Stop The Fraud

Some people have contacted me, asking to work for Q.

They said: “We are working FOR the President.”

I have their names, requests, and conversations with screenshots.

Stop the fraud or I will expose you.

Q is NOT the President and the President is NOT Q.

We won this President before the existence of any Q.

Q’s information was always taken from public sources.

Which 90 percent of his info was already in my book published in Nov  2017.

Q brought so many people together.

And created enthusiasm and put people at work.

And that was very ok.

But people should understand if they didn’t know that info before Q, it was their fault for not being concerned to put any effort to research.

Q did all these good things while silently targetting, de-platforming and badmouthing many Trump supporters.


The danger is that there is no guarantee that someday in future, Q will not de-platform Donald Trump after dispersing his key supporters.


He knows how to do it VERY silently.

A bit beating around the bush and then bam! Target!

People basically have forgotten to look at the balance in politics and are stuck in “prophecies.” Not only once but many “failed” Q prophecies. Some have put much commitment to the idea that admitting to having made a mistake, will ruin their platform. Can this be the reason for some intelligent Q believers to prevent the damage? I personally believe when something doesn’t add up, we should admit it no matter what, because if the day comes, it will hurt the entire Trump supporters and the Trump-Train movement.


If you wouldn’t listen to Q, you would have already noticed that two people involved in leaking Podesta emails one is dead (Seth Rich) and one is charged (Assange) and other two people accused of a slight involvement are indicted and raided by FBI-DOJ (Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi) while John Podesta instead of being in Gitmo is arrogantly tweeting and jumping up and down with joy. Hence, what we see is rather a Clinton-Podesta revenge for 2016 and an arrangement for 2020, than a Podesta indictment and you will only see this if you open your eyes at what is really happening and stop believing in fiction.



You could actually see that Chelsea Manning is OUT but Assange is IN!

I know how disappointing is this but I took two weeks off in Nov, dealt with my disappointment and got over it. You can get over it too.



Key points repeated by Q over and over:

1-Mueller works with the president.

2-Sessions is silently working with The Plan indicting everyone.

3- Seth Rich is alive (therefore no need to write about him, he is fine.)

4-Julian Assange has been captured by white hats and is working with the @potus (therefore no need to organize protests or write anything about him because he is fine.)

5-Trust The Plan.

6-The Alabama Senate seat was lost intentionally to expose the voter machines and prevent the mid-term election’s fraud (but there was a fraud and we lost the House.)

7- Arrests will come:

7/a First, the indictments should have been issued in the first week of Nov 2017.

7/b Then it became July 2018

7/c Then it became  Dec 2018

7/d Now it became Feb 2019 (and it can go forever)

8-Alex Jones is a Mossad agent, fake MAGA and a disinformation psy-op. (therefore don’t care about his huge conservative platform which incredibly helped the election and became the target of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and Media Matters )

9- Laura Loomer, Sebastian Gorka, Jerome Corsi and now Roger Stone are all working with/for Mossad (so don’t care for them losing their accounts or being raided)

10- Basically, Q repeatedly said an apocalyptic event will become a coup against the deep-state and will turn everything upside down so sleep and don’t pay attention if the deep state is winning each day and the FBI and corrupt DOJ rade homes, this apocalyptic event which is always postponed will someday happen.


I very much believe in supernatural but only God’s supernatural and not Q’s supernatural. He should have done his miracles way back in 2018.


Now if you still want to continue this crap and if we are still hearing Mueller is working with the President and/or mass indictments are coming and you don’t want to hear and see with your own eyes that the deep state has just failed an assassination attempt against the President on Jan 17 and their Coup went wrong only by grace of God and faithful military support and if you still don’t want to rise up, create partisan groups and fight back, it is ok.



But if one more person blows the whistle to have been asked to join Q because the President of the United States has asked him, I will expose your screenshots.

No, no no… I am not ok with that one. Any crap is fine but not that one.

To my friends: Don’t be distracted. Follow Trump, keep your eyes open and search for deep state plots. Be on their neck and report any suspicious move like Donna Brazil’s tweet. If we listen to feel god Q vibes and his predictions, we will lose this President and this last hope. Call me fake MAGA, I don’t care. I blame Q but not Q believers as they are patriots searching unity. I follow Trump and nobody else.


I have lost many friends since I turned my back on Q and said enough is enough but having friends is not why I am here. I am here to expose the truth and nothing but the truth. Twitter cuts my followers in thousands and I can still lose more if that is the price.

God and his appointed President are the only matters you should stick to and no one should separate us.

We won Donald Trump with no Q but with trust in God and our prayers to save America.


God bless you all.