What Is In “Large Hadron Collider” Facility In CERN? Part 1

This is the first part of my CERN series. It will be A massive article divided into different pieces to ease the reader’s experience. We will start to look into more comprehensible angles and we will slowly move to horrific facts that unveil what is really going on in “Large Hadron Collider” facility or European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland a.k.a CERN. The scientific subject of physics and sub-atomic particles are not easy to understand for the general public so as we go with our investigation, we try to translate the subject into a more digestible language for the public.

Around September 2016, footage of a satanic ritual on the ground (in the courtyard or outdoor space) of Large Hadron Collier nuclear facility in CERN broke the internet. Late night, 8 cloaked figures performed a ritualistic human sacrifice near a large statue of the god Shiva; the god of destruction, which is erected in Large Hadron Collier’s facility.

At one point, a cloaked woman enters the yard, removes her black mantle. She is completely naked and lies down on the ground before the statue of Shiva. She was then “stabbed” by another black mantle skinny figure.



The whole ritual was recorded by a guy with a British accent from a window in distance. The window logically should be inside the facility as nobody has access to LHC’s outdoor space and the facility is under a severe and very restricted surveillance system. The individual filming the scene breaths fast and heavy and seems scared to death. The secret cameraman says “WTF” and when the stabbing occurs he tries to flee the scene while striking against the wall to the left and right with the cam running.


Shortly after, leading newspapers like Huffington Post, and The Guardian, and many sub-news-agencies came out with a short, debunking article insisting that the ritual was a hoax or prank. The classic literature and pre-conditioning mind control tactic before letting the audience to read the content and decide for themselves.




As all stories are a copycat of each other, we just report one of them here from The Guardian:

“The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) has launched an investigation into a video filmed at night on its Geneva campus depicting a mock ritual human sacrifice.

The video, which circulated online, shows several individuals in black cloaks gathering in a main square at Europe’s top physics lab, in what appears to be a re-enactment of an occult ceremony.”

The video, which circulated online, shows several individuals in black cloaks gathering in </em>a main<em> square at Europe’s top physics lab, in what appears to be a re-enactment of an occult ceremony

The ceremony appears to have been staged in front of a statue of the Hindu deity Shiva that is on permanent display at the complex, home of the Large Hadron Collider.”

“These scenes were filmed on our premises but without official permission or knowledge,” a Cern spokeswoman told Agence France-Presse in an email.

“Cern does not condone this type of spoof, which can give rise to misunderstandings about the scientific nature of our work.”

The “investigation” under way was an “internal matter”, she said.

The video has raised questions about security on Cern’s campus.

Asked to detail the security procedures surrounding access to the campus, the Cern spokeswoman said: “Cern IDs are checked systematically at each entry to the Cern site whether it is night or day.”

She further indicated that those responsible for the prank had access badges.

“Cern welcomes every year thousands of scientific users from all over the world and sometimes some of them let their humour go too far. This is what happened on this occasion,” the email said.

The spokeswoman was not available to comment the possible identity of those responsible.

Geneva police told AFP they had been in contact with Cern about the video but were not involved in an official investigation.

Cern hosts machinery carrying out some of the world’s most elaborate particle research, including an enormously powerful proton smasher trying to find previously undiscovered particles.”

With Agence France-Presse”



These are the key points taken word by word from the above Mockingbird media’s report.


1-“The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) has launched an investigation into a video filmed at night on its Geneva campus depicting a mock ritual human sacrifice”


2-“The video includes the staged “stabbing” of a woman.”


3-“These scenes were filmed on our premises but without official permission or knowledge,” a spokeswoman told Agence France-Presse in an email.”


4-“The “investigation” was an “internal matter”, she said.”


5-“The video has raised questions about security on Cern’s campus.”


6-“Geneva police told AFP they had been in contact with Cern about the video but were not involved in an official investigation.”


According to the six points above, while the video includes stabbing of a woman, there has been no police investigation in process. The accident did happen on CERN’s ground, the performers had security badges, the organization calls it a prank, therefore, we should consider it certainly as a prank and the only concern of the organization is the security on Cern’s campus.


Umm…To me, this looks like a fiction storyteller rather than a criminal report of a possible stabbing streamed on camera under the toughest security measures related to the elites of the elites. Don’t you agree?


Let’s watch the video before investigating any further.



The questions that pass the mind of every dot-connector in the first 30 seconds after reading all articles are:


#1- Why is there no name of and no interview with the filmmaker? When CNN and other representatives of mainstream mafia go an extra mile to find a bystander and ask him questions, in a place like CERN, that not only the identity and time tracking of a badge owner is registered, but also they are severely surveilled. Therefore, his identity is unlocked in a matter of seconds hence, there is no name, interview, picture or video of him. This is absolutely not normal. Some interpreters on YouTube claim that after trying to interview the guy, they actually found him dead. I cannot confirm or reject this simply because there is no name to verify. However, I can confirm with my experience that when there is no name, there will be no crime to investigate. Can that be the reason for keeping all the News cameras off the main and only personage that can verify a stabbing video in a most prestigious facility of the elites?


#2- Why is there no police investigation? How do they call the incident fake when there has been no investigation? And if there is no investigation what is the ground to verify the accident as a hoax or prank?


#3-Why a “prank-hoax” or whatever you name it featuring a satanic murder should take place in a such an ultra-scientific center of research at the first place? We are not talking about a downtown teenage beer club during Holloween. We are talking about the most secretive place on earth after Antarctica.


#4- If it was a prank, why is there no “after prank” video of the woman to prove it was a “staged” prank? This before and after is a normal section of every prank and everybody is well aware of the social media’s obsession with the conspiracy theory label of the story but even after the shock that the video brought up, there is no before and after. The amateurish nature of the knife-strike is focused on the jugular vein and it seems to strike the woman’s chest and the blood erupts. Why is there no physical affirmation about her being safe and ok? Where are the hoaxers? where are the prankers? where is the poor scared-to-death filmer?


#5- The bizarre inauguration ceremony of the Gothard tunnel near CERN on June 1, 2016, entertaining a huge audience of the European Union’s elites, including Angela Merkel and Francios Hollande, was an official Baal worshipping ritual performed in plain sight. The Satanic inauguration which I fully covered their symbols and meanings in several videos in a long article was so occultish that even their own major newspapers called it as it was which is an official institutional occult. Every single gesture, clothing, music, noise, visual effect, scene design and instrument used during this entertainment had a specific message and a precise meaning communicating to the other side. The show seemed to be the manifestation of different pages of the book of Baphomet. There was nothing to leave you confused or even questioning if you are enough familiar with satanic rituals and if you are ready to accept.


Why is it much controversy around this place? Of course, the inauguration was not on the ground of “Large Hadron Collider” facility or European Organization for Nuclear Research a.k.a CERN but it was in the area close to it and CERN has recently announced that it is going to expand the size of the organization to almost 10 square times the current facility.



The LHC circle at the bottom left is the current location of the Large Hodren Collier and the bigger circle at the center is what is going to be after the expansion.


But there is an interesting point here. In my video No 12 of the Gotthard Tunnel, there is a machine which seems a clock and an owl at the same time. This was one of the occultic symbols that I grasped a meaning regarding a time machine that people fall from it and die and also the Illuminati sign of the owl. What stunned me in my new research, is the existence of a time machine in CERN. This is the image of the Gotthard clock-owl in the inauguration ceremony.



And this is the time machine in European Organization for Nuclear Research known as CERN, the same place where the above human sacrifice ritual (fake or real) took place.




The CERN logo is three times 6 in different directions; public satan worshipers pure and simple.



CERN’s website is only CERN. There is no dot.com or dot.org like any other organization. It is just CERN. It seems that CERN is going to be the control center of the future world. A place where all executive commands will be issued and all information will be received. This article IS just an appetizer. What CERN really does and what they are searching for is so out of mind that we need several sessions to cover the subject. In one word, they want to create God’s DNA and become God. Of course, this is not the scientific interpretation of what they are doing but as I said, just to bear in mind as an overall idea before we publish part 2.


According to national news.com:

“Higgs boson hunt over: CERN scientists at Large Hadron Collider find ‘God particle’

After a quest spanning nearly half a century, CERN physicists at the Large Hadron Collider said they had found a new sub-atomic particle consistent with the elusive Higgs boson which is believed to confer mass.”


As I promise to translate the Large Hadron Collider in a simple language, it is the home for the most powerful particle accelerator which has ever been created by humans. It operates at an energy which is seven times higher than any previous machine. The LHC is the world’s largest laboratory and its goal is to reproduce the conditions that existed at the beginning of time before the creation of life. They believe they can create the same condition surrounding God when he created the world. They measure a billionth of a second after creation by what they call colliding beams of high-energy protons or ions at colossal speeds. They intend to capture the same conditions of first moments after the creation of life when all the particles and forces that shape the Universe came into existence. In other words, like the old alchemist who tried their best to recreate gold, these modern alchemists want to become God and produce a situation to recreate the universe. This is what they announce to the general public through the language of physics. But, in reality, there is a lot more going on in CERN. They don’t need to recreate the world if the world already exists so why do they try to obtain a formula to recreate the world? Because they want to create “black holes” that destroys the world and then they need to recreate it after this destruction. There is an official fight between demonic entities of highest ranks with God in this facility and this is according to their own texts and reports. However, in part 2, when you become more familiar with this introduction, we will present the scientific evidence of our analysis.


Pointing to the issues which are so untouchable sometimes makes me look like a storyteller but after a while, when the subject gets out, it finds its own way and returns from every corner in our virtual ecosystem and that’s my reward so be patient with me. I am going to get to the bottom of this in future episodes.