelfth Army Group,[11] who arranged the secret transport of Gehlen, his officers and the FHO intelligence archives, authorized by his superiors in the chain of command, General Walter Bedell Smith (chief of staff for General Eisenhower), who worked with William Donovan (former OSS chief) and Allen Dulles (OSS chief), who also was the OSS station chief in Bern. On 20 September 1945, Gehlen and three associates were flown from the American Zone of Occupation in Germany to the U.S., to become spies for the U.S. Government.

“Since he started working for the U.S. Government, Gehlen had been subordinate to US Army G-2 (Intelligence). He resented this arrangement and in 1947, the year after his Organisation was established, Gehlen arranged for a transfer and became subordinate to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA kept close control of the Gehlen Organisation, because for many years during the Cold War of 1945–91, its agents were the CIA’s only eyes and ears on the ground in the countries of the Eastern Bloc.[citation needed]”

The Gehlen Organisation in transition: CIA report on the negotiations to establish the BND (1952) of West Germany. “Public domain”

(FHO stands for Fremde Heere Ost)

Reinhard Gehlen was the legendary intelligence operator and one of the greatest spy managers of not only Nazi Germany but also worldwide. After seeking a refuge in the United States, he had established a parallel state in his own country Germany during the years of the Cold War. After Adolf Hitler’s fake suicide in 1945, Reinh Gehlen resigned from the military command and delivered the microfilm of many of his spies to the US. He and his organization founded a Masonic hierarchy of parallel bureaucrat government with exclusive community organizations. He was also the founder of the Federal Secret Service of Germany under the CIA, the leader and the owner of the US parallel state in Germany. In Gehlen’s memoirs; “From Hitler’s Shelter to Pentagon” we read a few sentences which he had written to Retired Staff Lieutenant Talat Turhan where he (Gehlen)  justifies betrayal. He says: “The only environment where the betrayal can be morally justified is the environment in which a national obligation exists.”

Perhaps Gehlen was the most talented traitor-spy in the history of intelligence in the twentieth century.




After the war, Gehlen went to the United States but returned to Germany on December 6, 1946, after a short stay. Here he set up an organization named South Germany Industrial Development Organization. This structure was created to mask the Gehlen’s covert intelligence operations against the Soviets. The Gehlen Organization was actually a clandestine organization working for the CIA. During the Cold War, this organization had long been the ear of the CIA in the Soviet Union. In the organization, there were 350 ex-intelligence and 4,000 spies carefully selected. The group was later referred to as the Gehlen Organization or the Organization in short. The Gehlen Organization turned into the Federal Secret Service of Germany (BND). Gehlen died on June 8, 1979.

It is important to pay attention to the history of post WW2 West Germany’s government. With what you have read here, it is clear that West Germany’s government was CIA ‘s government. Whoever after that date has formed a government as well as its political view has been under total control and influence of the CIA. A CIA which has been formed by hiring the most dangerous Nazi War criminals as its directors, head of different departments and senior employees. My question now is, with the emergence of this information, are we still suspicious when we see Nazi German surnames within the FBI, DOJ or the CIA?

If East Germany was defeated by West Germany and the prominent government of West Germany became the only government of entire Germany while it was set up by the CIA, is it hard to guess why do we have Angela Merkel as Germany’s head of the state and Europe?




Nazis have patiently continued their governance by gradually taking over the world, country by country and people were just satisfied and convinced by watching Hitler’s fake burnt body. They were too tired of war and so willing to celebrate to find time to pay attention. Besides who would have even believed that wars and genocides are our own governments’ tools of obtaining their NASA, NATO, the United Nations, and the European Union? Who would have thought that the United Nations is there to be the kingdom of Nazis and enemy of the people? And NATO will be its military branch? That NASA will be the center of genetic corruption and secret space programs to create and move a secretive post-war population of genetically modified humans? Humans with animal content, animals with human content, hybrids, clones and experimental new forms of transhumanism with creatures whom we don’t have a clear name for them yet?


How many people should we examine? In RING OF THE CABAL, we investigated the United Nations and the controversy around its charter. Not yet enough, Kurt Josef Waldheim; 21 Dec 1918 – 14 June 2007, the Austrian politician, was the fourth Secretary-General of the United Nations. He held the position from 1972 to 1981 and became President of Austria from 1986 to 1992, was Nazi Germany’s intelligence officer during World War II in Thessaloniki, Greece, and Yugoslavia.

How can we relate these positions together?

Waldheim served in the Austrian Army from 1936 to 1937 then personally applied for membership in the National Socialist German Students’ League (NSDStB), which was a division of the Nazi Party before he officially became a registered member of the mounted corps of the SA. SA or “German Sturmabteilung” (Stormtroopers) was the Nazi Party’s first paramilitary with a full blueprint of community organizing.

Hitler and Hermann Göring with SA stormtroopers at Nuremberg in 1928 (Photo and citation by Wikipedia)

The organization paved the road for Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. The resemblance of the SA with today’s Antifa and Chicago’s community organizers is stunning. It’s time to accept that the Chicago community organizers which groomed Barack Obama and Antifa tactics all emerge from the SA Nazi blueprint. They protected Nazi rallies and assemblies by disrupting the meetings of opposing parties. They attacked paramilitary units of the opposing parties and intimidated Romanis and especially Jewish people during the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses.

Photo by Wikipedia

His role in the Nazi Party came out of his autobiography when he was running for president in Austria in 1986.

As we mentioned above, he was an officer for the mounted corps of the SA Nazi Germany in the Second World War. His role in Operation Kozara in 1942 in which prisoners were shot within 35 yards of Waldheim’s office and 22 miles from the Jasenovac concentration camp is imminent. Waldheim later stated that “he did not know about the murder of civilians there. He was not convicted of war crimes, but as an officer, he must have known about the killings and also about the deportation of 40.000 Jews into concentration camps. How on earth a man who was not allowed to travel to the United States became the Fourth Secretary General of the UN?? Was he not convicted because he hadn’t committed any crime or his exclusive pass was due to his intelligence? His visa was not among those tricky Paperclip visas which Allen Dulles personally signed. Waldheim was not a German scientist experimenting for Dulles. This Nazi German military commander first became Austrian representative for the United Nations then was promoted the UN’s, Secretary General.

You know, if you steal a loaf of bread you go to jail but to remain free, you need to steal $Billions. The same rule applies to criminals. If you are a Nazi, everybody will know it if you apply for low-level ordinary jobs. In order to remain anonymous and obscure your history, you need to run for the United Nations.

According to Wikipedia:

“Much historical interest has centered on Waldheim’s role in Operation Kozara in 1942.[7]According to one post-war investigator, prisoners were routinely shot within only a few hundred meters (yards) of Waldheim’s office,[8] and 35 kilometres (22 mi) away at the Jasenovac concentration camp. Waldheim later stated that “he did not know about the murder of civilians there”.[8]

Waldheim’s name appears on the Wehrmachts “honor list” of those responsible for the militarily successful operation. The Nazi puppet state, the Independent State of Croatia, awarded Waldheim the Medal of the Crown of King Zvonimir in silver with an oak branches cluster.[9] Decades later, during the lobbying for his election as U.N. Secretary General, Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito, who had led anti-German forces during the war, awarded Waldheim one of the highest Yugoslav orders.[10]”


Photo from The United Nation



Maybe that is why King Edward who everybody knew was the closest friend to Nazis is watching the little Queen Elizabeth practicing her Hitler salute while her queen mother teaches her. The Nazis didn’t go anywhere. They have never been defeated. They have just spread worldwide. Maybe the Windsor’s love for the Nazis has deep roots in what they have planned for the world. I am sure you all know that the British Royals are German and not British but if you need further information just read RING OF THE CABAL which fully explains their history.



King Edward-VIII-with-Hitler



Queen with Hitler salute, I'm not surprised! 842035




This is the perfect moment to look into some old articles when even writing them would look strange but I imagine it is not bizarre anymore as broken pieces of the puzzle emerge every day and shine a bright light on the whole picture.

What a tangled web we weave…





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