The President’s Symbolic Message to FIJI Water, NXIVM And The Golden Globes’ FIJI Girl


Remember when drank from a FIJI bottle coming back from his trip to Asia and especially after a flight over FIJI island? That was a signal to tell us he has the control and the knowledge about the FIJI island and NXIVM sex cult child traffickers.

Now the Golden Globes is serving FIJI bottles and not yet enough “the mysterious blue lady” with the FIJI bottles “who has stolen the show” is adding weight on FIJI bottles to grab the attention. Is Golden Globes sponsored by FIJI child traffickers? The evidence shows it is.

Below is the article by The West Journal which explains the mockings on drinking from a FIJI bottle in the middle of a press conference at the White House.

Reporters Mock Trump for Drinking Fiji Water During Presser – Then Eric Bolling Points Out the Truth


“President Donald Trump sparked a frenzy among reporters on Wednesday when he paused his speech to rummage through his podium looking for water. In fact, his choice of beverage and how he drank it overshadowed his news conference.

Trump spoke publicly at the White House for the first time since returning from his five-nation tour of Asia. But instead of focusing on his speech, many reporters criticized and mocked the president for taking two sips of water from a Fiji bottle.”

“They don’t have water,” he said after pausing momentarily to search the podium. “That’s OK.” Someone off-screen then indicated that there was a bottle of water, and Trump reached down to retrieve it.”

“But as former Fox News Eric Bolling pointed out, Fiji Water is actually an American company. “B4 U go there…. Fiji Water is sourced in Fiji but the company is headquartered in LA, California. They pay US taxes. & the imports are GOOD 4 our vast global trade imbalances”


But for those of us working on child trafficking gangs, we very well know that FIJI water sponsors many child trafficking gangs in Asia and we also know what meant by drinking from that bottle in that way suggesting two handcuffed hands and in that special conference just coming back from Asia. Let that sink.


Now you tell me if this FIJI thing is an accident.

All images are Getty Images For FIJI Water


According to The Daily Caller: “‘She’ll have a movie deal by end of the night!’ Twitter goes gaga over alluring ‘Fiji water lady’ photobombing multiple stars on the Golden Globes red carpet”


This is just to say who is in charge here & the pedophiles who know, just laugh.

The FIJI girl photo bombed The Golden Globes for those who were watching. She was the symbolic “eye.”